The Triple Entente The Triple Alliance

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War Consumes Europe

pags 367 - 371

In 1914, Europe was divided into two rival camps:

The Triple Entente The Triple Alliance

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What event triggered the war?

What was the Schlieffen Plan

The Triple Alliance was also became known as

The Triple Entente was also became known as
What area became known as the Western Front?
What kind of warfare developed along the Western Front?

Where was the Eastern Front? Who was it between?

What were some of the new weapons of war?

How many soldiers, on both sides, were lost during the Battle of Verdun?

How many, on both sides, were lost during the 5 months of the Battle of Somme?

How many Russians were killed, wounded, or captured in 1915 alone?

War Affects the World

pages 373 - 377

Why did the Allies want to gain control of the Dardanelles?

1. 2.


What was this campaign known as? Did it succeed for the Allies?

On April 2, 1917, the United States entered the war on the side of the Allies. Why? Briefly explain four events, policies or relationships that contributed to this decision.





During 1917, what happened to change Russia's participation in WW1? How did it change?

On what date was the armistice signed? What did this mean?

A Flawed Peace

page 380 - 383

Although the killing had stopped, the peace still needed to bemade . When and where was the peace conference held?

The Paris Peace conference had delegates representing 32 countries. The major decisions were made by the Big Four. Who were the Big Four and what countries did they represent?

Who represented Russia?

Who represented Germany?

What were some of the main ideas behind Wilson's 14 Points.

What did the European nations finally adopt from Wilson's ideas?

What did Britain and France really want?

How did the treaty punish Germany?

Why was it said that the treaty was built on quicksand?

What did the War really cost?

What is meant by A Lost Generatino?

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