The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Christopher Columbus Swaim (b 1774)

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Christopher Columbus Swaim (b 1774)

Christopher Columbus Swaim was the father of John H. Swaim. Christopher was born on December 24, 1774 in Randolph County, NC. His father was John Swaim (b Apr 26 1748) and his mother was Elizabeth Vickrey.

Christopher was a farmer and shoemaker (cordwainer)327. By 1815, he had 100 acres of land near Deep River and Little River area in Randolph County, North Carolina listed in “Captain Swaim’s district”328. It should be noted that the counties in North Carolina have undergone many changes over the years. Guilford County was formed in 1771 from Rowan County. Randolph County was formed in 1779 from Guilford County.

He married Sarah Hinds42 on September 28, 1794. Sarah Hinds was also known by a nickname, Sally. There are two theories regarding her family in various shared family databases such as Latter Day Saints (LDS) or (shared family tree information). One theory is that her parents were Simeon and Sarah Hinds. Another theory is that her father was John (Johann Heins) Hines and her mother was Juliana Schneider. After correspondence with I do not have independent confirmation of her parents’ names or ancestry.

There is a Christopher Swaim listed in the 1800 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina as having one male age 26-44, one female age 26-44, two male children under ten and two female children under ten. The two males would have been John H. Swaim and Simeon W. Swaim who would have been 3 and 1 years old, respectively. The female children would have been Charity and Elizabeth Swaim who would have been five and just months old, respectively, when this census was taken.

Christopher also appears to be listed in the 1810 Census for North Carolina, Randolph County. The handwriting is hard to read and lists what appears to be “Chri” and this is indexed as Charles Swim. The numbers of family members in various age brackets mirrors the 1800 census when one adds ten years. I believe this to be the reason for so few Swim’s in Randolph County during this time period. As a result, I believe this entry is actually Christopher. Of course I have no way of knowing for sure. This census shows one male 26-44, one female 26-44, two male children 10-15 and four female children under 10 and one female child 10-15.

Christopher’s wife, Sarah, passed away around 1812 and was reportedly buried in the Timber Ridge Cemetery, Level Cross, Randolph County, North Carolina based on family records of Barbara Trujillo and others.

There is no census information available to me for the 1820 Census, Randolph County. Christopher does not show up in the 1820 Census for all other North Carolina counties or in the 1830 Census for North Carolina, either, that I can determine.

Christopher migrated to Huntington County, Indiana in April, 1836 based on Biographical Memoirs of Huntington County, 1901, pages 328-333.

The following excerpt is derived from Biographical Memoirs of Huntington County, 1901, pages 328-333:329

Christopher C. Swaim moved to Huntington County, Indiana, when the settlements were mere niches in the deep, primeval forests, and after bearing his part in opening and developing a farm was called to his final reward about the year 1851. His son, Simeon, grandfather of William Franklin, left North Carolina in the fall of 1833, immigrating to Preble county, Ohio, where he made his home for a period of about three years, removing at the end of that time to Huntington county, Indiana, where he arrived in April, 1836, and laying claim to two tracts of land, eighty and forty acres, respectively, for which he obtained patents from the government May 30, 1837. The former tract is still in possession of the family [as of 1901, editor.], the patent for the same bearing the signature of Martin Van Buren, who was at that time president of the United States. Mrs. Simeon Swaim was born February 27, 1799, and died at her home in Huntington county September, 1865; she bore her husband children, as follows: Samuel Hines, Ann Elizabeth, Christopher Columbus, Cynthia Albany and Ruth Caroline.

The following account is listed at under Barbara Cary330 and appears to be based on good research which is why I am including it. I have not independently verified the specifics but the overall migration appears consistent with other information I have and the previous excerpt:

“Christopher Columbus Swaim was (an) officer in St. Militia, Rand. Co., N.C. 1801. He and some of his family left N.C. in the fall of 1833, spent about 3 years in Preble Co., Ohio. they moved to Huntington Co., Ind. in April 1836 claimed 2 tracts (80 and 40 A) for which he obtained patents from Gov. on May 30, 1837. He was Delegate for Timber Ridge to Sandy Creek Bapt. Assoc. Meeting Oct. 24, 1807. Edward Elliott (son of Cynthia and John Elliott) b 1832 enum. with Christopher Columbus Swaim 1850 Huntington Co. Census.”

