The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Appendices: Supplementary Information

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Appendices: Supplementary Information

  1. Summary of References – Swaim Family Research

The following summarizes some of the reference materials used for this work. Specific references are described in more detail via footnotes (endnotes) in Appendix B, Source References. So Appendix A is a high level summarization of the sources listed in Appendix B.

This summary is focused on the Swaim family research. Similar materials were used for research on the other lines included in this book as well.
[Note: this list needs to be updated based on numerous additions to Appendix B, Source References].

  1. Family and Bible Records

    • Swaim Family Record compiled by Olly Marie Robinson Swaim in the 1960’s. (My mother has several times said that she transcribed this from a family bible back in the 1960’s in the possession of Belle Hawkins Champion Swaim (my father’s mother).

    • John Swaim (b 1748) bible record (transcribed and included in Swaim-Tysen Family book, p. 327)

    • Swaim Family Genealogy by W. F. Crum (family information written down 3/13/1891 by W. F. Crum). This is family information passed down and was written by W. F. Crum on March 13, 1891 for cousin Charles Swaim. It appears to be derived from family bible sources and lists members of the John H. Swaim, Christopher Columbus Swaim, and John Swaim families.

    • Family history of Michael Anthony Swaim written by Sarah Florence Swaim and based on information from Rebecca (Swaim) Jones. This information was provided by Linda Livingstone in 2005 who obtained it from Barbara Trujillo.

    • Lovina Stack’s Diary excerpts provided by Linda Livingstone.

    • Don Swaim, Memoir of John E. Swaim titled Jack

    • Family photographs in Don Swaim’s collection provided via Steve Swaim.

    • Family photograph’s in Jack Swaim’s collection.

    • The Robinsons by Eula May Robinson dated April, 1985.

    • Concerning the Robinson Family by W. W. Robinson dated Aug 6, 1950.

  2. Books:

    • The Swaim-Tysen Family of Staten Island, New York, New Jersey and Southern States, Joseph F. Mullane, Lloyd B. Swaim, Marjorie Decker Johnson, 1984. (Contract printing of 500+ copies, no publisher as such).

    • Supplement, The Swaim-Tysen Family …, Joseph F. Mullane, Lloyd B. Swaim, Marjorie Decker

    • Annals of Staten Island, J. J. Chute, 1877

    • Staten Island and Its People: A History, 1609-1929, Charles W. Leng and William T. Davis, 1930.

    • The Quaker Family Lines of Mary A. Williams Walters, Pauline Walters, 1972.

    • Pre-Revolutionary Dutch houses and families in northern New Jersey and southern New York, Rosalie Fellows Bailey, 1936.

    • Biographical Memoirs of Huntington County, 1901.

    • A History of Huntington County, Salamonie Township, 1887.

    • History of Wells County, Indiana, 1776-1976, Dorothy Rose and Joyce Buckner, c1975.

    • History of Huntington County, Indiana

    • A Brief Record of Four Pioneer Families of St. Joseph County, Indiana, Charles M. Yoder, 1958.

    • A Letter on Robins Family History, Sidney Swaim Robins, 1954.

    • Daniel Sherwood and his paternal ancestors, Andrew Sherwood, 1929.

    • Genealogy of the Tapley Family, Harriet S. Tapley, 1900.

    • Pierce Genealogy: Being The Record of the Posterity of Captain Michael, John and Captain William Pierce, Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1889.

  3. Ancestor Charts from other researchers

    • John H. Swaim compiled by Mrs. Ted Clifton in 1980 (provided by Pauline Utzinger)

    • William Joseph Robinson, compiled by J. E. Stiles, Jr. October 18, 1982.

    • Couch, Tapley, Davies and Mears Families, compiled by Charles R. Davies (Vivian Davies’ father).

  4. Baptismal Records

    • Dutch Church Records of Brooklyn

    • Staten Island, New York Church Records, 1749-1828

    • Baptismal Records of Leerdam, Holland from 1662-1628, 1638-1664 via Swaim-Tysen Family book, page 7.

    • Irish church records provided via Annie Crenshaw and via online Emerald Ancestors site.

  5. Marriage Records

    • North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868

    • North Carolina Marriages 1801-1825

    • North Carolina Marriages through 1825

    • Randolph Co, N.C., Marriages thru 1820

    • Randolph County, NC Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

    • Indiana Marriages, 1845-1920

    • Indiana Marriages through 1850

    • Wells County, Indiana, Index to Marriage Record 1837-1920 Inclusive Vol. II Letters L to Z Inclusive

    • Wells County, IN Supplementary Records to Marriage Applications

    • Jasper County, Indiana Marriages 1850-1920.

