The Treaty of Versailles: France, 1919

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The Treaty of Versailles: France, 1919

1. What did Wilson believe was the most important thing to accomplish at Versailles?

Create League of Nations

2. What was France’s chief goal at the conference?

Punish Germany

3. How does Wilson propose to keep peace?

Creating League of Nations

4. What does France want the League of Nations to have?

An army

5. What two solutions does Great Britain have for keeping France safe?

1. limit the German army

2. take away some German land

6. What new countries are created from German land?



7. What new countries are created from Austrian land?



8. What land does France get from Germany? If it was taken in 1870, what war was that?


Franco-Prussian War

9. What does France want Germany to pay for? How do they justify this?

Cost of war

10. What are reparations?

War damages

11. What does the U.S. believe should happen to the Ottoman Empire’s land?

Become states with self-rule and democracy

12. What are "mandates?"

Who supposedly has ultimate control over mandates?

Territories administered by other countries

League of Nations

13. Which mandates are taken by Great Britain? By France?

G.B: Jordan & Palestine

FR: Lebanon & Syria

14. What happens to Germany’s colonies in Asia and Africa?

France & Great Britain get them

  1. What was Germany’s role in the Peace Conference? Why might this cause future problems?

1. Not involved 2. they resent the outcome and want to rebel against it

  1. Why will the League of Nations become an ineffective organization at keeping the peace?

US doesn’t join. No military to enforce anything

  1. What conditions were forced upon Germany by the Treaty of Versailles?

1. pay reparations 2. lose colonies 3. lose military

  1. What was Italy’s main goal at the conference? Why might they be angry with the Allies in the future?

Get land - they got nothing out of it. They will be mad at countries involved in Treaty

  1. Which Empires have been destroyed by World War I?

1. German 2. Ottoman 3. Austro-Hungarian

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