The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Source References (all ancestry lines researched)

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Source References (all ancestry lines researched)

1 The Swaim-Tysen Family book, Authors Marjorie Johnson, Joe Mullane and Lloyd Swaim, often mentioned in this document is actually two red bound books that I purchased from Joe Mullane in 1990 for $95. 506 copies of the first volume (406 of the supplement) were run off and I got Joe’s last full set.

2 Joseph Mullane, one of the authors of Swaim-Tysen Family book, died May 13, 2003.

3 When viewing this document in Microsoft Word, one can place the mouse over an Endnote and the note will be displayed right alongside the date or information referenced.

4 There is a family story that the Swaim’s migrated from North Carolina to Indiana in the mid 1800’s because of anti-slavery sentiments. I can not verify that this is accurate. However, the migration occurred in the late 1840’s and slavery was certainly a hot political item of those times.

5 One of those theories could imply a different time frame for migration and non-Dutch lineage depending on how that theory is interpreted.

6 Swaim-Tysen Family book, page 1, by authors. Pages 1-22 or so discusses Thys Barentsen and their rationale as to why they believe him to be the progenitor of the Swaim family.

7 These surname variations did not necessarily occur in the order listed.

8 This ancestry lists Thys Barentsen as the original immigrant into America from which all Swaim’s descend. Swaim. While this is not absolutely proven in my opinion, Thys Barentsen is the most documented and likely choice as the original immigrant.

9 Abruru is what it sounded like as my brother Lee pronounced. I am not sure of the spelling.

10 Mildred Mundy did not have a middle name per Jane Best.

11 The Lake Charles house was located at 3815 Auburn Drive.

12 The Alice,Texas house in the “Mobil Camp” was located on 8th street.

13 The rental house in Victoria Texas was located on 3501 Woodlawn Street.

14 The first house my father had built was located at 102 Royal St., Victoria, Texas.

15 The Corpus Christi, Texas house was located at 4301 Yucatan Street.

16 The New Orleans house was located at 3921 S. Inwood St. in Algiers in the Tall Timbers subdivision.

17 The finger injury was cause by an unwise attempt by the Crane Operator to lift a motor inside the motor room using an outside crane instead of using a block and tackle. When the motor was raised it moved suddenly sideways and caught my finger.

18 The Houston, Texas house was at 11110 Holly Springs Street in West Houston off Wilcrest just a few miles from where Vivian’s parents lived.

19 Algiers in located on the west bank of the Mississippi River from New Orleans proper but is considered part of New Orleans.

20 This information as of 2005.

21 Spelled either Emory or possibly Emery. Based on newspaper articles it appears to have been spelled Emory.

22 Excerpts courtesy of Don Swaim and are excerpted from his memoir of Jack Swaim entitled “Jack”.

23 Tommy Jack Swaim has more detailed information regarding Edna Butts’ ancestry.

24 Halycon is how it was pronounced when described to me. I am not sure of the spelling.

25 I recall playing Light my Fire by the Doors on that organ in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

26 Tommy J. Swaim family information listed Vickie’s middle name as “Ewine Anni”.

27 The other 1880 Census entry for an “Indiana” Tomlinson is in Iowa, Polk County, Other Townships, District 170, Image 18 of 28.

28 Henry’s 2nd wife’s name listed as Sarah Batson Smithson in the Swaim Family Record

29 Sarah, the wife of Henry Swaim, has her name listed in parentheses but then all spouses’ names appear to be listed in parentheses in this directory.

30 I am not clear whether “Head of Household” distinction implies ownership of property. In the 1900-1930 Census for Jackson Township, Indiana Henry shows up. In the 1900 census, Julia Ann is Head. In the 1910-1920 census, Henry is Head. In the 1930 census Orville is Head. I’m not sure who owned the farms on these censuses.

31 Julia Ann Huffman Swaim’s death certificate lists her birth as April 2, 1836.

32 Zebedee W. Swaim and Julia Swaim had only two children based on the 1870 and 1880 census, Wells County, Indiana. I do not know, however, whether they had any children that died that were not reflected by the censuses.

33 Jennie or Jenny

34 Hinds or Hines.

35 Good Cemetery is located in Warren, IN along Hwy 218 near the intersection of Grover Street. The cemetery can be seen from the highway, but there is no drive from the highway to the cemetery (this information based on email correspondence from Jackie M. Welsh dated June 31, 3004).

