The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

William Joseph Robinson (b 1837)

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William Joseph Robinson (b 1837)

William Joseph Robinson was born in North Carolina, presumably Cherokee County. William Robinson’s middle name is listed as “Joseph” in the genealogy research by J. E. Stiles, Jr. However, the two page summary lists his middle name as “A”. I believe the two page summary that is based on family information (probably written by Lee Robinson) is incorrect on this point since the 1860 and 1900 Censuses list him as William J. Robinson.

William Joseph Robinson is described in the Synopsis - Robinson Family document as follows:

“(William Robinson was) born in Carolina about 1835, died 1907. Other Robinson children remained in the Carolinas. The women, children and older men came by wagon train to Texas. The wagons managed to keep ahead of the carpet-baggers of the Union Army. They settled in East Texas (Detroit, Blossom and Prairie). William (A) and other men who were in the service followed their families as soon as they could. Although wounded, it was said he had a testicle shot off, W A operated a farm, general store, blacksmith shop and “farmed out”. (Helped his neighbors). “

Note: I believe this William (A) Robinson mentioned above is William J. Robinson.

William married Delia Rebecca Smith who was a Cherokee chief’s daughter and half-Indian and half-English110. Delia was born on a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina in 1838. Delia’s sister was Mary Elizabeth Smith1370 (b March 27, 18391371, d Jan 8, 1933) who first married Daniel C. King and then was later married on March 8, 18661372 to George Jefferson Flippo (b Aug 9 1826, d May 21 19151373). Mary never learned to write. Mary died in Detroit, Texas (Red River County) and was “buried at the Bluff Cemetery outside of Detroit”.1374

I obtained the following information from Victoria Tepley who is a descendant of Mary Smith, Delia’s sister, I don’t think she would mind my including her letter which has information that corroborates the family information we have on Delia that has been passed down to us.

“OK, well my info mostly comes form word of mouth from my mom’s family and from a distant cousin in Tulsa who has done much work on this. My mom, who died in 2000, remembered walking Mary home and remembered seeing Indians at her house, no doubt relatives coming to visit. Mom told me Mary was bound out around the age of 12, which seems to be true. No one ever mentioned Delia or a sister. I have Mary’s husband’s civil war pension papers and looking through them, sure enough, Delia’s name, or should I say her X, was on these papers. She was verifying Mary’s story. Mary also signed with an X so neither woman could write apparently. They lived in Detroit, Texas at the time, and Mary is buried at the Bluff cemetery outside of Detroit.

Mary was born Mary 27th, 1838 or 1839. Both dates are listed throughout my documents. She was born, I was told, in Cherokee County, North Carolina on a Cherokee reservation. I never heard anything about the trail of tears so I don’t know what to say about that. My family often don’t talk about sad or embarrassing events. Mary died January 8th, 1933 in Detroit, Texas. Her married name was Flippo, second husband’s name, George Jefferson Flippo. Her first husband was Daniel C. King.

Our family story says that Mary’s grandfather was possibly Sequoyah. Now, I know everyone says that, at least from what I have found. I know nothing of Mary’s mother or father, except what you sent (editor: Indian census information I see that listed Smiths). I have a document that was given to me by my mother’s cousin Jerry, in Tulsa, and it is the bloodline for a man by the name of Dave Whitekiller. This paper shows the family tree … of Whitekiller and supposedly Mary’s link to Sequoyah and others. This paper never meant much to me until now as there is a John Smith / Peggy Grimmett listed. There are no dates on here … But John’s apparent father and mother, Thomas Smith / Jennie, are placed slightly above Nathaniel Gist born 1733. So the times are in the ball park (Editorial note: The chart shows a Redbird Smith born 1850, whose father was Thomas Smith whose father was Young Pig Smith whose father was John Smith (three generations back from Redbird born in 1950). Since Delia was born in 1838 it does not seem likely to me that this John Smith could have been Delia’s father)

… I think my ancestors were of the Bear Clan of the Cherokee, this links to the Keetoowah band of Cherokee, according to my research… Also it is likely the Cherokee blodd comes to Mary and Delia from their father, their mother possibly being white. I don’t have hard evidence of that but it matches what you are saying about their father. Mary was said to be hald Cherokee and half white. – Victoria Tepley”

I am including the Whitekiller digram as a reference below although I have no specific information that links this family tree to Delia.