In the 1840 Census of Huntington, Indiana Christopher is listed as “Christopher Sain” age 60-70 living with a female aged 50-60. In the 1850 census of Huntington County, Indiana he is listed as Christopher Swaim, 76 years old, and living in his daughter Nancy (Swaim) Carpenter’s house along with his second wife Rebecca, 65 years old.

Christopher would die the following year, in 1851, at the age of 77, and would be buried in the Good Cemetery, Indiana. He is buried next to his second wife, Rebecca, who also died in 1851, four months after Christopher. Based on a visit to the cemetery, Chuck Clampett described Christopher’s headstone as follows:

“a very elaborate stone shaped like a tree trunk with a plaque on the side with the following inscription: Christopher Swaim, b. Dec. 24, 1774, d. Jul 3, 1851, Age 76y 6m 9d, A native of Randolph Co, NC. 2 years a subject of the British Crown.”331

Figure 8 Gravestone of Christopher Columbus Swaim

Christopher Columbus Swaim (b 24 Dec 1774332, d 3 Jul 1851333) was married in Randolph County, North Carolina, on September 28, 1794334 to Sarah Hinds (or Hines) (b ~1776, d ~1812335).

Christopher and Sarah Swaim had at least the following children:

  1. Charity Swaim336 (b 10 Oct 1795337, d 29 Jun 1822338) was married March 2, 1816339 to John Gray, Jr. (20 Feb 1789, d 15 Oct 1829340). John Gray was the son of John Gray (b 1 Jan 1749, d 4 Nov 1792) and Jannet Greer341 (b 23 Dec 1748, d 8 Feb 1835)342.
    The only child I have seen mentioned from the marriage of Charity and John Gray, Jr. is

    1. Grier Gray (b 20 Mar 1817, d 28 Sep 1874). Grier married Pernecia Lula Leach (b 1820, d 1905).343

  2. John H. Swaim344 (b 28 Feb 1797, d 3 Feb 1896) was married July 16, 1816 to Elizabeth Swindell (b 10 Jul 1795, d 17 Sep 1874).
    [John H. Swaim and family already described in previous chapter – their sons included Zebedee W. Swaim].

  3. Sarah (Sally) Swaim (b ~ 1798345) was married to Hiram Elliott346.

  4. Simeon W. (Worthington)347 Swaim (b 18 Mar 1799348, d May 1847349) was married December 21, 1819350 to Nancy Irwin351 (b 27 Feb 1799352, d Sep 1865353). Simeon was born in Randolph County, North Carolina. Nancy was born in Guilford County, North Carolina and was the daughter of Samuel Irwin and Elizabeth Worthington (b 1760, d 1848354). Elizabeth Worthington Irwin died at 88.

    Simeon’s middle name of Worthington, if correct, would be interesting as it could relate to the controversy regarding who Christopher’s grandfather was (see the following chapter). Michael’s wife’s maiden name was Worthington.

    Simeon emigrated from North Carolina to Preble County, Ohio in the fall, 1833 and remained there until the spring of 1836 when Simeon purchased 120 acres in Salamonie Township, Indiana (Huntington County). Simeon died in 1848 in Huntington County, Indiana. Nancy Irwin Swaim died in Warren, Indiana in 1865.

    Simeon and Nancy Swaim had the following seven children:

    1. Samuel Hines43 Swaim355 (b 20 Oct 1820356, d 16 Apr 1895357). Born in North Carolina. Samuel was married 15 Nov 1841358 to Elizabeth Pence359 Back360 (b 28 Nov 1821361, d 9 Nov 1907362). Elizabeth was born in Preble County, Ohio and was the daughter of Aaron Back (b 18 Jun 1785, d 13 Dec 1868363) and Margaret E. L. Back (16 Dec 1788, d 12 Jan 1851364). Aaron Back fought in the War of 1812. Aaron fell from a chair and died at 83.

