The United States in 1783

Land above the Louisiana Purchase (1818)

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Land above the Louisiana Purchase (1818)

Great Britain at the time owned Canada. The British and American governments both claimed land along the boundary between Canada and the Louisiana Territory. Finally an agreement was reached about the land in dispute. The United States was given a small area just above the Louisiana Territory. Great Britain received a small piece of land farther north in what is now Canada.

Spanish Cession (1819)

1818:Florida had been under Spanish Control since the expedition of Ponce de Leon in the 1500’s. By the early 1800’s it had become a trouble spot for the United States. Hundreds of runaway slaves went there. The Seminole Indians of Florida often crossed in to Georgia and attacked American settlers. President James Monroe sent General Andrew Jackson to drive the Indians out of Georgia. Jackson chased the Seminoles into Florida and captured two Spanish forts.

1819: Spain saw that it was unable to defend Florida against an American invasion. Spain at the time was busy trying to put down revolutions in its Latin American colonies. So the Spanish agreed to give up the area if the United States would pay American citizens $5 million dollars that was owed to them by Spain. The land included Florida and parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

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