The turning point of the civil war

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JULY1-3 1863

Despite a larger, better supplied army, the North had suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of the South. President Lincoln was very upset with the leadership of the Union Army and once again replaced the commander of the Army of the Potomac at the end of June, 1863. Gen. George Meade took command of the Union Army only days before the pivotal battle of the war.

The Army of Northern Virginia, under the command of Robert E. Lee was seeking to bring the fight up north to Pennsylvania. Virginia had been ravaged with two years of fighting and Lee believed the time was right to launch an assault on the North in their own territory. The two armies clashed in a small town named Gettysburg.


You work for a small newspaper in the town of Gettysburg. The world is caught by surprise as the two armies come together for a major clash right in front of your eyes. You and your staff have the responsibility of accurately reporting the events as they unfold for the rest of the nation. You must give an accurate and complete account of the battle over a four day period. This will include the events leading up to the battle and the aftermath. You must answer the following questions:

  1. What brought both the Union and Confederate armies to Gettysburg?

  2. What event started the battle?

  3. What was the battle strategy for both sides?

  4. Who were the major leaders in the battle?

  5. What were the major events for each day of the battle?

  6. What human interest stories were of significance? You should have 2 feature articles on this.

  7. How did the battle end?

  8. What were the end results of the battle? Casualties, etc.

  9. What was the town like after the battle?

  10. Why is this battle considered the turning point of the war?


  1. Get into groups of three to four students to form your new staff.

  2. As a staff, you must decide on the following jobs:

-editor (edit and approve all reports…responsible for final draft)

-one or two news reporters (lead in gathering info)

-head of graphics and photography (will supply photos, sketches, paintings, and graphics that will give a better understanding to the readers of the events that took place. Also must write captions and headlines)

  1. Search the internet sources as well as books to find the answers to the given questions about the Battle of Gettysburg.

  2. Decide on what type of articles each person is going to write. You need 4 days of news articles dating from July 1st to July 4th. In addition you need two feature articles about human interest stories taking place outside of the news realm. These could be bios or editorials, etc.

  3. You should include eyewitness accounts and interviews in your articles.

  4. Type your articles in the word processing program to make it look like a newspaper article.

  5. Add graphics, photos, maps, etc to enhance your project.

RESOURCES -This site even gives the weather for each day of the battle. A must see!

Each news team member will be graded based on the following criteria:

*Content of the news articles. All questions must be answered completely and accurately. Grammar, spelling, and creativity will be counted.
-A total of 6 articles worth 10 points each
*Graphics, layout, and photography.
-A total of 20 points
*Each staff member will assess the performance of the other members in the group as well as themselves. This will be typed on a separate sheet of paper and turned into the teacher.
-A total of 20 points will be given for this.
***note that your grade may be affected by others evaluation of you.***


The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in American history. The conclusion of this battle not only helped preserve the Union, but also showed the world that our democracy could endure. Both sides fought valiantly for their causes and thousands of lives were sacrificed in order to preserve our great Union. Hopefully you have gained a greater understanding and appreciation of this pivotal event in American and World history.
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