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The Vision Of 1933

Unknown Location

AZ 61-0128B

(Originally included at the end of 61-0129 ‘Turning Northward’, a sermon which may also be known as ‘Toxine for Pentecost’ - Ed)

SC-1 Thank you, brother.

Think that maybe in our worship, as sincere as we are, yet sometimes we fail to see the real power of God as great as it is among us. Now, when this vision came, which... Many of you--perhaps all here has been in the meetings, and see visions to see what takes place. And the reason I made that remark, to say here this morning, is just... If you could just know the Presence of the Lord. They've taken a picture of it many times, that Light. That--that is God, friends, because it brings forth the same nature.

SC-2 Just like if a--if a--if a tree... I was here in Arizona some time ago and found a citrus fruit tree that I think had several different kinds of--of fruit on it. Maybe it was an orange tree, and had, maybe, say, a lemon and grapefruit growing on it. It'll--it'll grow in that tree. But Jesus said in Saint John 5--15, I believe, "I'm the Vine, ye are the branches." Well, now, if that branch brought forth... or this--this Vine brought forth its first branch, and they wrote a book of Acts behind that--that--that branch, if that true vine brings forth another branch, it'll write another book of facts behind it. See, because now, there's a grafted... You can graft these other citrus fruit, and it'll live of the life of that tree.
SC-3 And I think today that many times in our--not belittling our organizations now, but we--we end it with a period. You see, "We believe this and that's all." If we will end it with a comma, "We believe this, plus what God will show us," see, it'll be different, your organization. But when you end it with a comma, there's nothing else to He added. And as the tree is growing on, I think that the church, really, any church organization, thrives off the life of Christ. I believe that. Because it's something that's been grafted or added in there. It's taken the power out of the laity and putting it upon a minister, or a bishop, or whatever it might be. Like in Revelation there, said, "The deeds of the Nicolaitanes--"Nico," is "to overcome," and laity. I think in a meeting like this it gives God a chance to work through laity. See, the power of God work through the laity.
SC-4 Now this was in 1933. I was still a missionary Baptist minister. And I'm fifty-one years old now, and I've seen thousands of those visions, and many of you here has been in the meetings. Now, just call anyone to ask if one ever failed. It's never failed. It can't fail. It's Him.
SC-5 Now, we find out that's new to the church today, and like the power of the Holy Spirit is new in the church the way we see it here. (I hear Baptists, and any brethren, and so forth, testifying.) We find that this is new to the church.
But what it is: it's--it's another branch coming forth out of that Vine. And if you'll watch it, it acts just like it did in Acts, how the Holy Spirit will rise up among the people and speak different things.
SC-6 This morning I was going down to my church. I didn't know what to call a vision. But I--I saw these things. That was many years before the world went to war, and said, "There's a dictator now by the name of Mussolini. And his first invasion will be at Ethiopia, and he will overcome Ethiopia, but he will come to a disgrace. And everything that it spoke of, seven outstanding things... Maybe tomorrow I might just bring that old piece of paper and let you look at it. And show that how it come to pass--five things perfectly, and the seventh was predicted. Now, it spoke in there that when they grieve to the women rights to vote, that in... So I have nothing against... I've been called...
SC-7 Over the nation it looked just like where rocks was blowed out and stumps was smoldering, and--and so forth. And immediately after that, Mr. Roosevelt--truly in the time of his administration here--the world went to war. And Mussolini did just exactly, and Maginot line, and everything that we spoke of. And the electing, and it was women, we know, that elected our president now.
I'm... just like it is in the south land, being a southerner, they ask a lot about, "What about segregation and so forth?" I just... The...?... As an American, I--I believe...?... Whatever it takes, all right. So now, if it be our president, we have to respect it.
SC-8 Now, a few days ago something came to me, and I wrote it down. And someone said (I think it was a gentleman set here, had dark glasses, this morning, and I think it was he.), "he will make a real president for the first four years." Exactly right.
But you just watch. We've sinned away our day of grace. It's later than you think...?... See? The hour is getting close. And remember, it will be the flatteries that it's taken. And we're--we're near the end time now. I'm--I'm positive of that. I'm just as positive... Yet I...
SC-9 Many of you, has said nice compliments about the ministry, and so forth. Let that be what it may be. But if you believe that we're speaking in the Name of the Lord, America is finished. That's right. And if there's ever any time to work, we're going to have to do it now, right now. And "all that the Father has given me will come." And we've got to start seining real hard and fast.
And I appreciate... And I say this morning, to finish out--not taking somebody else's time, the second time up here... Forgive me for it? I think tomorrow afternoon I'm supposed to speak, and I wish you would come. I want to speak on "We've been on this mountain forty years."
SC-10 So I believe, that as many chapters as our Lord has used me in helping to organize, and everywhere in my ministry... I've never tried to make--let my ministry become a show. There's one thing Jesus Christ lacked; it was showmanship. Someone said not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, you ought to get with the big So-and-sos," as the brothers that's been speaking. Now, as my position in the body of Christ is watch the spiritual ends and see where they're at, that's what I'm ordained for. That's my purpose of--of--of being here--Christ put me here to watch the spiritual part. As these, what we call big shots...
See, that man (ever who it was speaking, I believe the brother was sitting here)... We can't be a big shot and be a Christian. The way up is down. He that humbles himself shall be exalted.
SC-11 And many have said... Someone called me not long ago--very outstanding man of a great organization--said, "Brother Branham, we will do so-and-so and so-and-so if you'll just quit saying this and that." Quit saying this and that? That's my ministry; that's my life; that's what I thrive on is that. Never could I compromise on the Word of God for something. I must stand exactly. We are... Said, "...?... Thing is, you've been fooling around with a bunch of just a... oh, some of the smaller people, the little groups, and so forth like that. Come out." See, the man not knowing what he was saying.
If he only knew, that's the same thing was said to the Master of our life, Jesus Christ. His own brethren said, "...?... go up here and make a big show of something, hit the big nerve centers."...?...