Family stories mention that Delia’s family was involved in the “Trail of Tears” Indian migration that occurred in 1838-1839 as a result of the Treaty of New Echota in 1835.1375 It appears that Delia, however, stayed behind and did not move with her father in this forced migration.

Figure 25 Map depicting the Trail of Tears migration of Cherokees from North Carolina to Oklahoma

The Cherokee County Indian Census conducted in 1835 (just prior to the 1838 removal) records four Smiths living in the North Carolina Cherokee Reservation:

Name County Residence (Streams) No in Family

John Smith Cherokee Big Creek 4

William Smith Cherokee Big Creek 4

Henry Smith Cherokee Big Creek 4

Archa Smith Clay Tusquitee 4

One of these four Smith’s listed may have been Delia’s father. The first one, John Smith, appears to be a likely candidate since it is listed first, her father was a chief and William and Delia Robinson’s first male child was named John. 1376

In the 1850 Federal Census of North Carolina (Cherokee County) Delia R. Smith was 12 years old living with a William Smith (not her father) and his young family1377.

By 1858 William and Delia Robinson were living in Polk Township, Missouri (Dade County) and had their first child, Mary Jane Robinson111. The 1860 Census lists their two year old daughter as Mary A. Robinson. William served in the 6th Missouri Calvery CSA, 3rd Regiment during the Civil War1378. If true that William had a testicle shot off in the Civil War, he apparently had one good one left since he managed to father six children after the war.

William also had a “strawberry birthmark that covered the crease of his neck. My Mother (Sarah Anne Robinson) also had this birthmark. It was inherited from Lady Jane Reynolds family”.1379

By 1870 William and Delia had moved to Red River County, Texas. They would remain in North Texas for the rest of their lives. William died in 1905 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery near Denison, Texas (Grayson County). His cemetery record reads “ROBINSON W J 1837 1905”.

By 1910 Delia Robinson was living with her youngest daughter, Daisy Alma (Robinson) Propeck at 1917 West Morton Street, Denison, Texas (Grayson County)1380. Delia died on June 26, 1919 and was also buried in Fairview Cemetery (Grayson County), Texas. Based on Fairview Cemetery records Delia’s cemetery record reads “Robinson D R Mother 1837 – 1919”.1381

William Joseph Robinson (b Jan. 18371382, d 31 Oct 19051383) married on October 28, 18551384 to Delia Rebecca Smith (b May, 1838, d 26 Jun 1919). William and Delia had the following children:

  1. Mary Jane Robinson (b 17 Jun 18571385, d 7 Jan 18991386) was born in Missouri (Dade County) and married William Rickmon Patterson (b 18511387, d 1922) who was born in North Carolina1388. William Patterson was the son of Amos and Jane Patterson. Jane Patterson was the daughter of John and Elizabeth B. Clark King. Amos Patterson died on December 22, 1863 at Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina.1389 Children:

    1. Addie Loucrettia Patterson (b 17 Oct 18761390, d 22 Nov 1884). Born in Detroit, Texas.

    2. Ethel May Patterson (b 6 Jul 1880, d 3 Feb 1962) was born in Texas. Ethel Patterson was married in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1900 to James Luther McFall who was born in 1874 in Texas. James McFall was known as Luther and became a farmer. James’ father was born in Indiana and his mother was born in Texas. In the 1930 Census (Oklahoma) the youngest son, Jay, was living with them along with Hannon (?spelling) Patterson listed as a nephew. Ethel and James McFall both died in Chickasha, Oklahoma.
      Ethel May Patterson (b 6 Jul 18801391, d 3 Feb 19621392) and James Luther McFall (b 21 Feb 1874, d 20 Mar 19631393) were married October 10, 19001394 and had at least the following children:

      1. Velma Lucille1395 McFall (b 10 Sep 19031396), daughter, born in Oklahoma.

      2. Vera Ruth1397 McFall (b 5 Mar 19061398), daughter, born in Tillman, Oklahoma. Married Jesse Hubert Spaulding (b 11 Dec 1906, d 1977).1399

