Themes in ap world History

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Why you should know this: You are required to know the fundamental beliefs of the world’s major religions as well as the impact of these religions on the societies they touched. You must be familiar with the interaction/relationship between these religions and the political and social structures they influenced. You must also be aware of specific cultural characteristics displayed by each
Example: Using the following documents, analyze the responses of the spread of Buddhism in China. What kinds of additional documents would you need to evaluate Buddhism’s appeal in China?
To answer this question, you would need outside information about the basic,

fundamental beliefs of Buddhism to help interpret the documents. Additionally, you would

need to know the fundamental beliefs of Confucianism in order to help you interpret how a

follower of Confucianism might perceive Buddhism. Moreover, you would need to understand

the history behind the development of both religions and how Buddhism came to China. You

would also need to be aware of the significance of Confucianism in China: Confucius beliefs

were at the heart of Chinese government and a new religion might upset/destabilize the

authority of the government.

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