The United States in World War II section 4: The Home Front

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The United States in World War II

Section 4: The Home Front

Bell Ringer: What impact might the war have had on women and minorities? Think about jobs and migration.

Main Idea: After World War II, Americans adjusted to new economic opportunities and harsh social tensions.

Why It Matters Now: Economic opportunities afforded by WWII led to a more diverse middle class in the United States.

Daily Objectives:

  1. I can describe the economic and social changes that reshaped American life during WWII.

  • How did the war affect American workers?

  • How did the growth of the defense industry affect American population patterns?

  • How did wartime activities affect families?

  1. I can summarize both the opportunities and the discrimination African Americans and other minorities experienced during the war.

  • How were African Americans treated at home and in the military?

  • How did Americans react to progress in acceptance of African Americans?

  • Why were Japanese Americans placed in internment camps?

  • How were Japanese Americans compensated for internment?

Do you think the government’s policy of evacuating Japanese Americans to camps was justified on the basis of “military necessity”?

What effect did WWII have on American families?

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