The Thirst For New Land

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The Thirst For New Land

1.What was central and northern Georgia called by settlers in the northeastern colonies?

2.What was the problem with the settlers getting land on "The New Frontier" in Georgia?

3.What did the U.S. government plan to do to get this land for white settlers? Why would this plan work?

4.What was this plan called?

5.Who was Benjamin Hawkins?

6.Why did this lead to a conflict between the Red Sticks and the White Sticks? Who won this conflict?

7.What U.S. general helped organize and fought with the White Sticks? What was the name of the decisive battle?

8.What happened as a result of this battle with the Creeks?

9.Why did the Cherokee tribe in North Georgia think that their fate would be different than that of the Creek Indians?

10.What event caused the federal government to decide to try to get the land of the Cherokee?

11.Why did a faction of the Cherokee Indians decide to try to sell their Cherokee Indian lands in North Georgia?

12.What things happened as a result of the treaty of New Echota?

13.Name some of the hardships endured by the Native Americans on the Trail of Tears.

14.Defend the federal government's decision to acquire Indian lands, especially in the southeast United States.

15.Explain ways in which the federal government could have handled the expansion into "The New Frontier" in ways that would have accommodated the Indian population.

Higher Order Thinking Skills:


Make arguments for and against the Federal government acquiring Indian lands in the early 1800’s.



1.Trip to Cherokee, N.C.:

This would show students how the Cherokee capital is governed and how it has prospered since the Trail of Tears. Trip to New Echota in North Georgia: This would show students the former capital of the Cherokee Nation. They would see the similarities in this and the United States capital in Washington.

(Substitution: the video of "The Story of New Echota." - call the ranger at New Echota.)

2.Research and report on the "Trail of Tears." This could be factual or in the form of stories (real or imagined) about Indians who endured the march to Oklahoma.

Download 14.03 Kb.

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