36 West Jefferson, Ohio is in Madison County and located just a few miles west of Columbus, Ohio on U.S. 40.

37 Charlotta as described in the 1850 census is listed as Charlotty in the Swaim Family Record.

38 Spelled Leban or Leven

39 Sarah’s middle name was “Caroline” according to the Clampet Family Tree web site (John J. Huffman).

40 Note: Swaim Family Record lists her month of birth as August, while a derivation based on her gravestone indicates it was September.

41 We have seen this name spelled as Lovina and Lavina.

42 As previously referenced, the last name may have been spelled Hines.

43 The reference for this spells it as “Hines”.

44 Spelled as Lovina and Lavina in various documents.

45 This name is sometimes spelled as Robbins


47 The Bible transcript spells it Eliot.

48 The John Swaim, Jr. (b 1748) Bible entry lists this John (b 1777) as “John Swaim Junior”.

49 The John Swaim, Jr. (1748) Bible entry spells his surname as Laughlen.

50 Susan or Susanna

51 Birch Family site includes the following note: Data compiled in 1972 by Francine and Cletus Swain, Liberty, North Carolina. Information from Mabel Wood Swain, Mrs. George Finch, Mrs. Esther Clifton, Johanna Swain Holwager. Grave markers at Timber Ridge Cemetery Randolph Co. Estate records, Deeds, and a certified copy of the John Swain family Bible. Information provided from Stephen Huges.

52 Letter from Joe Mullane (page 2) dated August 20, 1990

53 Simeon was a son of Christopher Columbus Swaim

54 Looking at the handwriting of the censuses, Marthey’s last name looks like Swaim rather than Swain to me. This is also the case with William. I could be mistaken.

55 The notation is as follows: name (x-y-z) where x indicates males 16 and older, y represents males under 16 and z represents females. None of these families owned slaves.

56 This Joseph Swain may not be related to the family since I do not show him in any other information linking him.

57 This is referring to Michael Swaim b ~ 1715.

58 I have not researched Sarah Florence Swaim and identified her Grandmother Elizabeth.

59 Or possibly 1711

60 Land Records based on Lloyd Swaim and the Swaim-Tysen Family book, pages 299-303. The 250 acre deed is from Surry County Deed Book D, page 31, obtained via Esther Clifton.

61 As explained numerous times before there is controversy regarding whether this John Swaim (b ~ 1719) was the father of John Swaim (b 1748).

62 Vickery or Vickrey

63 Abraham Enyart’s surname is sometimes spelled Inniard.

64 Mary Larzelere is also listed in documents with alternate spellings of Lazeler, Lageler.

65 This birth year is obviously in error as this John Swaim was born in 1748.

66 Thys is Dutch for Matthew.

67 Based on the information I have: 22 families came over on the ship but only only 19 applied for land.

68 A separate account from Tom Allman’s family tree posted at 5 Aug 2005 lists Barents’ birth as 1595, Leerdam, Holland and Sibilla’s birth as 1599, Leerdam, Holland.

69 Dr. Kenn Stryker-Rodda, genealogist, has written that the Dutch used “ee” to represent a “long a” sound with the English using an “ai” to achieve the same result.

70 Barnt Swame (aka Tysen) obtained land patent for this property at Karl’s Neck on September, 29, 1677.

71 This entry is indexed as Anthony Thysz Swain.

72 My brother Randy Swaim had also heard such a reference but we do not know the source.

73 Anna or Ann

74 His obituary says he was born in Fayette County, Ohio.

75 One reference states his middle name was Woodard. However, I have no verification of that and do not know the source for that information.

76 The marriage record on file and 1860 Census spells her last name as Thornburgh. The family information spells it as Thornburg.

77 William Stonebraker’s mother may have been born in Ohio based on the 1910 Census.

78 The Williams W. Adams family bible lists her as Ota Ethel Adams. Dr. Marion Emshwiller’s obituary (her husband) lists her as Leota Ethelyn Adams. His obituary also lists his complete name as Marion Amos Emshwiller.

79 William W. Adams obituary is a clipping from the Montpelier Herald. I do not know exact date but estimated to be February 25, 1917 by my father, Bob Swaim.

80 I believe my mother was confusing this uncle with another uncle whom I know was known as “Shorty”. My Dad’s Uncle A. C. Swaim (on his father’s side) signed my father’s 1944 high school graduation card as “Uncle Shorty”.

81 Jane Best’s letter listed it as Eughnacloy but looking at a map of Tyrone County, Ireland, I don’t see that town listed. I believe she meant Aughnacloy. William Robert Best’s draft card stated Aughnacloy, Ireland.

