The world-war provocateur phenomenon

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He accomplished this feat by manipulating the Weimar Republic's Reichstag (the German Congress) and holding sham plebiscites to legitimize publicly his seizure of absolute power.

  • This neo-Caesarian ascendancy epic marked the beginning of his 11-year imperial reign that ended with the destruction of his German Third Reich in 1945.

    1. In 1994, Bin Laden had already covertly launched the first major attack on the American homeland (the first World Trade Center bombing) by the global Radical Islamic Nation (a global theocratic Republic modeled politically after that of the Iranian epicenter of the Islamic Revolution), seizing control of the nation's central policy. Bin Laden had ascended to lead the nation's new government, Al Qaeda's high command (itself a stateless Republic modeled after the French Revolutionary Republic) as a member of the Bin Laden-Zawahiri-Azzam triumvirate executive branch.

    2. In 1994, Bin Laden sidelined Al Qaeda's sham leadership council and declared his absolute rule of the government, military and religious institutions of both Al Qaeda and the Radical Islamic Nation by founding his global guerrilla terrorist network as a shadow empire to the American superpower and covertly claiming the title of Mahdi (the highest authority in Islam, the Saudi-born Muslim Messiah of the Apocalypse foretold to rule the world's most powerful empire). This foundation of Bin Laden's shadow empire included:
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