The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Richard Preston Robertson (b ~ 1814)

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Richard Preston Robertson (b ~ 1814)

The Synopsis, Robinson Family document states that

Quincy Quillan Roberson married Lady Jane Reynolds. Quincy legally changed his name to Robinson. Quincy was born in Ireland, of Scotch, Irish and English extraction. Lady Jane of White Holland, Dutch and German Extraction.”

The Concerning the Robinson Family document by W. W. Robinson states

“Some time between 1800 and 1850 there came to America a man by the name ROBERTSON, ROBERSON, or some similar name. He was of Scottish-Irish stock. Upon arriving he found a host of people of the same name. He wanted a distinct name; so asked the COURTS to allow him to adopt and use the name ROBINSON, and so far as our people knew that was the beginning of that name.

His name was RICHARD PRESTON ROBINSON; among his children was one William Joseph Robinson. They were settled in North Carolina.

William Joseph Robinson married a girl by the name of Delia Rebeccah Smith who was part Cherokee Indian. They came to Missouri in the 1850’s.

There were nine children born to William Joseph and Delia Rebeccah Robinson:
- [Mary J.] Janey
- John Manuel
- Nancy Margarete
- Lea Andrew
- William Alexander
- Sarah Ann
- Joseph Oliver
- Alma Daisy
- Jesse Edward

John Manuel Robinson was my father; he was born in Dade County, Missouri 19 Sept 1860. Died, 14 Dec 1902. My mother’s name was Laura Cordelia Vickrey; she was born 28 May, 1866

The children in this order:
- William Wesley born 13 Oct 1884
- Benjamin Emanuel born 23 July 1886
- Robert Lee born 29 Sept 1888
- Lillie May born 09 Feb 1894
- Richard Samuel born 09 Mar 1895
- Nancy Rebecca born 22 Nov 1901

This is the family history as far as I know it at this time, 06 Aug 1950. -- W. W. Robinson”

The Concerning the Robinson Family account is the most definitive account of the early Robinson ancestry. It clearly states that Richard Preston Robinson was the immigrant and had the name changed from Robertson to Robinson. What is not clear is Richard’s relationship to Quincy Quillan Robertson described in the Synopsis, Robinson Family account which omits mention of Richard Preston Robinson and refers to William’s father as Quincy.

There are several possible explanations

  • Quincy Quillan Robertson and Richard Preston Robertson are one and the same and Quincy changed both his first name and surname at the same time (this would be quite unusual).

  • Quincy Quillan Robertson was the father of Richard Preston Robinson and the documents simply did not state it.

  • Quincy Quillan Robertson was an earlier ancestor of Richard Preston Robinson.

I tend to be believe that it is likely that Quincy Quillan Robertson was the immigrant to America of this Robinson. All I have is the family information passed down to me and no other conclusive information.

Richard Preston Robertson and Margaret Robertson lived in Cherokee County which is located in the western-most corner of North Carolina. Richard, Margaret and their family are reflected in the 1850 Federal Census of North Carolina (Cherokee County). In this census the name is spelled Robertson. By the 1860 Federal Census the family had changed the name to Robinson. Although it is possible that Robertson was a misspelling in the 1850 Census, there is other family information passed down that indicates that the spelling of the name was changed.

This is somewhat complicated by the fact that the family information states that the original spelling of the name was Roberson not Robertson. The Roberson mentioned in the Robinson Family Record is Quillan Roberson who I have never been able to locate. There are many possibilities. It is possible that the name changed from Roberson > Robertson > Robinson or that the Robinson Family Record is incorrect in regard to the name “Roberson” and the name simply evolved from Robertson > Robinson. Another possibility is the records indicating Robertson are misspelled and the name was really spelled Roberson.

I am also not sure when and why the spelling of the family surname was changed.

Sometime between 1853101 and 1860 Richard and Margaret Robertson’s family moved to Missouri (Dade County). In the 1860 Census, Margaret and the children are listed but Richard is not listed. I suspect he may have passed away by that time but I am not sure. Richard would have been about 46 in 1860 had he still been living. In the 1860 Census, Margaret and her family are living next door to the farm of William J. and Delia Robinson. Susan E. King (14) and Mary A. King (13) were living in Margaret Robinson’s household.

