The Way Of a true Prophet, Faith Temple

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The Way Of A True Prophet

, Faith Temple


SC-1 Thank you, Brother Borders. Let's just remain standing while we have prayer. I wonder who has a request tonight, would raise up your hands and say, "Lord, it's me"? Now let us bow our heads.

SC-2 Our Heavenly Father, as we hear that song, "Lord, I believe." We can think of the--of the times that, around the world, I've heard that in so many languages, "Lord, I believe." Only Believe. And, Father, we pray that it'll be more than a song to us tonight and become a reality. May we have great faith in Thee tonight.

SC-3 And now we pray for this little church, its pastor, our Brother Fuller, Your servant, a brother we have confidence in. And we pray for his family, his workers here, the deacons, trustees, and all that come into these hallowed doors. We pray, Lord, it'll always remain a lighthouse for Jesus Christ.

SC-4 Bless all the ministering brethren that are here tonight, those who come in and out with us, all along the road. We pray, Father, that You will bless them abundantly.

SC-5 And we ask, tonight, for another outpouring of Thy Presence upon us. We are needy, Lord. We need Thee. We're constantly in need because we're here on the battlefield, Lord, where the decisions has to be made. And we pray, Father, that You'll constantly encourage us with Thy Presence. It does so much to us, to know that You're with us. Just show Yourself present, Lord, then it encourage us to move on. Heal the sick and afflicted. Save the lost. Encourage the discouraged. Get glory unto Thyself. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

You may be seated.

SC-6 I believe it was David said, "I was happy when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'"

SC-7 Billy said, a while ago, said, "Aren't you getting kind of tired, dad?"

SC-8 I said, "Yes. I've been tired all my life." It's got so I got used to it.

SC-9 I begin to think, "Well, I'm getting too old. I ought to kind of let up a little." Then somebody come along, about eighty or ninety years old, just burning up the country, nearly twice my age, you know. I thought, "My! I'm ashamed of myself."

SC-10 Down at the tabernacle at home, there's little old couple by the name of Kidd, comes down there from Ohio. Now, they're both in, well in there, eighty-five or eighty-eight. And they're so old until they can't go into churches much more, because their... They haven't got enough voice. But you know what they do? About every tape... This little old woman saved her money and bought a tape recorder. And so she gets a tape. I send her tapes. And she'll take these tapes, and she'll go at the hospitals, everywhere that she can put this tape recorder, her and her little old husband, playing them tapes. And then I'll send her a big roll of--of prayer cloths that I've prayed over. And every once in a while, "Brother Willy, I'm out of prayer cloths again." And then when I see them, she'd come in the church, little white hair, little shawl; and he, a little bitty fellow.

About four or five years ago, when I was at the...

SC-11 What is the name of that place there in Ohio, where they have that convention each year? They call it Chautauqua. But I forget now. It's on the grounds there. But what the--the name of the city is, I can't think of it. [A brother says, "Franklin." A sister says, "Miami, by Middletown."--Ed.] Now, it's, you're right close now. Somebody said we go right through Miami. [The brother again says, "Franklin."] And it's close to Franklin. Yes. That's right. Right in... I believe it's in between Franklin... [Two brothers say, "Middletown."] Middletown. That's it. That's right. So, that's right, Middletown, down on the river, so at Chautauqua grounds in there. That's that great basketball, athletical center there.

SC-12 And this brother, oh, I've knowed them for years, and little old Brother Kidd is, oh, I guess he's eighty when they taken him over, and the doctors found out that his prostates had turned to malignancy. And so this growth just wrapped him around. Well, they said it'd have to be operated. So when they opened him up, "Why, there's no need of operating. He's too far gone." See? Said, "There's no way of doing it, at all." Well, brought the little fellow home. And, the operation, hard on an eighty-year-old man. And he only weighed about, oh, I guess, less than a hundred pounds.

