The uses of writing in action research

Q. Who can do Action Research? A

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Q. Who can do Action Research?

A. You can.
Q. What is it?

A. It’s a way of finding out how you can improve what you are doing for your benefit and the benefit of your pupils.
Q. How does it work?

A. Let’s call it ‘Seven Steps To Heaven’.
Step One: What is it you would like to improve? Isolate that.

Step Two: Imagine a solution to it.

Step Three: Do it.

Step Four: Observe it in action. Collect data etc.

Step Five: Evaluate where you’ve got to.

Step Six: Modify/continue.

Step Seven: Write it up for others involved to evaluate.
Q. Action Research. Research? Sounds a bit academic to me, the sort of thing university lecturers get up to. Am I getting it wrong?

A. It is both intellectually demanding and immensely practical. It might also be relevant to university lecturers who are trying to improve their practice for the benefit of their students, but the main focus of it is for teachers in schools, who can decide what it is they want to improve, go about doing it, evaluating it, and then sharing their newly acquired insights with others.

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