      3. Jay McFall (b 23 Oct 19111400), son, born in Brisco, Texas.

    3. Blanche Day Patterson (b 21 Oct 1884, d 6 May 1961) was born in Detroit, Texas. Blanche married Joseph Cecil Trammel. Joseph Trammel was born in 1886 in Montague County, Texas. The Synopsis, Robinson Family listed two sons for this marriage - Smith, Willie – which is incorrect. The writer must have been thinking of Smith and Willie Patterson who were sons of Mary and William Patterson.
      Blanche Day Patterson (b 21 Oct 18841401, d 6 May 19611402) and Joseph Cecil Trammel (b Jan 21 1886, d 5 Oct 19551403) had at least the following children:

      1. Preston Trammel (b 3 Oct 1908). Born Tillman, Oklahoma.

      2. Lois Trammel (b 18 Nov 1910). Born Tillman, Oklahoma

      3. Nolan S. Trammel (b 30 Sep 1913). Born Tillman, Oklahoma

      4. Iva Jane Trammel (b 6 Jun 1915). Born Comanche, Oklahoma.

      5. Hunt O. Trammel (b ~ 1917)

      6. Newton A. Trammel (b 6 Jan 1917). Born Grady, Oklahoma

      7. Wilford Trammel (b 8 Aug 1918). Born Grady, Oklahoma.

      8. Charles Trammel (b 27 Oct 1922). Born Grady, Oklahoma. 1404

    4. Ruby Patterson (b ~18861405) Ruby “died when young” – based on Synopsis - Robinson Family document

    5. Bennett Smith Patterson (b 27 May 18891406, 5 Jul 1906). Born Detroit, Texas.

    6. William (Willie) A. Patterson (b May 18901407, d 19401408). Born Detroit, Texas. Married Mary Spivey.

    7. Grover Patterson (b Nov 18921409) Grover “died when young” – based on Synopsis - Robinson Family document.

  2. John Manuel Robinson (b 19 Sep 1860, d 14 Dec 1902) was born in Dade County, Missouri. John Robinson was married to Laura Cordelia Vickrey. John was born in Dade County, Missouri and buried in Apache, Texas (Caddo County, Oklahoma Territory).

    John Manuel Robinson (b 19 Sep 1860, d 14 Dec 19021410) and Laura Cordelia Vickrey (b 28 May 18551411) were married November 1, 1883 and had at least the following children1412:

    1. William Wesley Robinson (b 13 Oct 18841413). Wesley married Ora Glass with one child – Horace

    2. Benjamin Emanuel Robinson (b 23 Jul 18861414)

    3. Robert Lee Robinson (b 29 Sep 18881415)

    4. Lilly Mae Robinson (b 9 Feb 18941416)

    5. Richard Samuel Robinson (b 9 Mar 18951417)

    6. Nancy Rebecca (Nannie) Robinson (b22 Nov 19011418).

  3. Nancy Margaret Robinson (b ~ 18641419) was born in Red River County, Texas. Nancy married Jerry T. Brooks in Detroit, Texas (Red River County). Nancy was born in Red River County, Texas1420.
    Nancy and Jerry Brooks had the following children:

    1. Callie Myrtle Brooks married Roscoe Cross. 6 children including Bobbie and Constance.

    2. John Allen Brooks married Marie – 1 son.

  4. Lee Andrew Robinson112 (b 21 Jan 1868, d 17 Jun 1936) was born in Red River County, Texas. Lee Robinson married Mary Elizabeth Stephens (b 21 Sep 1868, d 7 Jan 1950)
    [other details shown later in the following sub-chapter on Lee Robinson].

    1. Children: Samuel Squire, Daniel Stuart, Charles Gannon, William Lee, Edgar Andrew, John, Mary Elizabeth, Maudie Lou, Eula May.
      [Details described later].