82 I am not sure why daughter Hazel is listed in the 1910 Census but not in the 1900 census.

83 Daphne Best letter mentioned a Pat Best that lived in Illinois. I have not been able to validate a Pat Best in Illinois that was a child of William and Isabella Best. I have wondered if Pat was a nickname for Leonard or someone else but have no specific information confirming that.

84 This was Isabella Best, the mother of her husband Thomas Best.

85 Anne or Annie

86 Isabella or Isabelle

87 Jane Best said Bill’s mother altered his birth certificate to read 1923 rather than 1922 so he could play “ball on some team”. Jane said she was later concerned about it and made Bill change it back to 1922.

88 Spelled either Vivian or Vivien.

89 Mark Davies married an Amelia ? based on Charles R. Davies, Jr. family information.

90 Margaret A. Davies (Ayers) immigrated to the U.S. in 1891 based on the 1900, 1910 and 1930 Censuses. She immigrated in 1895 based on the 1920 Census – I believe this was in error. In the 1920 Census it also states that she was naturalized in 1897.

91 Lovell H. Peirce’s middle name was Haskins based on Colorado Soldiers in WWI, 1917-1918

92 Edna’s middle name was Hazel according to Walter L. Luhr genealogy web site

93 Walter L. Luhr family information (source: Gavette family information) lists one child named Betty. This may be the same child identified as Elizabeth in the 1930 Census.

94 Or known as Fern Lucinda Botkin. Her cemetery gravestone at Elmwood Cemetery, Fruita, Colorado, says “Fern L. Stark June 14 1893 – June 15, 1968.” This record was located in Mesa Cemetery Registration records via internet.

95 In the Social Security Death Index there is a Henry Stark with SSN issued in Colorado, Born Aug 4 1900, Died Mar 1979, Last Residence 90270, Maywood, Los Angeles, California. I believe this is the same Henry Stark based on the migration pattern from Colorado to Los Angeles.

96 I believe ‘She’ in this case refers to Tossie.

97 I have also seen his middle initial listed as G. Mary Beth Peirce’s recollection is he was William S. Young.

98 Myles or Miles

99 This is based on a 1880 Census entry for Thomas E. Thomas and Margaret Thomas in Clinton County, New York. Thomas E. Thomas is listed as a miner in this census. It would appear that this is the same Thomas E. Thomas. His age is consistent with the 1930 census. No children are listed. Census taken in June, 1880 and Nancy was born in July, 1880.

100 It is spelled ‘Stewart’ in the Robinson family information. The correct spelling based on his death certificate is “Stuart”.

101 The last known child of Richard and Margaret Robinson was Thomas in 1853 although there were other listed children for which I do not have their year of birth.

102 Family records indicate the first child was William J. Robinson, born 1837. However Fairview Cemetery records include a Thompson W. Robinson born 1835, died 1917 with wife Anna B. Robinson. I do not know if there is any relationship to William J. Robinson although I suspect there is some relationship. Thompson Robinson could be an older brother or cousin.

103 The Synopsis, Robinson Family lists her as “Rosemary”. The 1850 census lists her as Rebecca M. and the 1860 Census lists her as Mary R. The 1870 Census lists her as Mary.

104 Tenny is the name listed in the 1870 Census. She is listed as “Aunt Tennie” in the Synopsis, Robinson Family information. I am not sure which spelling is correct.

105 I may have located them in the 1880 census, TX, Kimble County, All Townships, Dist 97 (Precinct 4), Image 12 of 31. William A. Gannon, 32; Nancy C. Gannon, 29; Richard P. Gannon, 3. Nancy was listed as being born in NC with her parents both born in NC.

106 The 1900 Census lists a Thomas L. Robinson born in 1853 in North Carolina and wife Mary J. living in what is now Oklahoma but then was Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. The children in the 1900 census included Pearl M (b 1880)., Robert A. (b 1883), Rosa A. (b 1887), and Bessie L. (b 1894). I am not sure if this is the same Tommy Robinson.

107 It is not clear who “Uncle Tommy” was in this characterization. It is believed William Wesley Robinson wrote the Synopsis - Robinson Family document. I am unable to figure out what this means other than her name was Mary.

108 1900 Census, TX, Montague County, Nocona lists him as Wesley W. Roberson.

109 This reference to “Uncle Nathan”, a brother of William J. Robinson and father of Lee Robinson, leads me to believe this part of the narrative could have been written by Lee Robinson or one of his brothers.

