The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

Repay individuals and their descendants

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Repay individuals and their descendants. People who say this happened 80 years ago are wrong. The racism that started the Tulsa Race Riot is still happening today. The crime was the impoverishment and dispossession of a generation of Tulsan African Americans and their descendents. Whites own twenty times more wealth than blacks today. This is the direct result of historic dispossession from white invasions into black communities where black businesses, homes, land, and personal wealth were stolen.
Therefore, the survivors of the Tulsa Race Riot and their descendents are due compensation in the same way that survivors of the much smaller community of Rosewood, Florida received reparations for a similar event that occurred on January 1, 1923 when a white mob attacked black citizens and burned their homes and businesses to the ground. Japanese Americans were also given reparations after World War II because the Federal Government forced them to sell their possessions — businesses, homes, land, as well as furniture, dishes, etc. — at a great financial loss and forced them into internment camps during the war years. Both of these cases argue that there is historic precedent for the reparations to individuals and their descendants who suffered loss of their businesses or homes during the Tulsa Race Riot.

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