  6. Census records:

    • North Carolina: 1790 (Guilford, Randolph, Stokes, Surrey), 1800 (Randolph, Surry), 1810 (Randolph), 1820 (Randolph), 1830 (Randolph, Stokes), 1840 (Randolph, Stokes), 1850 (Randolph), 1860 (Randolph), 1870 (Randolph)

    • Indiana: 1830, 1840 (Huntington), 1850 (Blackford, Huntington, Wells), 1860 (Jasper, Madison, Parke, Wells), 1870 (Blackford, Madison, Parke, Wells), 1880 (Blackford, Huntington, Jasper, Wells), 1900 (Wells), 1910 (Carroll, Wells), 1920 (Blackford, Huntington, Wayne, Wells), 1930 (Wayne, Wells)

    • Missouri: 1900 (Newton), 1900 (Newton), 1900 (Newton)

    • New Jersey: 1880 (Essex), 1920 (Essex)

    • Ohio: 1910 (Monroe)

    • Oklahoma: 1920 (Tulsa), 1930 (Tulsa)

    • Pennsylvania: 1850 (Butler), 1870 (Armstrong)

    • Note: There are other censuses used since not every census record I examined and used in my analysis were implicitly referenced here in this document.

  7. Death records

    • Social Security Death Index via

    • Wells County, Indiana, Index to Death Records, 1883-1920

    • Various online Death Indexes including Texas Deaths 1964-1998.

    • Various death certificates.

  8. Cemetery Records:

    • Davidson Co, N. C., Cemetery Records, Vol. IV

    • Randolph Co., N. C., Timber Ridge Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Records

    • Forsythe Co., N. C., Cemetery Records, Waughtown, Vol. V F262.F7 S82 1976

    • Prater Cemetery (aka Mt. Yabor Cemetery) near Jasper, Indiana

  9. Obituaries:

    • Monroe County (Indiana) Obituary Index from Bloomington World-Telephone newspaper

    • 1950 Obituary of George Swaim in Bluffton News Banner.

    • 1896 Obituary of John H. Swaim obituary in Warren Independent newspaper. Obtained from the Clampitt Family Centre web site.

    • 1917 Obituary of William W. in The Montpelier Herald from actual newspaper obituary saved by my Grandmother Belle Hawkins Champion Swaim.

  10. Wills

    • 1798 Will of John Swaim, Jr.

    • 1823 Will of Robert Swindell.

    • 1719 Will of Anthony Sweem.

  11. Property Records

    • Various land patents and deeds in New York and North Carolina.

    • Various 1700’s North Carolina Land Records that included records for William Swaim, Michael Swaim and John Swaim in 1770-1775 time frame (1st page of my yellow paged notes).

    • 1815 Tax List, Randolph County, North Carolina

  12. Newspaper Articles

  13. Miscellaneous Directories and books

    • 1923 Directory of Wells County, Indiana

    • History of Wells, County, Indiana 1776-1976

    • Staten Island Lineage, Dr. Striker-Rodda via Swaim-Tysen Family book.

  14. Letters and Post Cards

    • Post cards from John E. Swaim sent home during WWI transcribed by Don Swaim.

    • Letter from Benjamin Sherwood dated February 9, 1856. The original letter is in the Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick file.

    • 1866 letter from John H. Swaim to Nancy Swaim Ricketts and other letters from John H. Swaim to his children.Pauline Utzinger to Jack Swaim dated January 16, 1982

    • Letters from Linda Lewis Livingstone providing family information including materials from Barbara Trujillo.

    • Letter from Chuck Clampitt to Jack Swaim dated January 29, 1982

    • Letter from Joseph F. Mullane to Jack Swaim dated August 20, 1990

    • Letter from Joseph F. Mullane to Jack Swaim dated September 1, 1990

    • Letter from Bob Swaim to Tom Swaim dated Feb 15, 1988 (provided in a letter from Tom Swaim to Jack Swaim dated 11/12/2003).

    • Letters from Jane Best to Jack Swaim dated Aug 24, 2003, Sept 30, 2003 and June 6, 2006.

    • Emails from my sister Carol Swaim Peirce, Steve Swaim, Don Swaim, Tom Swaim to me.

  15. Web site secondary materials (note web URL links may be broken):

    • Hinds Genealogy site maintained by Ken Hinds.

    • Notes on families from North Carolina – Worthington family site (

    • Teague family genealogy forum (

    • Clampett Family Centre (

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