110 By my calculations and ignoring Cherokee blood from other family lines, if Delia Robinson was 50% Cherokee, then her son Lee Robinson would have been 25% (1/4), his son Dan Robinson 12.5% (1/8), my mother Olly Robinson 6.25% (1/16), her son Jack Swaim (me) would be 3.12% (1/32) and my children 1.56% (1/64).

111 The Synopsis - Robinson Family document lists her names as Mary Jane Robinson however the 1860 Census incorrectly lists her as Mary A. Robinson. She is shown in the 1880 Census as Mary J. Patterson after she married.

112 The Death Certificate for Lee A. Robinson also validates that his father was W. J. Robinson, born in North Carolina, and that Lee was born in Texas.

113 Fairview Cemetery records reflect she was born January 5, 1880 and died March 24, 1912. “PROPECK DAISY JAN 05,1880 MAR 24,1912 W/O- W N PROPECK”. Note the discrepancy in husband’s name – he is listed as W. N. Propeck rather than Grafton W. Propeck. I am unable to resolve these discrepancies.

114 Other Head-of-Households identified in the 1899 Sherman/Denison City Directory include Frank, Louis, Mary, Richard H., and Wash Robinson.

115 Family information lists spelling as Stevens. Death certificate lists it as Stephens.

116 He was known by the name “Sam”. His name is listed as Squire Sam Robinson is one census and in Stanley’s Funeral Records.

117 The Synopsis - Robinson Family document spells it “Stewart”. Other family members including Aunt Jane Best recall it as being spelled “Stuart”. The correct spelling based on Dan’s death certificate is “Stuart”.

118 Not sure of Gladys Foskett Robinson’s date of birth and death. There is a Gladys Robinson in the Social Security Death Index that could be her: Born July 12, 1899, died Jul 1982, SS 440-12-8548, issued Oklahoma, Last Residence: 74105, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa County). Her last residence is in zip code 74105. Last residence benefit address for William Robinson when he died in October 1977 (assuming that one is him) was 74104, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

119 My brother, Randall Lee Swaim’s middle name appears to be based on my mother’s grandfather’s first name, Lee. My mother believes my middle name, Stuart, was based on her father Dan’s middle name, Stuart.

120 In this census, Dan Robinson is listed as “Dan S. Robison”

121 Olly Swaim said they pronounced his name “Mun-day”.

122 Olly Swaim said they pronounced his name “Flam-mong”.

123 His first name is sometimes spelled Matthias in censuses. However, Luxembourg genealogy sites I’ve visited always spell it Mathias. In addition, Elizabeth Mundy’s death record spells it Mathias.

124 Certificate of Death for Elizabeth Mundy states that her mother was Augusta Haines.

125 The index for this record states he was 13. However, I believe from the handwriting the age is 53. Further it is hard to believe a 13 year old boy would be listed as a “merchant”.

126 When I view the handwriting of the original 1880 census entry I can see how someone might mistakenly interpret a “u” from an “n” and index Flammang as Flammaug.

127 My mother Olly’s recollection in 2003 is that Ganga’s husband’s first name was Fred.

128 Fred Mundy’s full name was Frederick Henry Mundy based on Nicholas Mundy and his descendants, Ezra F. Mundy (and his birth date was 23 May 1868). Steven Paul Stymiest’s genealogy web site lists his middle name as Henry. I have no independent verification of this.

129 The 1900 Census is indexed incorrectly at under Murray, not Munday.

130 The entry showed what appeared to be $1 with a mark after the 1 which I could not make out.

1 Letter on Robins Family History by Sidney Swaim Robins, 1954.

2 Characterization of early Swaim family, religious affiliations, etc provided by Barbara Trujillo and based on her family stories passed down from her gg grandmother. And obtained via

3 Information about Wilson Roach is based on recollections of Olly Swaim.

4 Description of my Dad’s boyhood, Wilson Roach and “lean-to” room based on conversation between Olly Swaim and Jack Swaim on July 21, 2003.

5 Bob Swaim was a Motor Machinist Mate in WWII based on a labeled photograph my mother had.

6 Specific information regarding the LCIG-752 ship Bob Swaim was on during WWII provided by my brother Lee Swaim.

7 This WWII story about Robert (Bob) Swaim is based on a conversation with Randall Lee Swaim on September 7, 2003 and validated by other conversations with my father, Robert Swaim and Randall Lee Swaim during the 1990’s.

8 This information about Bob Swaim is validated by my recollections and Obituary for Robert Swaim.

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