Said, "Your hour is always; mine's not yet." He deals with them fishermen and illiterate and men who could not read or write. See, what the world calls good, God calls foolish.

SC-12 Wonder what some kind of interpretation they gave to the Scripture of Isaiah 40, the clergymen of that day? Perhaps God would open up the heavens and send down the corridors, and John the Baptist would come marching down with an Angelic band. What was it when all the high places was made low and the low places made high; and the mountains skipped like little rams, and the leaves all clapped their hands? An old (Excuse this expression. I don't mean it like this, but just to make a point.), an old fuzzy-looking fellow come out of the wilderness, standing in mud, probably ankle deep, and maybe a bath every three or four months, a piece of sheepskin wrapped around him. That's when the high places was made low, the low places was made high. Not some great big fellow with some big flowery something behind him. That's a stuffed shirt. God wants men. That's right. Be humble.
SC-13 And--and, brethren, I--I like that in these people. As the man made the statement awhile ago, that these business men like this... Why, sometimes there are ditch diggers wouldn't make himself known in a crowd like this. But these men who've got (the business men here) the faith and things like that, it shows me humility; that'll come right down and confess this Pentecostal blessing, and what God has done through them. They are great men in the world, but if you'll notice it, they pay their own expenses and go everywhere across the world just to try to--to do something to help some other brethren get into this group, let light shine.
SC-14 And I think this morning, of all the meetings that I've ever been in, this has been my opinion. I've had people... Hear them shout and praise the Lord, and I like that too. But I've seen people shout and praise the Lord, and not enough faith to heal a toothache. See? But that's--that's some of the blessings of God, but when it comes to the power of God is when they settle down, the Holy Spirit... Watch in the meetings when the discernment comes. Everything's quiet, reverently approaching God with--with--with sacredness, and the fear of God moving, and watch real conviction change the expressions of faces and things, like I've been watching this morning over the building.
SC-15 To me this is the greatest breakfast I've ever eat anywhere in the Christian Businessmen's group since I've been with them. They're the only group that I belong to, right here. I don't even belong to an organization, but this is the only one I belong to. I appreciate this group of people, because, one thing, it's the thing I'm standing for. And in here sits the Assemblies, the Church of God, Foursquare, Baptist, Presbyterian, Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, oh...
SC-16 I have spoke of it as the well to. shake itself. I don't think I express this just right, or call the right words, but I will say it so that you'll understand. He dug one well and the Philistines run away from him--run him away from it. And he called it "malice." He dug another one, and he called it "strife." Then he dug the net well, said, "There's room for us all." So I--I think that's what it is here; there's room for us all (Yes, sir.), where we can come together and set together in heavenly places, no denominational barriers bother us; we're just one group in Christ.
SC-17 If I could see all the great churches, spiritual churches, that's striving, the real true vine that's coming out of Christ Jesus, the groups of Pentecost alone, could come together and be brothers... I don't care about their organizations. They can keep them if they wish to. That's all right. But don't just end that with a period. Put a hand out and get the other fellow. See? Let's all come together. See? If I could see that happen (I say this as reverently as I know how),I--if I could see it happen this morning, I'd be willing to say, like Simeon of old, "Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Word, for mine eyes have seen Thy Salvation."...?... And the time will have to come soon, brethren, because we're going to be forced together. You just remember that. God bless you.

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