The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Lee Andrew Robinson (b 1868)

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Lee Andrew Robinson (b 1868)

Lee Andrew Robinson was the son of William Joseph Robinson and Delia Robinson and was born in Red River County, Texas.

“As a boy (Lee) played with John Nance Garner, a long time politician who became Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Vice President. They stole chickens from their neighbors for barbeques for their girls. (Lee) lived in Dennison, Texas, Sherman, Texas, Rogers, Arkansas, Joplin, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma. With one exception (Eula May) he raised his children there (Dennison and Sherman). There were nine children”1449

Detroit, Texas was a small town and some research indicates that John Nance Garner, born November 22, 1868, was the same age as Lee Robinson so it is likely they were in the same classes together at school or at most one grade apart and would have likely known each other. Garner who became Vice President once described the office of the vice presidency as being "not worth a bucket of warm piss."

Lee lived for a number of years in Ward 5 in Sherman, Texas in Grayson County. In 1900 his address was at 849 E. Jones. Street, Sherman, Texas1450 114. In the 1900 census taken April 11, 1900 Lee and Elizabeth Robinson were listed as having the following children: Squire S. (9, Aug 1890), Daniel S. (7, Dec 1892), Charles G. (?, Oct 1894), William (?, ? 1897), Edgar? (5/12 Dec 1899), The writing for the last three children’s entries is barely legible.

In 1910 Lee’s address based on census was 641 Jones (Street or Road). The 1910 census record Lee and Elizabeth and the following children: Samuel (19), Daniel (17), Charles (15), Willie (13), Edgar (10), John (8), Mary (5), Maud (2).

Lee was a manager for a Planing Mill1451.

“(Lee) owned a planning mill in Sherman which later burned to the ground. He thought it was the work of an employee he fired for being lazy. He traveled several states including the west coast looking for a place to relocate. He bought a 40 acre apple orchard in Rogers, Arkansas. The ground was so rocky, it would hardly grow anything. He was sick for a year from some kind of blood disease. Uncle Alec came from Sherman, loaded him up in a railroad box car and took him to Sherman where he was eventually cured. The doctor there referred to his doctor in Rogers as a “horse doctor” who should be shot. (Lee) sold the farm and moved his family to Joplin, Missouri. In January, 1922 he moved his family to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

(Lee) was a hard working, stern and unforgiving man, a product of his time, a Southern Methodist, an elder and choir director. Had a beautiful bass voice and was greatly admired by all the ladies. He married Mary Elizabeth Stevens in the Methodist Church in Detroit (Texas) on September 16, 1889.” 1452

Prior to 1912 Lee Robinson and the family appeared to have moved to Rogers, Arkansas since Eula Robinson was listed in the 1930 census as born ~1912, in Arkansas. Sometime before 1930 Lee moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma based on the 1930 Census. In the 1930 census Mary Elizabeth was 61 years old and listed as “Lizzie”. At that time Lee and Mary were living at 1430 S. Delaware Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their three sons Sam, Bill and Ed and with their daughter Eula. Lee and all his sons including Dan, Sam, Bill, Ed, Charlie and John were building carpenters and contractors. Eula was a telephone company operator. Mary Elizabeth last lived with Eula May Johnsey before she passed away around 19461453.

The following is a recollection of Lee Robinson by Juanita Jane Best:

“Lee Robinson was 6’4” tall, (and) had a strong personality and kept the six boys in line.” Lee was known as a strict Baptist and didn’t allow them to play cards on Sundays. Mary Elizabeth “was loved by all. Loved roses. She had a hard life raising so many children. Daddy (Dan Robinson) said she always had sweet potatoes for them after school trying to fill them up. (Lee) had very little temper.”1454

Dan Robinson’s brothers/sisters (children of Lee and Mary Robinson) included Samuel Squire Robinson, Charles Gannon Robinson (married Arletha Barnes), William Lee Robinson, Edgar Andrew Robinson, John Robinson, Mary Elizabeth Robinson, Maudie Lou Robinson and Eula May Robinson. Jane Robinson Best recalls the whole family gathering together at her grandparent’s house (Lee Robinson) on Sunday afternoon. Above their fireplace was a picture of an Indian and his pony sadly looking over a white village in the valley below.1455