      Samuel was raised as a Baptist and became an ordained elder and minister for the Methodist Episcopal Church as well as a teacher. Samuel was 5’ 10” tall and weighed 180 pounds. In his youth he was a Democrat but became a staunch Republican between 1854 and 1882 and then late in life became a Prohibitionist. 365

      In 1860 Samuel was living in Salamonie (Warren Post Office), Indiana (Huntington County) and lived near Samuel Irwin and John Chopson. In 1880 they were still living in Salamonie. Samuel Swaim became seriously ill on November 26, 1894 and never would set foot outside his house. He died five months later in 1895 and was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery at Warren. Elizabeth died in 1907 at the age of 85 years and is also buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.

      Samuel and Elizabeth Swaim had at least seven children based on the 1860 Census (Huntington County):

      1. William Franklin Swaim (b 16 Mar 1843366, d ~ 18 Jan 1917367). Born in Salamonie Township, Indiana (Huntington County). William was married on 21 Feb 1867 to Mary Thompson (b 20 Nov 1841368, d ~ 3 Apr 1925369). Mary was the daughter of John Howard Thompson and Mary Thompson. William F. Swaim enlisted and fought in the Civil War for Indiana and was assigned to the second brigade of General Scofield who flanked General Sherman in Georgia. William operated a Planing Mill and was a County Auditor.
        William and Mary Swaim had one child:

        1. Alfred Edward Swaim (b 16 Sep 1868370). Alfred was married on 1 Sep 1889 to Amelia M. Irwin.

          1. Edith Marie Swaim (b 8 Nov 1890371)

      2. Mahala Margaret Swaim (b 11 Jul 1845372, d 27 Feb 1869373). Born in Indiana. Married Lemuel Colbert. Mahala died sometime before the 1895 obituary of her father Samuel.

      3. Harriet Ann B. Swaim (b 11 Dec 1847374, d 3 Jan 1933375). Born in Indiana. Harriet married Aaron Sutton (b 28 Aug 1836, d 5 Aug 1926376). Aaron was the son of Amos Sutton and Anna Runkle. Harriet and Aaron are both buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.377

      4. Simeon Aaron Swaim (b 23 Apr 1850378, d 25 Apr 1861379). Born in Indiana. Married Lemuel Colbert. “Died young” according to family information. Simeon died prior to 1887 based on History of Huntington County, Indiana.

      5. Mary Albany Swaim (b 2 Mar 1852380). Born in Indiana. Mary married Loran B. Minner.

      6. Elizabeth Adaline Swaim (b 18 Feb 1854381, d 24 Aug 1936382). Born in Indiana. Elizabeth was married on 15 Mar 1873 to Joshua Cass Thurston (b ~ 1850383, d 14 Sep 1909384)

      7. David Samuel Swaim (b 10 Feb 1858385). Born in Indiana. In 1880 David was the last child living at home with his parents in Salamonie, Indiana (Huntington County). David married Louvina Adsit.

    2. Mary Ann Swaim386 (b 3 Oct 1822387). Mary was born in North Carolina. Mary was married 22 Apr 1841388 to John A. Back (b ~ 1815389). John Back was born in Virginia. In 1850 Mary and John Back were living next door to Samuel H. Swaim.

      1. Arthur P. Back (b 25 Jan 1858, d 12 Jan 1942390). Buried at Masonic Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.