Margaret was listed as a widow in the 1870 and 1880 Censuses (married/widow status not shown in the 1860 Census). So it appears Richard Robinson died sometime between 1850 and 1860. Margaret Robinson appears to have died sometime between 1880 and 1900 since there is no record of her in the various 1900 censuses that I can locate. I do not have any further information on where she would have been living when she died.

Richard Robertson (b ~ 18141332) and Margaret (unknown) (b ~ 18131333) had the following children102:

  1. William Joseph Robinson (b Jan 1837, d 31 Oct 1905) married Delia Rebecca Smith (b May, 1838, d 26 Jun 1919). Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Texas.
    [Details and children shown later.]

  2. John P. Robinson (b ~ 18401334). Born in Georgia1335.

  3. Sarah E. Robinson (b ~ 18411336). Born in North Carolina (Cherokee County).

  4. Mary Rebecca103 Robinson (b ~ 18431337 1338) was born in North Carolina (Cherokee County). The Robinson Family Information lists a “?” in regard to her marital status.

  5. Nathan E. Robinson (b ~ 18461339) [twin] was born in North Carolina (Cherokee County) and married Mary Jane Northcutt (b ~ 18511340) who was born in Tennessee. Nathan is listed as a twin in the 1860 Census of Polk Township, Missouri (Dade County). He appears to be listed as A. A. Robinson in the 1880 census, Precinct 4, Texas (Red River). In 1900 Nathan and Mary were living in Chickasaw Nation in what would later become part of Texas (and Oklahoma as well). In the 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses they were living in Montague County, Texas. Like many other Robinsons, Nathan was a farmer.
    Nathan and Mary Robinson had the following children:

    1. Emily F. Robinson (b 3 May 1875, d 15 Aug 19731341) married Alfred (or Albert) Cardwell. Emily Robinson born in Texas. In the 1900 and 1910 Censuses Albert and Emily Cardwell were living next door to Nathan Robinson. As of 1910 Albert and Mary had had nine children of which six were still living at that time. Emily lived to be 98 years old. They had 11 children including Shirley and Mary.1342:

      1. Alfred, Norma, Valley, Lee, Reeca, Lona, James E., Mary L, Shirley D, Mary A(?).

Emily F. Cardwell lived to be 98 years based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family and the Social Security Death Index.

    1. John W. Robinson (b ~ 18561343). Born in Texas.

    2. Henry C. Robinson (b ~ 18781344). Born in Texas. Never married. In the 1920 and 1930 censuses Henry was living with his father and mother in Nocona, Texas (Montague County).

    3. Dewey R. Robinson (b Jul 18801345), daughter. Born in Texas. Never married. In the 1920 and 1930 censuses Dewey was living with her father and mother in Nocona, Texas (Montague County).

    4. Pinky C. Robinson (Jul 18831346), daughter. Born In Texas. Pinky C. Robinson was listed as a 17 year old daughter in Nathan Robinson’s household in the 1900 Census, Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation. Based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family, Pinky Robinson married Jim Grey and had the following children:

      1. Curtis Grey – no children.

      2. Rossie Grey – never married, died in her late 70’s. Last member of family left in Nacona, Texas.

      3. Olan Grey – one child

      4. Dolan Grey – one child

      5. Dewey Grey – never married

      6. Willie Clay Grey – never married. (“Olan and Dolan were killed as was the youngest, Willie Clay”.) 1347

  1. Elisha “Alex” Robinson (b ~18461348) [twin] born in North Carolina (Cherokee County) and married Tenny104 (b ~ 18481349). The Synopsis, Robinson Family lists an “Alex” as a twin who married a “Tennie”. The 1860 Census of Polk Township, Missouri (Dade County) lists “Elisha A.” as a twin of Nathan. The 1870 Census of Robbinsville, Texas (Red River County) lists Elish and Tenny (or Lenny) as married. Tenny was born in Tennessee. I believe “Alex” referenced in the Synopsis, Robinson Family is Elisha A. Robinson. Elisha and Tenny did not produce any children based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family.

  2. Washington T. Robinson (b ~18481350) was born in North Carolina (Cherokee County). In 1860 he was living in Polk Township in his mother’s household,

  3. Napoleon Robinson (b ~ 18491351), daughter. Born in North Carolina (Cherokee County). No other information.

  4. Nancy Clementine Robinson (b ~18521352) was born in North Carolina (Cherokee County). Nancy Robinson married Will Gannon105 who was born in New York. Children:

    1. Jessie May Gannon – died as a child.

    2. Sinclair Gannon (b Mar, 18771353) “married Dell Tribble. Sinclair was a Rear Admiral whose record is in “Who’s Who”. The daughters married high-ranking military personnel. All are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Children: Nancy, Sinnie.”

