The world-war provocateur phenomenon

Mussolini began his ill-fated reign as Italy's head of state by seizing power in a

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Mussolini began his ill-fated reign as Italy's head of state by seizing power in a coup d' etat during the early years of the incipient anti-Versailles political revolution (a broadly based revolution that included the Italian Fascist Revolution). As a WWI military hero in Italy's victorious alliance with the leading Western power, Great Britain, Mussolini's political career was bolstered by his public image as a leading proponent for Italy's war reparations. Mussolini rose within the reactionary wing of the Italian fascist revolution by espousing the political doctrine of fascism on the foundation of combating infiltration by foreign enemies of the state, particularly communist revolutionaries, through uncompromising national security measures. Ironically, Mussolini made common use of terrorist tactics to facilitate his political rise to become Italy's prime minister.

  • Following Mussolini's infamous use of chemical weapons in his first military invasion of a foreign country as Italy's head of state, the League of Nations was unable to penalize the fascist aggressor for this gross violation of international law largely because of Great Britain's obstruction of the penal measure (in a bid to facilitate the creation of a British-Italian alliance against Nazi Germany based on Hitler's encroachment on Austria and Czechoslovakia).

  • Riding unchecked by international law, the savage warmonger Mussolini marched onward in his quest for world domination to launch another war and quickly stumble into a series of humiliating military losses in his two wars in Ethiopia and Albania/Greece. Mussolini's consecutive defeats in his invasions of these two far weaker nations vividly portrayed a laughable bid at world domination by a bumbling Caesar-pretender seemingly destined for a cataclysmic fall from power within the gathering storm of the imminent world war.  

    1. Bin Laden had an epic relationship dominating a foreign dictator who was a rival-turned-ally, Saddam Hussein. Ironically, Hussein rose to power and world fame over a decade before Bin Laden. Publicly overflowing with a globally ridiculed ambition to dominate the world by conquering the energy-rich Middle East, Hussein was also a fascist warmonger guilty of some of the most notorious war crimes of the 20th century before even entering the influence of Bin Laden and his apocalyptic war. Most infamously, during his first military campaign as head of state Hussein ordered one of the few post-WWI military campaigns that employed the large-scale use of chemical weapons, targeting both military personnel and civilians in the Iraq-Iran War. When the two future partners of fated mass destruction first met on the world stage as regional rivals, Hussein an established world leader and Bin Laden an upstart dictator of a stateless empire, their hostility towards each other's claims as the undisputed leader of the Arab resistance to American aggression was quickly superceded by a mutual belligerency against the leading Western empire, the United States. By the time of the start of the American-led Global War on Terror, Bin Laden would tower above the WMD-using Hussein as his era's god of war, empowered with a seemingly invincible army that was invisible, immune to nuclear weapons and able to quickly regenerate and launch cataclysmic terrorist attacks globally. In particular, Bin Laden threatened unprecedented mass destruction with Al Qaeda's shadowy nuclear weapons acquisition program that was complemented with an unstoppable bomb delivery vehicle, a covert global guerrilla terrorist network. Bolstered with the forces of his new junior partner in military world domination following the American invasion of Iraq, Bin Laden was poised to defeat America and succeed in this Alexandrian quest through nuclear terrorism.

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