    3. Elizabeth Swaim391 (b 31 Oct 1824392, d May 1897393). Born in North Carolina (Stokes County). Elizabeth was married 29 Aug 1848 to Cornelius Newton Irwin (b ~ 1826394, d 13 Nov 1905395) who was also born in North Carolina. Newton Irwin is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.
      Elizabeth and “Newton” Irwin had at least the following children:

      1. Eunice A. Irwin (b ~1848396). Born in Indiana.

      2. Nancy L. Irwin (b ~ 1850397). Born in Indiana.

      3. Samuel L. Irwin (b ~ 1852398). Born in Indiana.

      4. Robert C. Irwin (b ~ 1854399). Born in Indiana.

      5. Ruth E. Irwin (b ~ 1867400). Born in Indiana.

      6. William N. Irwin

      7. Elizabeth Irwin.401

    4. Christopher Columbus Swaim402 (b ~ 1828, d 9 Aug 1841403). “Died young.”

    5. Sarah A. Swaim404 (b ~ 1829405). Born in North Carolina. In 1850 she was living in her mother’s household in Huntington County, Indiana. (Note: Sarah was listed as a child in the 1850 Census but was not listed in the Crum Family information or in the biography of Samuel H. Swaim included in the 1887 History of Huntington County, Indiana).

    6. Cynthia Albany Swaim406 (b 18 Sep 1830407, d 18 Jun 1918408). Cynthia born in North Carolina. Cynthia married A. G. Parker. Cynthia is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.

    7. Ruth Caroline Swaim409 (b 14 Jun 1833410, d 7 Feb 1918411). Born in North Carolina. Ruth married William Chopson (b ~1829412, d 14 Mar 1910413). William was born in Pennsylvania and was the son of George Chopson and Elizabeth Derbyshire. In 1860 they were living in Jackson, Indiana (Wells County). Ruth is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.

  5. Elizabeth Swaim (b 1 Jan 1800414, d 27 Jun 1884415). Elizabeth was married in 1817416 to John Stanton, Jr.417 (b 13 Sep 1792418, d 24 Oct 1838419). John Stanton, Jr. was the son of John Stanton, Sr. and Hepzibah Marshall. When John Stanton, Jr. was not quite 6 years of age he was shown as "orphan, son of John Stanton Sr.' and bound to David Osbun (Osborn) until he was of age (based on Court Record Guilford Co., N.C. Aug 22, 1798). John Stanton died in 1838. In 1860 Elizabeth was living in the household of son John W. Stanton. In 1880 79 year old Elizabeth was listed as living in the household of Riley and Sarah Stanton.
    Elizabeth died in 1884 and is buried at Spider Hill Cemetery in Wells County, Indiana420. This child was listed in the Swaim-Tysen Family book but was not listed in the Swaim Family Genealogy by W. F. Crum (family information written down 3/13/1891 by W. F. Crum).

    Elizabeth and John Stanton, Jr. had the following children:

    1. Solomon Stanton421 (b 1819422). There is a marriage record of a Solomon Stanton that married a Charity Swaim 2 Sep 1836 in Guilford County, North Carolina with bondsman James Stanton. I believe this may be the same Solomon Stanton but I am not positive.

    2. Sarah Stanton (b 1822423, d 3 May 1889). Born in North Carolina. As of 1850 Sarah was unmarried and living in Elizabeth and John Stanton’s household.

    3. Ruth Stanton (b ~ 1824424). Born in North Carolina. Ruth was married in Huntington County, Indiana on 6 Oct 1845425 to George S. Irwin (b ~ 1817426).
      Ruth Stanton and George Irwin had at least the following children:

      1. John M. Irwin (b ~ 1847427). Born in Indiana.

      2. Joseph L. Irwin (b ~ 1851428). Born in Indiana.

    4. Mary (Polly) Stanton (b 13 Sep 1826429, d 07 Jan 1896430). Born in North Carolina. Mary married Joseph Blair (b ~1823431).
      Mary and Joseph Blair had at least two children:

      1. Elizabeth J. Blair (b 6 Sep 1847432, d 15 Aug 1926433). Born in Indiana. Married (unknown) Andrews.

      2. Delphina S. Blair (b ~ 1851434). Born in Indiana.

    5. Riley Stanton (b 2 Dec 1828). Married March 28, 1850 to Sarah J. Newman (b ~ 1829435). Riley was born in North Carolina and was a farmer. Sarah was born in Indiana. In 1850 Riley and Sarah were living with sister Lydia below and her husband John Newman in Huntington County, Indiana. In 1870 Sarah (and Riley) was living next door to her sister Lydia (Stanton) Newman in Rick Creek in Huntington County, Indiana. I gathered a death record for Riley Stanton for 12 Jul 1850 (not sure of source now). This record appears incorrect based on the other evidence that Riley lived past 1900. In 1900 Riley was living as a lodger in the household of Willard Stanton, son of his sister Lydia (Stanton) Newman.
      Riley and Sarah Stanton had at least the following children:

      1. Elizabeth Stanton (b ~ 1850). Born in Indiana.

      2. Lydia Stanton (b ~ 1852). Born in Indiana.

      3. Jacob Stanton (b Sep 1855). Born in Indiana. Married Minerva A. (unknown) (b May 1861).436

      4. Mary Stanton (b ~ 1865). Born in Indiana.

      5. Ulysses L. Stanton (b ~ 1868). Born in Indiana.437

    6. Lydia Stanton (b 27 Jun 1830, d 1896438). Born in North Carolina. Lydia was married in 1848 to John Schnatterley Newman (b 18 Jul 1824, d 11 Apr 1888).
      Lydia and John Newman had at least the following children:

      1. Sarah E. Newman (b ~ 1850439). Born in Indiana.

      2. Mary E. Newman (b ~ 1851). Born in Indiana.

      3. John R. Newman (b ~ 1853). Born in Indiana.

      4. Quincy M. Newman (b Jan 1856440). Born in Indiana.

      5. Thomas C. Newman (b ~ 1859). Born in Indiana.441

      6. Isaac Newman (b 29 Nov 1863, d 4 May 1938442). Born in Indiana.

      7. Willard Newman (b Feb 1866443). Born in Indiana. 444 Willard married Laura E. (unknown) (b Jan 1880) who was born in North Carolina.

      8. Lily Ann Newman (b ~ 1872). Born in Indiana.445

    7. Zebulon Stanton (b 16 Nov 1833446, d 10 Dec 1912447). Born in North Carolina. Zebulon married Eliza Wiley448 (b Jun 1833449) who was born in Virginia. Zebulon was a farmer. Zebulon died at the age of 79 and was buried at Mitchell Cemetery, Warren, Indiana.
      Zebulon and Eliza Stanton had seven children, five of whom were still living in 1900:

      1. John Stanton (b ~ 1859). Born in Indiana.

      2. Nancy E. Stanton (b ~ 1863). Born in Indiana.

      3. Sarah J. Stanton (b ~ 1865). Born in Indiana.

      4. Robert Riley Stanton (b 23 Feb 1867, d 22 Jan 1957). Born in Indiana. Occupation was carpenter. Married Iva Fish (d 21 Mar 1905). 450

      5. Jonas W. Stanton (b ~ 1871). Born in Indiana.

      6. Zebulon S. Stanton (b 10 Feb 1876, d 13 Nov 1949). Born in Indiana. 451

    8. Elisabeth R. Stanton (b ~ 1835452). Born in North Carolina.

    9. Mary A. Stanton (b ~ 1836453). Born in North Carolina.

    10. John Watts Stanton (b 13 Feb 1838454, d 12 Mar 1873455). Born in Randolph County, North Carolina. Married Margaret [unknown] (b ~ 1835456). John and Margaret had at least the following children:

      1. William O. Stanton (b ~ 1857). Born in Indiana.

      2. Delfinia J. Stanton (b ~ 1858). Born in Indiana.

      3. John F. Stanton (b ~ 1860). Born in Indiana.457

      4. George W. Stanton (b ~ 1861). Born in Indiana.

      5. Ulysses Stanton (b ~ 1865). Born in Indiana.

      6. Lunda L. Stanton (b 1868). Born in Indiana.

      7. Sherman G. Stanton (b ~ 1869). Born in Indiana.458

  6. Susannah Swaim was married September 22, 1824459 to William Wright.

  7. Cynthia Albany Swaim (b 1802460, d ~1844-1845461) was married 18 Feb 1830462 to John Elliott463 who must have passed away prior to 1840. Cynthia had a 2nd marriage on 21 Nov 1840 to John Loudermilk464.

