Thematic Units Dictators

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  • Age: 15-18

    Thematic Units

    Dictators: Rise of 20thC Dictators | Rule of 20thC Dictators

    Wars: Origins of Wars | WW1 / WW2: origins compared


    Americas/International Relations

    Asia/Africa/The Gulf

    Middle East




    WW1: Causes

    Battlefields Trip: Itinerary, Resources

    Europeans empires in the 19th century



    Political Ideologies

    Tsar Alexander II

    Tsar Alexander III 


    WW1: Course

    Remembrance Day

    Middle East: 1914-1947

    Wilhelm II

    Britain 1906-1918

    Tsar Nicholas II

    WW1 & Russia 


    WW1 Peace Treaties

    Weimar Republic

    Why did Germany lose WW1?

    1917 Revolutions 


    The 1920s

    Chinese Civil War and the Rise of Mao

    Italy: Rule of Mussolini

    Spanish Civil War: Causes

    Lenin: Rule

    Stalin: Rise 


    The 1930s

    Great Depression

    Nazi Germany

    Stalin: Rule 



    WW2: a period of progress?

    Germany in the Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War: Events 


    USA: Truman

    Origins of the Cold War

    Germany 1945-61

    East Germany: Life in the DDR

    Spain: Rule of Franco 


    USA: Ike

    US civil rights <1965

    Castro: Rise

    Korean War 1950-53

    Middle East: 1948-55 


    Castro: Rule

    China: Rule of Mao

    Apartheid S. Africa <1965

    1956: The Suez Crisis

    The USSR after 1953


    USA: JFK

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Vietnam War

    Berlin Trip 


    USA: LBJ

    US civil rights >1964

    6-Day War


    USA: Nixon

    Yom Kippur War


    Chile: Rise / Rule of Pinochet

    The Gulf c.1975-2000

    Decline/Collapse of Communism  




    Revision: Who was the greatest US president?

    Sample Sourcework: Rights and Protest

    The Middle East: Revision

    IGCSE Revision and Study Skills •IGCSE Paper 1 Model Answers

    IBDP Essay/Sourcework Skills •IB Historiography / TOK •IB Internal Assessment • IB Extended Essay •30+ Model Essays •IB Curriculum Map •IB Revision

    Early Modern

    Early Modern British:

    Henry VII | Henry VIII 1509-1529 | Henry VIII 1529-1547 | Edward VI | Mary I | Elizabeth I

    Early Modern European:

    Lutheran Reformation | Zwingli/Calvin/ Radicals | Counter-Reformation | Ferdinand/Isabella | Charles I/Phillip II | Ottoman Empire | French Revolution / Napoleon

  • Age: 11-14


    • What is History?

    • ActiveHistory Mysteries

    • Create a Virtual Museum

    • "Tarr's Toolbox" (blog)

          Ancient / Medieval History (<1450)

    • CSI: The Iceman Mystery

    • Ancient Rome

    • The Silk Roads

    • Norman Conquest

    • Castles

    • Language and History

    • Town and Village

    • Crime and Punishment

    • Medieval Religion

    • Church Boardgames

    • Cathars

    • Black Death

    • Islamic Civilisations

    • Stand-alone resources

    • Revision

          Early Modern History (c.1450-1750)

    • Renaissance

    • Richard III / Wars of the Roses

    • Voyages of Discovery

    • Aztecs and Conquistadors

    • Henry VIII

    • Reformation / Witchcraft

    • Mid-Tudors: Edward and Mary

    • Elizabeth I

    • English Civil War

    • Golden Age of Piracy

    • Stand-alone resources

    • Revision

          Modern History (>1750)

    • French Revolution - Causes

    • French Revolution - Events

    • British Empire/Slave Trade

    • Industrial Revolution

    • Abolition of Slavery

    • The Victorians: A study through paintings

    • Jack the Ripper

    • American Civil War: Causes

    • American Civil War: Events

    • World War Two

    • Churchill: Hero or Villain?

    • The Civil Right Struggle

    • Arab-Israeli Conflict

    • Was the 20th Century a Time of Progress?

    • Teen Culture Since WW2: from Rock 'n' Roll to Beatlemania

    • Who is your History Hero?

    • GCSE Options Materials

    • Stand-alone resources

    • Revision

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          Social Media

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          Other Tools and Resources

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    • Historic Anniversaries Calendar, 2020-21

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    • 25 Affordable Props/Artefacts

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      Events (100 years ago today): 1921 – Kingdom of Romania establishes its legation in Helsinki.

      Events (50 years ago today): 1971 – The decimalisation of British coinage is completed on Decimal Day.

      Births (450 years ago today): 1571 – Michael Praetorius, German organist and composer (probable; d. 1621)[21]

      Births (50 years ago today): 1971 – Alex Borstein, American actress, voice artist, producer, and screenwriter

      Deaths (400 years ago today): 1621 – Michael Praetorius, German organist and composer (b. 1571)

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