The United States will Fall!

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The United States will Fall!

By: HP

The United States has many ups and downs to it. Just like Rome once did. Rome had fell because of its ups and downs. Will the United States succumb to the same fate? Yes the United States will sccumb the same fate as rome, becasue of unemplyoment, military spending, and inflaton.

One huge reason the United States might fall is our unemployment. Rome didn't have a huge amount of of workers, because women couldn't work. Numbers USA education and researchers foundation states "Many millions more Americans are out of work than 2007." Which states fewer and fewer Americans are working each year. Which is slowly making the United Staes fall. staes "Only 62.7 of adult Americans are working." It also states "21 million Americans that have been looking but cannot find a job." This isn't fair to those 21 million that are actually trying and not just letting the government supply them with benifits. Which the United States does have many that do that. Look at the 21 million the United States has looking for jobs. This is one of the many reasons the United States will fall like Ancient Rome.

Another reason the United States will fall like Ancient Rome is Military spending. states "In 2012 the U.S spent 39.0% of taxes, Japan spent 34%, UK spent 3.5%' Russia spent 5.2% and China spent 9.5%." This shows that the United States uses so much of taxes on the Military while other countries don't spend as much as the United States does. Military meant a lot to Ancient Rome. It showed how strong Ancient Rome was and why they took over so much land. Acoording to CIA world factbook "The United States has a $277 billion defense budget which amounts to 37% of the worlds total. ' Both pieces of evidence proves that the United States infact did spend lots of money on military defenses. Rome also collected taxes for its military. So therefore military spending is one reason why the United States will fall like Ancient Rome did.

Inflation is also another reason why the United States will fall like Ancient Rome. states "The United States went up 1.4 percent in a year-on-year in January 2016." Which means that the United States is slowly making/gaining to much money. That is making the money slowly lose intrest. While it still has some intrest left. The article "Bad News: Even Long-Term Expectations of Inflation Are Falling by Peter Coy states "There is a risk, too that inflation expectations could themselves fal-indeed. I would note that longer-dated TIPS break-evens have recently dropped to the lower end of their expectation range." Which states money is starting to become scarce. Romes money had become scarce so they started to trade goods. Inflation is another reason why the United States will fall like Rome.

Immagration was reason on why Rome did not fall because most immagrates came from lands that had been conqured. All immagrates had become slaves so it didnt put many romans out of work. The United States has many problems with immagrates taking jobs. The WAshington post article states "Effect of immigration on jobs, wages is diffcult for Economist to nail down." The same article also states "I dont think you need a professor to understand that when you import substantial cheap labor, it displaces American workers." Although Rome didnt have this problem to make tit fall the United States does.

The United States and Ancient rome both have had ups and downs. Rome fell because of the ups and downs. The United States will also fall because of the ups and downs. All because of unemployment, military spending, and inflation. Those all are reason on why the United States will fall like Ancient Rome.

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