Christopher Swaim’s wife Sarah died sometime around 1812. Christopher then married Nancy Rebecca Wright in 1818. According to genealogist Linda Jeanne Lewis Livingston, there is family information acquired via Barbara Trujillo that the Bible record of John Swaim Jr. and Elizabeth Vickrey does not include Christopher's 2nd marriage. A descendent in Indiana reported that it was supposedly because Elizabeth, Christopher's mother, was not happy with Nancy Rebecca Wright and religious reasons were given465.
Christopher Swaim was married in Stokes County, North Carolina, on December 14, 1818466 to Nancy Rebecca Wright467 (b 1777468, d Nov, 1851469). Rebecca was born in Pennsylvania.

Christopher and Rebecca had at least the following four children – Nancy, Moses, Mary and William:

  1. Nancy Swaim (b ~ 1821470) married on February 9, 1840471 to William J. Carpenter472 (b ~1819473). Nancy was born in North Carolina. William Carpenter was born in Ohio and was a farmer based on 1850 Census, Indiana (Huntington County). This census also reflected Christopher Columbus Swaim and Rebecca Swaim living in the household. His occupation was “carpenter” in the 1860 census where they were living in Madison, Indiana (Carroll County). Sometime before 1870, William Carpenter passed away. In the 1870 Census, Nancy (Swaim) Carpenter was living in Moses’ household.474

    Nancy and William Carpenter had the following children:

  1. Jacob Carpenter (b ~1843). Born in Indiana.

  2. Mary S. Carpenter (b ~1845)475. Born in Indiana.

  1. Moses Wright476 Swaim (b 5 Jul 1822477, d 25 Feb 1884478) married December 31, 1846479 to Lavina44 Stack480 (b 22 Nov 1829481, 7 Feb 1882482). Moses was born in Stokes County, North Carolina and was a farmer. Lavina was born in North Carolina. I am not sure who her parents were.

    In 1870 Moses and Lavina were living in Madison, Indiana (Carroll County). Also living with them was Nancy Carpenter (b ~ 1821 – Nancy Swaim Carpenter?) and Lavina’s brother, Joshua Stack. In 1880 Moses was living in Union Township, Indiana (Jasper County). Also living with them was Ora Sneider, grandson, and Mary A. Greenfield, granddaughter. Lavina died in 1882 at the age of 52 years old. Moses died in 1884 in Union, Indiana (Jasper County). Moses died at the age of 61 years old based on the Indiana Deaths database, however, it would appear that he would have been 62 years old.

    Moses W. Swaim and Lavina Stack reportedly had nine children:

  1. Nancy J. Swaim (b 10 Sep 1848483). Born in North Carolina. Married A. C. Snyder.

  2. William Milton Swaim (b 29 Aug 1850484). Born in North Carolina (based on 1870 census, however, Moses was already living in Indiana based on 1850 census). More likely, William was born in Indiana. Married 25 Apr 1881485 to Emily L. Wyatt. Later, William had a 2nd marriage to Mary M. (unknown) in 1895.
    William and Mary Swaim had the following children:

    1. Rollo Swaim (b 22 Feb 1897486, d Sep 1970487). Born in Indiana.

    2. Bert Swaim (b ~ 1900488). Born in Indiana.

    3. Frank Swaim (b ~ 1901489). Born in Indiana.

    4. Ida Swaim (b ~ 1903490). Born in Indiana.

  3. Charlotte L. Swaim (b 1852491). “Died young” based on family information.

  4. George W. Swaim (b 24 Aug 1854492)

  5. John A. Swaim (b 26 Nov 1856493). Born in Indiana. John Swaim was married on 16 Jan 1881494 to Ida May Guss. John and Ida Swaim had at least the following children:

    1. (unknown) (b 15 Jun 1883).

