The world-war provocateur phenomenon

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In the spring of Year 27, Napoleon's / Hitler's defeated nation accepted an unconditional surrender to the Allies. Later that year, the victorious coalition promulgated a restorative treaty to end the world war and preserve international peace within the context of a new world government.

  • Also established in Year 27, this congress of nations began its mission to maintain global stability by restoring legitimate pre- Napoleon / Hitler European governments and defining national spheres of influence.

  • In the wake of the most cataclysmic human rights violations in modern history, including Napoleon's / Hitler's aggressive warfare and mass implementation of slavery in conquered territories, the new world government needed to establish an ethical foundation for its rule. In addition to outlawing aggressive war on member-nations, this new, wiser world order distinguished the moral legitimacy of its own rule with the institution of a landmark human rights accord in Year 27.

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