The world-war provocateur phenomenon

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In April of Year 8, Napoleon / Hitler / Bin Laden created a private army loyal to him above all other military or political allegiances.

  • From a meager, ragtag force, he had built this army into the world's most feared military by the time he provoked a world war in Year 24.

    1. In April of 1796, Napoleon assumed command of the dilapidated and demoralized French army in Italy. After quickly rebuilding the army as an effective fighting force, the charismatic general soon earned the unmatched devotion of his soldiers with a series of stunning military victories.

    2. From a meager, ragtag force, Napoleon quickly created a professional army that would dominate Europe for the next two decades. Having conquered continental Europe by 1812, he launched an invasion of Russia with the world’s most feared military force, his Grand Army of nearly half a million soldiers under the leadership of his own unparalleled military genius. Napoleon’s fearsome Russian campaign triggered the world war in conjunction with America's imminent entry into Napoleon's war against Great Britain.

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