On June 17, 1936 Lee Robinson died of stomach cancer which spread to his liver. At the time Lee was living at 1430 South Delaware Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lee Robinson is buried in Memorial Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa County).-


Lee Andrew Robinson was married to Mary Elizabeth Stephens. Mary Elizabeth Stephens115 was born in Tennessee and her parents were born in North Carolina1457. Mary’s father was John Stephens. Mary Robinson died on January 7, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of 81 of a cerebral embolism resulting from heart disease. At the time of her death, Mary was living at 3958 (or 5958) East Admiral Ct., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mary was buried at Memorial Cemetery, Tulsa, Oklahoma.1458

“(Mary) was born in Jackson, Tennessee on September 20, 1868. She had one sister, Lou, and one brother, Silas, and a step-sister Mary. There was a step-mother and mama said they treated her badly. She grew up with the Tennessee walking horses and loved horses all her life. There were parties and people came from all over the county in wagons, buggies and by horseback. There were wonderful parties that gave people a chance to square dance and visit and eat. After her father died of cancer, she went to Bagswell, Texas to live with her sister and take care of the children. Uncle Frank promised her a wedding dress if she would do this. When she married Uncle Frank she went back on her promise. Lee bought her a dress to be married in.

Lee died on June 17, 1936 in St. John’s Hospital after surgery for cancer. That month was the hottest month on record for Tulsa. Mary Elizabeth died in 1950 of a stroke. She was paralyzed the last nine months of her life. She was taken care of by her three daughters.”1459

Lee Andrew Robinson (b 25 Jan 18681460, d 17 Jun 19361461) and Mary Elizabeth Stephens (b 20 Sep 18681462, d 7 Jan 19501463) were married December 16, 18891464. Lee and Mary Robinson had the following children:

  1. Samuel Squire116 Robinson (b 21 Aug 18901465, d 15 Dec 19761466) was born in Bells, Texas. Sam married Marie Lucas (d 1 Jun 1975) based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family. In the 1930 Census, Sam is listed as 39 years old, single and living with his father and mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sam died in 1976 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
    “Squire taught Manuel training in High School in Sherman, Texas before the family moved to Rogers, Arkansas. He and friends started the first dance hall in Rogers. He wore black patent dancing pumps with a large grosgrain ribbon bow on the toes. Shoes had cork soles. Played football, basketball and loved to hunt and fish. A carpenter by trade and as a hobby built furniture. He married Marie Lucas on May 8, 1936. There were no children. He died in December 15, 1976 from cancer of the bone marrow in Veteran’s hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was a veteran of World War I and served overseas. Marie died June 1, 1975 at home.” 1467

  2. Daniel Stuart117 Robinson (b 27 Dec 1892, d 25 Sep 1966) was born in Belcherville, Texas (Montague County). Dan married Lucille Smithson (b ~ 1900) who died of a tubule pregnancy. Daniel then married Mildred Mundy (b 24 Feb 1897, d April, 1984).
    [See the following sub-chapter and the Mundy chapter for more details on Dan and Mildred Robinson].
    Dan and Mildred Robinson had two children:

  1. Juanita Jane Robinson

  2. Ollie Marie Robinson (name later changed to Olly).

  1. Charles Gannon Robinson (b 5 Nov 1894, d 31 May 1989) was born in Sherman, Texas. Charles married Mary Arletha Barnes who was born in Wableau, Missouri. Mary’s father was born in Indiana and her mother was Mother was born in Missouri. The Synopsis, Robinson Family lists that Charles and Arletha Robinson had four children: Betty Jean, Fred, Jack, Martha. I have located Fred and Martha but not Betty Jean and Jack. In addition, the 1930 Census of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Tulsa County) lists a Charles L. Robinson. I will list first the three children I’ve identified based on the 1930 Census while also including the other two names as possible children.
    “Charles played football, basketball and loved to fish. Served in World War I overseas. He and Sam were together the entire time. Arletha worked for Kress’ 5-10-25 cent store while he was in the service. He was a carpenter by trade and President of the Carpenter’s Local Union in Tulsa several years. After he retired he did estimating for a painting contractor. Arletha died June 21, 1968 after a lengthy illness from a stroke.”1468

