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Directions: Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several body paragraphs addressing the task below, and a conclusion

Theme: Absolute Monarchs

Throughout global history, there have been major domestic and foreign policies that have impacted our world. During the age of absolutism, many leaders have followed policies that improved or harmed their kingdoms.


Choose one absolute monarch that you have studied in Global History & Geography 10R and write an essay in which you complete the following task:

  • Discuss the problems that faced the absolute monarch in his or her kingdom.

  • Explain the domestic and/or foreign policies created to deal with those problems.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the policies in addressing the problems of their kingdoms.


You may discuss any absolute monarch we have studied in Global History & Geography 10R. They include Philip II of Spain, Louis XIV of France, Frederick the Great of Prussia, Maria Theresa of Austria, Peter the Great of Russia, Catherine the Great of Russia, James I of England, or Charles I of England.


In your essay, be sure to:

  • Address all aspects of the Task.

  • Support the theme with relevant facts, examples and details.

  • Use a logical and clear plan of organization.

  • Introduce the theme by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the Task. Be sure to include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction. Conclude your essay with a summation of the theme, where you reemphasize your thesis.

Your essay will be graded according to a rubric modeled after the Regents rubric.

Download 3.85 Kb.

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