The twelve tables of law

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Table X.

1. None is to bury or burn a corpse in the city.

3. The women shall not tear their faces nor wail on account of the funeral. 

5. If one obtains a crown because of his honor and valor, if it is placed on his head, or the head of his parents, it shall be no crime.

Table IX.

4. The penalty shall be death for a judge or authority legally appointed who has been found guilty of receiving a bribe for giving a decision.

Table XI.

1. Marriages should not take place between plebeians and patricians.

Table XII.

2. If a slave shall have committed theft or done damage with his master's knowledge, the action for damages is in the slave's name.

subjected to the hand: beaten

team: a group of oxen, or horse, or other animals

Tarpeian Rock: a large rock at the top of a cliff in Rome

literally, tearing one’s face and making loud cries were ancient mourning practices

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