The world-war provocateur phenomenon

The eventual grisly execution of

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The eventual grisly execution of Mussolini / Hussein by a vengeful group of partisan victims of his criminal regime was a tribute to the brutal fascist reign immortalized in the image of his corpse hanging from an iron scaffold.

  • Mussolini / Hussein began his ill-fated reign as head of state by seizing power in a coup d' etat during the early years of the incipient regional political revolution. Bolstered by a war pact he had forged with the leading Western power, Mussolini / Hussein rose within the reactionary wing of the revolution by espousing the political doctrine of fascism on the foundation of combating infiltration by foreign enemies of the state, particularly communist revolutionaries, through uncompromising national security measures. Ironically, Mussolini / Hussein made common use of terrorist tactics to facilitate his political rise to become his nation's prime minister.

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