The wife of Martin Guerre’

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Expository piece: ‘Justice needs to be seen to be done’ English 2009, Mrs. Sonia Koubar, noRaa MOubaRaK=P

For Justice to be done, it must be seen

The rights and privileges of this everyday society are an obligatory act that has the right to be preserved and treated with the full reverence and honour it deserves. The justice that is spreading through our community is overwhelmingly under graded through our justice system. As B. Enyart suggested, ‘it is not a justice system, it is just a system’. Through the novella ‘The wife of Martin Guerre’ we explore the justice and injustice that was present in an era where religion was the law. Bertrande, a youth who faces marriage to a stranger, grows up to find her justice in the death of her charlatan. Awaiting the call to be hanged before the Guerre household, Arnaud receives his sentence with a smile. The hanging that is witnessed by all brings closure to the family and peace of heart, mind and soul to Bertrande. Although the hanging occurred at the Guerre household and not at a public area, Justice is seen by all, Arnaud comes to an end regardless of the changes he made. As C. Darrow believed ‘justice has nothing to do with what goes into a courtroom, justice is what comes out of a courtroom’. As Bertrande forwarded her case she was accused of being mad, unconcerned in the accusations against her she struggles on in search of her justice. The idea of naming and shaming the accused into the community has been brought up many times; still people find an excuse as to why this shouldn’t be allowed. The names of those who have wronged need to be heard so that the families of the victims can sleep through the nights, so that they may have closure. Justice is a subject that should be tested against all regardless of the race, colour or status. The circumstance or status of a person should not influence the justice that they should serve. Further more as Martin Guerre’s ignorance is revealed, the true colours of the justice system are shown as Arnaud is hanged and Martin walks away free, without even being questioned about his long -term disappearance. Martin Guerre and Josef Fritzl alike walked free. Although Josef Fritzl was to serve fourteen years in jail, what wasn’t mentioned was that he was also on good-conduct leave. As I f a murder understands the meaning of ‘good’. Mr. Fritzl had held his daughter captive for twenty five years. The minimal justice she deserves is for her father to be held in jail for twenty five years, the same time she served under his command. Twenty five years in which he fathered seven of her children. Furthermore, another issue that raised an eyebrow was the fact that Mr. John Howard refused to apologise to the Aboriginal community on behalf of our ancestors who caused hefty amounts of damage to the stolen generation. As Mr. Howard stepped down making room for Mr. Kevin Rudd, Mr. Rudd had had an electoral campaign running promising an apology to the stolen generation. Mr. Rudd’s apology did not bring back the blood line of this indigenous community, but brought peace and closure to the hearts of those who were greatly affected by the tragedies. The justice that is served is required to be distantly announced so that all is aware of its occurrence what use is the conviction of a rapist if the victim’s family is not aware of it. This brings us to another case the case of a twenty five year old male who decided to simply step out of his underpants and digitally penetrate a sleeping four year old girl. What would the appropriate sentence handed out to this rapist? Life imprisonment or even death? Well he walked away with two years good conduct leave. This young girl will continue to live with the horrific thought that he will come back for her at any moment. Her justice was not fully accomplished. Her justice wasn’t witnessed by her let alone everyone in her community. The idea that justice must be seen to be done is not taken for literal meaning but that it may be accomplished as justice is a feeling of peace and closure not a solid form to be held in ones hands.

Statement of explanation:

The following piece was written in order to provide insight on the fact that for justice to be done it must be seen. There are many well known people who have quoted this fact. My piece is written to the bi boys out there that still seem to get away with the impractical of everyday life without having the slightest concern of what the victims may be feeling.

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