Theme: a hub motor (in-wheel motor)

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Theme: A hub motor (in-wheel motor)


  • Many different ways to manufacture electric cars  electric hub motor is one of them.

  • Pioneered by Ferdinand Porsche (more than 100 years ago)

  • New and better systems at a German technology show.

  • The necessary power and control systems are integrated into the wheel hub.

  • New developments: Reducing the number of connections between the hub motors and the rest of the vehicle.

  • Motors work independently  Four-wheel-drive is possible

  • Stability and traction control can also be built-in.

  • Examples: Active Wheel (Michelin)



  • Heavy electric motors in the wheels of cars will have a negative effect on the handling.

 BUT: The car can be configured in such a way to get rid of this problem.

  • It’s likely that this system will become the most used system for electric cars.

  • Tyre companies and the car business will transform and produce other materials.

  •  Some parts will no longer be required for electric vehicles, but other new parts will be needed instead.

  • Example: Active Wheel (Michelin)  From tyremaker to engine supplier.

Download 4.81 Kb.

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