    2. Iva May Swaim (b 8 Feb 1886).495

  6. Rachael E. Swaim (b 14 Jun 1859496). Born in Indiana. Married E. E. Johnson.

  7. Charles Columbus Swaim (b 4 Feb 1862497, 5 May 1943498). Born in Indiana. Charles married 4 Dec 1886499 to Nancy Berthena Ricketts (b 7 Sep 1862500, 8 Jul 1903501). Nancy Ricketts married at age 16 to Thomas Jefferson Hartley who died ~ 1883. Nancy and Thomas Hartley had one child from this marriage:

    - Vitelia Pearl Hartley (b 2 Jan 1881). Vitelia Pearl, the only child by the first marriage, married Andrew Jackson Crossley and had nine children: Hough Thomas, Jesse Charles, Betha Jeannette, Richard Claud, Pearl Adelia, Anna Lovina [died in infancy] William, Elizabeth, and Wayne Hartley Crossley.502

    Nancy then married Charles Columbus Swaim on 4 Dec 1886.
    Nancy died in 1903 in Harrison, Indiana (Blackford County). Nancy’s headstone reads “Bertha wife of C. C. Swaim, Died July 8, 1903, 40 yrs, 10M, 1 D” This headstone is close to several Hartley headstones including Delbert and Mollie Hartley and Charles and Martha Hartley and also near Isaac and Nancy Ricketts’ headstones. Charles Swaim died in 1943 in Lysite/Lost Cabin, Wyoming (Fremont County) of nephritis at the age of 81.
    -- Also note that this is the Charles Columbus Swaim whose cousin W. F. Crum wrote The Swaim Family Genealogy by W. F. Crum (family information written down 3/13/1891 by W. F. Crum).
    Charles and Nancy Swaim had the following children:

    1. Beatrice Glenn Swaim (b 18 Dec 1887, d 20 Apr 1968). Born in Fair Oaks, Indiana (Jasper County). Died in Riverton, Wyoming. Beatrice married July 4, 1905 to William I. Lewis. They had four children. The eldest died in infancy. The remaining children include Rex Glenn, William Howard, and Charles Swain Lewis503.

    2. Lovina Rosalie Swaim (b 20 Dec 1890, d 17 Dec 1987). married February 1, 1907, Henry Edward Johnson and they have one child, Henry Edward, Jr. Mrs. Johnson was a postmaster in Lysite, Wyoming.504

    3. Minnie May Swaim (b 12 Apr 1892, d 16 Jun 1925). Minnie was married in 1914 to Floyd Harrison Logan and they had two children, Betha Ruth and Dorthy Pearl. Mrs. Logan died June 16, 1925.505

    4. Clarence Arthur Swaim (b 26 Nov 1898, d 15 Apr 1899).506

  8. Edward G. Swaim (b 18 Dec 1863507). Born in Indiana. Married Fannie Berleen.

  9. David Arthur Swaim (b 4 Feb 1866508). Born in Indiana. Married Ida Berleen.

NOTE: This Moses Swaim was a foster child of John H. Swaim (see previous chapter) according the Swaim Family Record.

  1. Mary Swaim509 married (unknown) Bundy.510

  2. William Swaim (b 1829511) was married on 8 Nov 1849512 to Elizabeth Newman513.

A summary of primary evidence for Christopher Columbus Swaim being the father of John H. Swaim is as follows:

  • Warren Independent obituary of John H. Swaim from February 16, 1896 that states that John H. Swaim’s father was Christopher C. Swaim and that his mother was Sarah Swaim.

  • Swaim-Tysen Family book, pages 310, 324.

  • The Swaim Family Genealogy by W. F. Crum (family information written down 13 Mar 1891 by W. F. Crum).

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