The Truman Show Quotes from the film

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The Truman Show Quotes from the film



  "On the air, unaware." (film's tagline)


  "We found many viewers leave him on all night for comfort" (Christof)


  "For me there is no difference between private life and public life. My life is the 'Truman Show'. The 'Truman Show' is a lifestyle. It’s a noble lifestyle. It is ... a truly blessed life." (Meryl)


  "Why do you want to have a baby with me? You can't stand me!" (Truman)
"That's not true! ... Why don't you let me fix you some of this Mococoa drink, all natural cocoa beans from the upper slopes of Mount Nicaragua, no artificial sweeteners?" (Meryl)
"What the hell are you talking about?!? Who are you talking to?!?" (Truman)
"I've tasted other cocoas, this is the best!" (Meryl)


  "What are you gonna do? Dice me, slice me or peel me? There are so many choices!" (Truman)


  "I've been your best friend since we were seven years old Truman . . . You're the closest thing I ever had to a brother. . . But the point is, I'd gladly walk in front of traffic for you, Truman. And the last thing I'd ever do is lie to you." (Marlon)


 "One point seven billion were there for his birth. 220 countries tuned in for his first step. The world stood still for that stolen kiss. And as he grew so did technology. An entire human life - recorded on an intricate network of hidden cameras and broadcasted live and uninterrupted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to an audience around the globe." (TV)


  "As Truman grew up, we were forced to manufacture ways to keep him on the island." (Christof)
(flashback) "I'd like to be an explorer like the great Magellan." (Truman as a child)
"Oh, you're too late, there really is nothing left to explore!" (his teacher)
(back to present) "Finally I came up with the concept of Kirk's drowning." (Christof)
"Most brilliant! Truman's been terrified of the water ever since." (interviewer)


 "Was nothing real?" (Truman)
"You were real. That's what made you so good to watch. There is no more truth out there than there is in the world I created for you. The same lies, the same deceit. But in my world, you have nothing to fear." (Christof)


  "Everything on the show is for sale. The actor's wardrobe, food products, to the very homes they live in." (Christof)
"And of course all of it available in the Truman catalogue." (interviewer)


  "Hi Christof, I'd just like to say one thing. You're a liar and a manipulator and what you've done to Truman is sick!" (Sylvia) . . .
"I have given the chance for Truman to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be." (Christof)
"He's not a performer, he's a prisoner. Look at him, look at what you've done to him!" (Sylvia)

Christof: We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.
Truman Burbank: Good morning! And in case I don’t see you: good afternoon, good evening and good night!
Network Executive: For God’s sake, Chris! The whole world is watching. We can’t let him die in front of a live audience!

Christof: he was born in front of a live audience.
Christof: Truman, I’ve watched you your whole life. I saw you taking your first step, your first word, your first kiss. I know you better than you know yourself. You are not going to walk out that door.

Truman: You never had a camera inside my head.
Truman: Blocked at every turn. Beautifully synchronized, don’t you agree?
Meryl: I thought we were going to try for a baby. Isn’t that enough of an adventure.

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