  5. Thomas (Tommy) L. Robinson106 (b ~ 18531354) was born in North Carolina (Cherokee County). Tommy Robinson married Mary J. Rea aka “Uncle Tommy’s Mary – lived in Oklahoma”107. Children:

    1. Sarah Frances - married Hill Bowen

    2. Margaret – married Steve Dunn

    3. Washington Perkins – married Cora Mae Tomlinson

    4. Icie – married Walter Guy

    5. Pearl M. – married Paul Singleton

    6. Robert Arthur – “never married”

    7. Mackie – “died as a child”

    8. Rosa A. – married Albert Hicks

    9. Bessie L. – married Oscar Whitehead

    10. Pernie.1355

      The listing of Tommy as being a twin of Alex in the Robinson Family Information is interesting since the 1860 Census lists two twins as being Nathan and Elisha A. Robinson, both aged 14. Thomas is the youngest child listed as age 7 and doesn’t have a twin listed in the 1860 Census. It’s possible that the person writing the Robinson Family Information knew there were twins but mistakenly described the wrong people as twins. I will base my documentation on the census data when in doubt.

  • John R Robinson (b ~18661356) was born in Texas. John R. Robinson is reflected in the 1870 Census (TX, Red River County) in Margaret Robinson’s household. John was the first child of this family listed as having been born in Texas. Since Richard P. Robinson, Margaret’s husband, was not listed in the 1860 Census, it does not appear that John R. Robinson is a son by Richard and Margaret Robinson. In addition, Richard and Margaret had already named a son, John P. Robinson. It could be that John R. Robinson was the son of another family and living with Margaret in 1870 or that Margaret remarried but the new husband passed away prior to 1870.

  • Wesley (Wesley J. or Wesley W.108) Robinson (b Feb 18671357) was born in Texas. Once again, it does not appear that Wesley was the son of Richard and Margaret Robinson. I am listing Wesley here because I do not know where he belongs.
    Wesley married ~ 18891358 to Arizona A. Vickery (b Apr 18691359) who was born in Texas. “Arizona was called Aunt Zonie. Raised by Uncle Nathan109 in Nacona, Texas.” In the 1920 census Wesley and Arizona Robinson lived just a few farms away from Nathan Robinson in Justice Precinct No 7 in Montague County, Texas. Like many other Robinsons, Wesley was a farmer. In the 1930 Census Wesley and Arizona Robinson were living in Justice Precinct No 2 in Hidalgo County, Texas.

    Children of Wesley and “Arizona Vickery” Robinson:

    • Willie Robinson (twin) (b May 18931360, d 1918) – no children. Died during flu epidemic of 1918.

    • Nancy (Nannie) Rebecca Robinson (twin) (b May 18931361) married Oatis (Chick) King (b ~18901362). Oatis was referred to as “Chick” in the Synopsis, Robinson Family document. Oatis and his mother were born in Texas while his father was born in Illinois. In the 1930 Census, son-in-law Oatis King is living with Wesley and Arizona Robinson along with their four children. However, Nancy is not shown. Their last child was born in 1929. It appears Nancy had died prior to the 1930 Census. Children:

      • (Nanny King ?) – this child was included in the Synopsis, Robinson Family along with Rena King as two children of this marriage. However the 1930 Census shows four children: Drapher, Rebe, John and Lillie.

      • Drapher King (b ~19201363), son

      • Rebe (or Rena?) Joyce King (b ~ 19221364), daughter

      • John Preston King (b ~ 19241365), son

      • Lillie Rupe King (b ~19291366), daughter

    • James (Jimmie) L. Robinson (b Oct 18961367, Jul 19791368) married ~ 1923 to Georgia A. ? (b 7 Dec 1899, d 25 Feb 19891369). James “married a Whitewright girl, taught school, died in 1970’s.” This is confirmed by the 1930 Census of Precinct #3, Texas (Grayson County) which lists him as a school teacher and the Social Security Death Index which indicates they both died in Whitewright, Texas. In the 1930 Census after seven years of marriage they had had no children.

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