SC-13 So, Mrs. Kidd called up, down. I had just come home from somewhere. Brother Kidd was dying. And said, "He wants to see you, Brother Branham, before you... before he leaves." Well, Billy and I took a turnabout. We got the--the message, one night, about ten o'clock. We started, next morning, about four. Because, at noon the next day, I had to leave again. And we almost tore the tires from our car, getting up there.

SC-14 Little old fellow, they got him up when I got there. And he had a little shawl over his shoulders, setting there like a old patriarch. It just done something to me. And when I went to look at him, he looked over.

SC-15 There was another old lady setting there, been one of the members of his church since he preached in the mountains, coal country in Kentucky, where she washed for fifteen cents a day, to send her husband out in the fields to preach the Gospel. That was about ten years before I was born; preaching the Message! And he looked over, and he called her "grandma," and him eighty years old. And she was past ninety. And so he said, "Grandma, you look white as snow."

SC-16 I thought, "That's the way for a minister to look at some of his congregation, laying, setting there, dying. 'Grandma, you look white as snow.'" Yeah.

And he looked back around. He said, "Brother Branham?"

I said, "Yes, Brother Kidd?"

SC-17 He said, "Well, I guess it won't be long till He will send my chariot down." Said, "I'm going up, this morning."

SC-18 And I said, "Wonderful, Brother Kidd." I said, "That's the way to feel."

SC-19 And the little old Sister Kidd, how many knows her, in here? Yeah. I know, oh, lots of you know them. So he said... She said, "But, Brother Willy, don't you think that God could heal papa now?"

Said, "Sure, He could."

SC-20 And he said, "Well, glory to God!" He said, "If He wants to heal me," said, "I'm--I'm ready to work again."

I thought, "Eighty years old!"

I started to kneel down. There come the vision. That was it.

SC-21 Two days later, they took him back over to the hospital. His boys was on the police force there in the city. They couldn't understand it. Took him back to the doctor. And the doctor scratched his head, said, "Man, there isn't a trace of that I can find anywhere, now, tell me your story." And then he like to tore the hospital down. Right back with his tape recorder, here he come, playing the Message. And they live there at... And right there near the Chautauqua and there.

SC-22 Now, as soon as I start The Seven Seals, as we did The Seven Church Ages. She called me the other night, she said, "Well, honey, if I just had the money," she said, "I'd sure like to come down."

SC-23 I said, "Forget it, Mrs. Kidd. Your--your room is waiting. You and pop come on down."

She said, "Bless your little heart!"

SC-24 And that just makes me feel real good, you know, 'cause they encourage me. At eighty-five or eighty-six years old, and is still going. Then me, complaining here, at fifty-three. So, my, it makes you feel like taking courage.

SC-25 Well, we got so much to talk about, and such a lovely group to talk to, why, we could just stay here half the night.

SC-26 But you got to go to Sunday school in the morning now. Now, you must be sure to do that. And remember, I've always said, it's absolutely a sin to send your children to Sunday school. Don't never do that. That's wrong. Take them, always. See? Always go with them. He... And so, now, that's in the morning.

SC-27 So, now, if you have had to miss work, to hear, to be with us and pray with us, and so forth, you have to miss work, that's all right. Just go ahead and miss work, but don't you miss church. Don't you miss church. I won't make you late enough to miss church. But if you do have to miss work, once in a while, that won't hurt. Now, 'cause, work, that's just your daily bread, and, you, the Lord promised to provide that. So, but, this, you must really be sure to come to church. You see?

SC-28 I think, tomorrow morning, I'm with some other good brother here in the city. But I don't know what his name is now. I think it's called the Apostolic Church, or Apostolic Church, rather. It's the Apostolic Church. I--I might know the brother. His name is not on the paper. But I--I don't know who the brother is at this time. Then tomorrow night, up... [A brother says, "Macias."--Ed.] Pardon? ["Brother Macias."] Brother Macias. Oh, Macias. Oh, the Mexican church. Is that right? Oh, is that the one that taken Brother Garcia's place when he left here? ["Right."] Fine. That's very fine.