  5. William Alexander Robinson (b Dec 18701421, d 1955) was born in Detroit Texas (Red River County). William Robinson never married according to the Synopsis, Robinson Family. William was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Texas (Grayson County). 1422

  6. Sarah Anne Robinson (b 13 Feb 1873, d 14 Jul 1961) was born in Red River County, Texas. Sarah married Charles Andrew Thomas. Sarah was buried in Sherman, Texas (Grayson County) in West Hill Cemetery. 1423
    Sarah Anne Robinson (b 13 Feb 18731424, d 14 Jul 1961) and Charles Andrew.
    Thomas (b Sept 18701425)were married March 8, 1893 and had the following children:

    1. Jewel Thomas – died 1895 at an early age.

    2. Delia E. Thomas (b Jan 18931426) married (unknown) McKelvey. As of the 1920 Census Delia McKelvey was listed as married but also listed as a daughter of Charles Thomas who was living next door to him. They had 2 children:

      1. Jessie E. McKelvey (b ~19141427) - daughter

      2. Charles Vernon McKelvey (b ~ 19181428)

    3. Alma Thomas (b Nov 18951429) married (unknown) – 1 child: Norris – died in 1972 without any children.

    4. Myrtle Irene Thomas (b Apr 18981430) – never married

    5. Charley Ross Thomas (b Oct 18991431) married ? – no children

    6. James A. Thomas (b ~19011432)

    7. Joseph A. Thomas (b ~19031433) married ? – several children by first wife – 1 daughter by second wife

    8. Alex Thomas married Olive ? – 2 children

    9. Andrew Thomas (b ~ 1906) – died in 1910 – four years old.

    10. Shirley R. Thomas (b ~19081434), son, married ? – 1 daughter killed in car accident

    11. Robert A. Thomas (b 27 Aug 1909, d 19 Aug 1975) married in 1933 to Norma Harris1435 - 4 children

    12. Alta Thomas (b ~ 19121436)

    13. Ruth Thomas married Grady Russell – no children

  1. Joseph Oliver Robinson (b 10 Oct 1876, d 10 May 1902). Joseph was born in Red River County, Texas and was buried in Sherman, Texas (Grayson County) in West Hill Cemetery1437.

  2. Alma Daisy Robinson (b Jun 1880113, d 1912) was born in Texas. Daisy married Grafton W. Propeck. Grafton was born in Texas and was the son of William Propeck (b ~ 1831) and Naoma Propeck (b ~ 1836) both born in Ohio1438. Alma died in 1912 and was buried in Denison, Texas (Grayson County) in Fairview Cemetery.1439 I have not been able to locate Grafton Propeck in the 1920 or 1930 censuses. Since their only son, Claude, is listed in the 1920 census as living with his Step-Grandfather, I presume that Grafton had died prior to 1920.
    Alma Daisy Robinson (b Jun 18801440, d 19121441) and Grafton W. Propeck (b ~18771442) had one child:

    1. Claude A. Propeck (b ~19051443). By 1920, 15 year old Claude was living with his Step-Grandfather, James Lovelady and wife Annie Lovelady. By 1930 Claude was living in Terry, Texas (Terry County). Charles married Katherine M ? (b 23 Aug 1906, d 29 Jun 19971444) and they had two children:

      1. Claude Propeck, Jr. (b ~ 19251445). “Killed by a car” based on Synopsis, Robinson Family.

      2. Frances Propeck (b ~ 19281446). (The Synopsis, Robinson Family lists a “Anna Ruth” instead of “Francis” which is listed in the 1930 Census.)

  3. Jesse Edward Robinson (b Sep 18831447, d 1918) was born in Texas. Jesse Robinson was married ~ 1908 to Judy Johnson (b ~ 1883). Judy Johnson was born in Arkansas and her parents were born in Alabama. In 1910, Jesse and Judy Robinson were living in Canadian County, Oklahoma and Jesse’s brother, William Alexander Robinson, was living with them. This 1910 Census stated that Jesse and Judy had been married for two years, had had two children but that neither of these children were still living. I am not certain if the two children listed below were born in the 1908-1910 time frame and died prior to the 1910 Census or whether they were born later and the Census is in error.
    Jessie died in the 1918 flu epidemic and was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Texas (Grayson County)1448. Jessie and Judy Robinson had two children based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family:

    1. Roberta Robinson

    2. George Robinson

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