The tragedy of julius ceasar study Guide / act I answer all questions with complete sentences. The Shakespeare Theater

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Answer all questions with complete sentences.

The Shakespeare Theater page 706

1. List 5 important facts about The Globe Theater.

William Shakespeare Biography page 708

2. List 3 important facts about William Shakespeare.

Guide for Reading page 710

3. Is The Tragedy of Julius Caesar based on real life events?

Literary Focus

4. Define exposition

Build Vocabulary- write the part of speech,definition and a sentence with context clues.

  1. replication

  2. spare

  3. infirmity

  4. surly

  5. portentous

  6. prodigious

11. What is alchemy?

12. What does ignoble mean?

Act I Questions: Answer with complete sentences.

  1. Why do Flavius and Marullus try to disrupt the festivities?

  2. How does Shakespeare distinguish commoners from noblemen?

  3. What facts or events are revealed in Act I and serve as part of the exposition?

  4. Why is it helpful to know when Lupercal takes place?

  5. Combined with the actions of Cassius, what do the soothsayers warnings suggest?

  6. How does Cassius describe Caesar?

  7. Casca’s description of Caesar’s behavior when he is offered the crown, suggest that Caesar owes his success most of all to __________________.

  8. How do the noblemen react to the people’s acclamation of Caesar?

  9. What is the significance of saying that Caesar is “like a Collossus?

  10. What does it mean when the author says, “ Cassius with a lean and hungry look”?

  11. Scene iii, Casca and Cicero discuss troubling events. What is the nature of these events?

  12. What is the Roman attitude toward suicide expressed by Cassius and Casca in Act I, Scene iii?

  13. What is the effect of the image of alchemy in this speech by Casca?

    1. that which would appear offense in us,/countenance, like richest alchemy,/will change to virtue and to worthiness

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