SC-29 Say, I got a letter, here some time ago, from his daughter, up... Brother Garcia, up in--in California, still holding on. So, I'm so thankful. And I seen Brother and Sister Garcia when I was at San Jose, I believe, with Brother Borders up there. They're just doing fine. I'll never forget them nights up there at that little Mexican church. I never heard so much of "Gloria a Dios" in all my life. I'll never forget that, "Gloria a Dios."

SC-30 [Brother Williams speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] My! Thank you, Brother Williams. That's good. Fifteen hundred seats, in the morning, in this church. Say, everybody come on over, if you're not go... Now, wait a minute. I better be careful about that. I said something wrong then. No. All sincerity, you belong at your post of duty. See? Don't... Now, that's all right.

SC-31 And today I found out they seen a tent. I was down here at Sixteenth and Henshaw. Or, that's what it was when I was in, over here in Arizona, about thirty-five years ago, an old dirt road. I went out there where they was, and it was Sixteenth and Henshaw. I lived there with some people, Francisco, and--and now you'd never know the same place. Even changed the name. I think it's called Buckeye Road now.

And, oh, how things change, but God don't.

SC-32 And so I was over there and seen a brother has got a tent meeting. Some brother down there that's got a tent up. I went around to see if I could see him, but I didn't see him anywhere, to tell him that we wasn't here in competition to him. But, there's just so many people here!

SC-33 I remember Jack Shuler. This would be good for you Methodist folks. I come in here one time, was at the Madison Square Garden, Jack was out here at the--at the high school. And--and I called him up. And I said, "Brother Jack?"

He said, "Yes. Is this Brother Branham?"

I said, "Yes." I said, "I'm running right in here on you."

SC-34 And he said, "No." Said, "No. I just stayed over too long and got in your time."

SC-35 And I said, "Oh, I am sorry, Brother Jack." I said, "I didn't..."

SC-36 "Ah," he said--said, "that's all right, Brother Branham." Said, "They just wanted me to stay over."

SC-37 I said, "Oh, my group won't bother you out there, anyhow, Jack," I said, "'cause most all mine is Pentecostal."

He said, "'Course, mine is, too."

I said, "Yeah?"

"Why," he said, "sure." He said, "I'm pentecostal."

SC-38 I said, "Now, you better not let Bob know that." It's his dad, you know. And he's Methodist, too, dyed in the wool, you know.

SC-39 "Well," he said, "Brother Branham, don't you know what a--what a pentecostal is?"

I said, "I think so."

Said, "It's a Orthodox Methodist."

SC-40 That's just about right, Orthodox Methodist. That's right. If the Methodist church would have continued on with its message, it would have went right on into pentecost. The--the real Church did.

SC-41 No, no disregards to your denomination now, brother. See? Because, pentecost is not an organization. They tried to do that, but they sure have failed in it. See? It's an experience. Yeah. Pentecost is for Catholics, or--or Jews, or anybody. That gets... Pentecost is an experience, not an organization.

SC-42 And now if everybody has got your Bible open, or close, that you'd like to read with me a few Words. I like to read the Word. Don't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Because, after all, what I would say can fail, because I'm a man. But what He says cannot fail. See? "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall not fail." Oh! Isn't that wonderful? ["Amen."] His Word shall never fail. What a glorious thing that is! His Word shall never fail.

SC-43 Now let us read tonight from, and draw a little context from, what I'm going to take for a text, the Lord willing. It's in the Book of Amos, the prophecy of Amos. And he lived about seven hundred and... I think it's about seven hundred and eighty-seven years before the coming of Christ. Let's turn to the 3rd chapter of Amos, the Word of the Lord by Amos. And I--I like this man. He's considered one of the minor prophets, but he certainly had the Word of the Lord.

Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,

You only have I known... all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquity.

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he's taken nothing?

Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him? shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all?

Shall a trumpet blow in the city, and the people be not afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD has not done it?

Surely the Lord... will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets.

The lion roareth, who will not fear? the Lord GOD has spoken, who can but prophesy?

SC-44 May the Lord add his blessings to these Words.

SC-45 His little eyes must have gotten narrow, as the hot sun shone down that morning and glistened his white beard and his hair, as he topped the hill north of Samaria and looked over at the city. His clothes was rather common, and his feet dusty. He wasn't too much to look at, but he had THUS SAITH THE LORD for the people.

SC-46 How different today from our modern evangelism! What a different setup that we have, than he!

SC-47 This little fellow, none other than Amos, a true prophet of the Lord, with the Word of the Lord, for that sinful generation! This fearless, little man prophesied in the days of Jeroboam the second.

SC-48 Jeroboam was smart, very smart, wise man, but he was an idolater. And Jeroboam had led his kingdom to its zenith, but he was in idolatry. He did it in the wrong way. But the kingdom had prospered under Jeroboam.

SC-49 And, usually, prosperity causes sin. Many people look upon prosperity as blessings. It would be, if we could handle it right. But it usually leads to sin, dishonoring God.

SC-50 The kingdom was flourishing in his day. And, the people, he'd made an alliance with all the nations around him.

SC-51 And how Israel had drifted off into terrible sin, gotten away from God, gotten away from His commandments and His precepts, and had went off, altogether, on a tantrum. The women walked in the streets, in their fine, immodest clothes. The men went about, gambling and drinking. The roadhouses, we would call it today, the place of amusements, wide open in the city.

SC-52 Sin was disregarded by the ministry, just laying wide open. A beautiful place, a great center for tourists, and it laid wide open. Sin wasn't rebuked from the pulpit no more. It was on the loose.

SC-53 And when this prophecy come forth, it seemed like that it would not... It would be the last thing that could ever happen. According to what this prophet said to them, it'll be the last thing that could happen to them, from the way he cursed that generation. But, yet, within fifty years, their kingdom was completely wiped off the earth.

SC-54 God speaks His Word. And God's Word is like a Seed. And when It's sowed, when that prophet coming with the Word of the Lord and spoke these words, they had to come to pass, if they were God's Words. When the--the Word of the Lord is anointed, and It is the Word of the Lord, It's bound to take Its place in Its season.

SC-55 We can see it, after thousands of years, taking Its place today. It must do it, because It's the Word of the Lord, and It cannot perish.

SC-56 Someone was speaking the other day to me, and said, "Genesis is wrong, and the six days of creation, that He said."

SC-57 I said, "Genesis 1 to (Genesis) 2 is absolutely a different thing." The 1st chapter of Genesis says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and earth," period. How He did it, and when He did it, that's up to Him. Yes. Then, "The world was without form, and void," then we start off from there, for the creation. But, "In the beginning," how far, we don't know. All those seeds that He had in there when the waters went off, life come back on the earth again, replenished the earth. And when God's Word is sowed, there is nothing can keep It from happening.

SC-58 And this fearless little prophet came from nowhere. The only thing we're told about, that he was a herdsman. We don't know who his father was. We don't know who his mother was. We don't know where any of his descents, nothing of him.

SC-59 That's usually the way men that's sent from God comes on the scene. They come from nowhere, and vanish the same way. We didn't have no record of him, what happened.

SC-60 This great man Jeroboam, which was a--a great mental power, and he had the nation in prosperity, yet, in sin.

SC-61 I wonder, if we couldn't just kind of type that a little bit tonight with our own country, our own nation, in sin the way it is. Yet, prosperity, we're going to get a cut in tax, right away, I hear. Course, anybody can read between the lines there, election coming up. But, so forth, all these things that's going on.