    Charles Gannon Robinson (b 5 Nov 1894, d 31 May 19891469) and Mary Arletha Barnes (b Jan 10 18921470, d Jun 21 19681471) had the following children:

  1. Fred Harold Robinson (b 25 Sep 19231472). Born in Oklahoma.

  2. Charles L. Robinson (b ~ 19271473). Born in Oklahoma.

  3. Martha Louise Robinson (b ~ 19291474). Born in Oklahoma.

  4. Betty Jean Robinson (b 18 Jul 1921, d 1928) “Born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She had blonde hair and deep blue eyes from her grandfather. In her young life she was an “angel unaware”. She died November 3, 1928 in Tulsa General Hospital from locked bowels, a result of appendicitis surgery. The doctors didn’t know what to do for her. She was seven years old.”1475 (also included in Synopsis, Robinson Family)

  5. Jack Robinson (included in Synopsis, Robinson Family)

  1. William Lee Robinson (b 18971476, d Oct 19771477) was born in Texas. William married Gladys Foskett118 on February 1, 1919. They divorced with no children. Bill was shown as married in the 1930 Census (Tulsa, Oklahoma) but shown as living with his father Lee Robinson. .
    “Loved sports but was too frail to participate. A carpenter by trade. Moved to Los Angeles with his sister Eula May in 1950. Returned to Tulsa in 1954. Married Gladys Foskett of Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1929 in Tulsa and with her sister Faye and her husband went immediately to Dallas, Texas. The girls got jobs in a glove factory. Due to the Depression he was unable to get a steady job and she divorced him. He moved back home and took care of his mother until her death. He had a marvelous sense of humor and kids loved him. He had no children. He died in 1977.”1478

  2. Edgar Andrew Robinson (b Dec 18991479, d 29 Dec 1970) was born in Texas. Edgar married around 19271480 to Nita Patrick (d 20 Jan 1964). Bill was shown as married in the 1930 Census (Tulsa, Oklahoma) but also shown as living with his father Lee Robinson without Nita.

    In 1930 Edgar was living with his father and mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma and had not married yet.

    “(Ed) had a wonderful sense of humor and everyone loved him. He was quite a guy with the ladies. A carpenter by trade. He loved to take a “little shot of sippin' whiskey”. He married Nita Patrick, divorced by later remarried. One daughter, Patty. He moved his family to El Segundo, California in 1943. Patty had years of dancing lessons and Nita hoped she would work in movies as a dancer. Patty broke an ankle in high school and that took care of her dream of being a dancer in the movies. Nita died January 20, 1964 of a heart attack. Ed was a carpenter boss and built many beautiful homes in the area. He converted to the Catholic religion in California because his wife and daughter were Catholics. He died on December 29, 1970 of cancer of the prostate at the UCLA Cancer Research Clinic.”1481

    Ed Robinson and Nita Robinson had one child:

  1. Patricia (Patty) Robinson (b 18 Dec 1931). Born in Tulsa..

  1. John Robinson (b 21 Dec 19021482, Aug 19871483) was born in Texas. John Robinson married ~ 19251484 to Grace L. Rolen (b 19061485). Grace was born in Arkansas and her parents were born in Missouri (father) and Alabama (mother). In 1930 John and Grace Robinson were living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    “John was a football star in high school in Joplin, Missouri. Finished his last year of high school in Tulsa at Tulsa Central. It was not unusual for him to throw the ball sixty yards. He was offered two scholarships but turned them down to get married. He was a carpenter by trade and as a carpenter built several of the big buildings in Tulsa. He enlisted as a Seabee in World War II and served in the Pacific. He married Grace Rolen on September 24, 1924 and had one daughter, Virginia. They were divorced during the Depression. Grace was a tiny thing, four feet ten inches tall and wore a size 3 shoe. He later married Irene Hill of Granite. Irene was a linotypist with the World and Tribune for many years until her death. They had two sons, Mike and Pat. Irene died on October 1, 1984.”1486

    John and Grace Robinson had one child

  1. Virginia L. (Toostsie1487) Robinson (b 11 Nov 19251488). Virginia was born in Oklahoma.

John and Grace Robinson divorced. John Robinson later married Irene Hill. There is an Irene Robinson listed in the SSDI as being born November 16, 1909 and died Oct, 1984 with Last Residence and benefit, Tulsa Oklahoma 74115 (Tulsa County). Since the location is Tulsa and the dates seem reasonable, I think this may be her but I’m not sure.

John and Irene Robinson had two children:

  1. Mike Robinson

  2. Pat Robinson.

  1. Mary Elizabeth Robinson (b 8 Aug 19041489, d 25 Mar 19991490) was born in Sherman, Texas. Mary Robinson married J. O. Head (d 17 Oct 1963).

    “The first girl to be born after six boys had a write-up in the newspaper announcing her birth. Attended school in Sherman, Texas and Joplin, Missouri. Started working as a telephone operator in Tulsa. Later worked as an operator at the Hotel Tulsa, DuPont during World War II, American Airlines and took early retirement when the Treasury Dept moved to New York, retired from Newspaper Printing Company. Married J O Head on May 27, 1926. He worked as an automobile parts salesman. He died of a heart attack on October 17, 1963. They had no children.”1491

  2. Maude (Maudie) Lou Robinson (b 9 May 19071492, d 9 Aug 19981493) married March 30, 1929 to Ted Hodges (b 4 Oct 1902, d 30 Mar, 19731494).

    “She started working as a telephone operator for Bell Telephone Company. After her youngest child was in her teens, went to work for American Airlines until her retirement. Married Ted Hodges on March 30, 1929. Ted was a graduate of Oklahoma University and worked for Flint Steel for forty years until his retirement. They were members of the Elks Club and veterans of Foreign Wars. They loved to travel. They had three children. Ted died of a heart condition on March 30, 1973 on their 44th anniversary”.1495

    Maudie and Ted had 3 children:

  1. Robert (Bob) Lee Hodges (b 29 Aug 1931). Born in Tulsa.

  2. William Lee (Bill) Hodges (b 12 Dec 1932). Born in Tulsa.

  3. Helen Joyce Hodges (b 25 Feb 1940). Born in Tulsa.

    In the 1930 Census, the census taker crossed out her entry for race and it is not clear what her final listed race was. It looks like “Md W” but I am not sure. That may have been a designation regarding her married status. Also, the census taker wrote the following under columns reflecting Maudie’s birth state, father’s birth state and her mother’s birth state, respectively: mixed blood, Cherokee, muskogee?. These three items were crossed out and replaced with the following under the Person’s birth state, father’s birth state and mother’s birth state, respectively: Oklahoma, mixed and Cherokee. This seems to indicate that Maudie’s mother, Mary Elizabeth Stephens (Lee Andrew Robinson’s wife) may have been Cherokee. I did not see this type of listing for the other children, though. Perhaps Maudie was conscious of her Cherokee heritage to report it to the census taker. I have a photo of her from 1936 in which she has a fairly light complexion1496.

  1. Eula May Robinson (b 15 Sep 19111497, d 8 Feb 19921498) married on September 27, 1939 to Rex Johnsey. They divorced with no children.

    “The family moved to Joplin, Missouri and then in January of 1922 moved to Tulsa. Attended Tulsa High School for three years. Went to work for Bell Telephone Company at 18. Later worked for Tulsa Hotel, DuPont during World War II in Pryor, Oklahoma and at Hanford, Washington in construction for the Manhattan Project. When construction was over, came back to DuPont at prior. Worked for American Airlines for five years, transferred to Los Angeles, California, quit and went to work for American Airlines until retirement. Married Rex Johnsey on September 27, 1939. Lived for a while in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, California. Divorced and no children. Moved back home to Bill and Mother, whom we took care of until her death. In 1980 after Bill’s death, Mary and I sold our homes and are now living together. She legally regained her maiden name in her divorce.”1499

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