SC-62 Israel, preachers, priests, and government had left the Word of God behind, and a compromise. And that's why the country was in the condition that it was, though they had just as many priests, and just as many preachers as they ever had. But they had left off the Word of God, got away from it. And it's always at that time, that God sends somebody from nowhere, to blast it back into its path again. Some fearless person will rise up with the Word of the Lord and shake the people back to the Word again.

SC-63 I was just noticing here. I had written down something here, that I maybe would like to refer to again. That's on the 2nd chapter, the 4th verse. I'd like to read it. Listen to this little fellow speak this out.

Thus saith the LORD; For these three transgressions of Judah, and... four, I will not turn away the punishment therefore; because they have despised the law of the LORD, and have not kept his commandments, and their lies caused them to error, after the which their fathers have walked:

SC-64 See where his message was? Placing it right back, that they had got away from the Word of God. To any Bible reader, that makes you know that he was a true prophet. He put them right back on the Word, where they had fallen from.

SC-65 Oh, perhaps their churches had prospered. They probably had fine buildings. Their city was probably more glamorous than Phoenix. Was at Samaria, as we all know, was a great tourist center. Is even yet, beautiful place.

SC-66 But, yet, they had got away from God. And God sent this messenger to them. What a message of rebuke from God! This little prophet brought them out.

SC-67 Now, Amos came forth from the wilderness, to the city of glamour. No wonder his little God-given eyes narrowed down as he topped the hill. He...

SC-68 Not like a tourist would, ladies, to say, "Look at all the shopping the women is doing. Look at the new styles they've got down here," or not as some of the men would think, "The casinos, and so forth, was so great in the city," or because that they might set on the street corners and watch the passing of the other sex, lust.

SC-69 But this prophet, his eyes narrowed because of the sin that he saw in the city. Wasn't narrowing because of things that he was admiring, but to see how far they had got away from God, the people that were called and chosen. You notice here, He said, "I know no other people but you. I led you out of Egypt, and then you go away from Me like that."

SC-70 And when this prophet, coming from a herdsman back up in the north country, with the Word of the Lord, how he looked upon that city. Must have brushed back the perspiration. His clothes was rugged. And probably not enough money to buy him a--a room for that night. It didn't make any difference to him. He had a message that was burning in his heart, and he must bring it forth. Not only that, but the anointing of the Holy Spirit that had struck him out in the wilderness there, had shut his eyes from the glamour of the world.

SC-71 And any anointed servant of Christ, their eyes are blinded from the things of the world. They don't see those things. They don't look for them. They have one thing: Christ is before them. That's all they see. They don't fear anything. Christ is before them. A Message must be gotten to the people, and they stop at nothing. You can't burn It out of them. You can put them in jail, prison, whatever you want to. They come right out of it again. That's anointed of the Lord. Yes.

SC-72 He looked upon the spiritual decay of the city, the immoral, and the spiritual decay of the city.

SC-73 Wonder how many servants of the Lord, crossing down over the mountain up here, would look upon Phoenix? You come here for the glamour, and sunshine, and rest, which we can speak not light of that.

SC-74 Here not long ago, last time I was here, setting up on South Mountain, my wife setting back there, I was talking to her. I said, "About three or four hundred years ago the valley was a beautiful place, no doubt, when the Salt River run through here, and the coyotes, and so forth, and the blooming of the cactus. Look how it's... The whole thing has become a conglomeration of sin."

And she said, "Well, then what brings you here?"

SC-75 I said, "Here is what brings me here. Even though in its darkness and in the sin that's in the city, there are some testimonies of the Lord, living statues of Christ, down there. I come to put my shoulder with them, to shine the Light of the Gospel. Some of those little old brethren down there on the street corner somewhere, worked it out, and sweated it out, and cried and prayed it out, with a message on their heart. I come to throw my part with them, to shine a Light of the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ to the great metropolitan area of this city of Phoenix."

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