The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

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    1. Thorne ancestry

This section describes the ancestry of Margaret Thorne who was the wife of Meredith “Bud” McBain Young.

Margaret J. Thorne (b 1906)

Margaret Thorne was born in New Mexico. Her parents were born in New York. Margaret’s father was Harry Ashley Thorne. Margaret’s mother was Nancy Thomas.

Harry was educated in New York as an engineer. Harry became “boss man” at Kennecot Copper Mines in Santa Rita, New Mexico.

Nancy Thomas’s parents were from Scotland. Nancy died in her late 20’s. Harry remarried Mary Loud. Mary’s father was Dr. Loud, Professor, Colorado School of Mines. Mary Loud grew up in Colorado Springs.

Harry Ashley Thorne (b 1876)

Harry Ashley Thorne was the father of Margaret Thorne. Harry Thorne was born in New York in 1876. His parents were also born in New York based on census data. I am not certain of his parents’ name. I am investigating leads that suggest his father may have been William Thorne.

Harry Thorne married Nancy Thomas. Nancy Thomas was born in New York. Nancy’s father was Thomas E. Thomas who was born in 1851 in New York. Thomas Thomas was an engineer and miner. Thomas’ father was born in New York and his mother was born in Ireland. I am not sure when Thomas Thomas moved from New Mexico to New York but it was sometime between 1884 and 1900.

There were several marriages involved with Thomas and Annie Thomas and I will attempt to describe these relationships as best as I can based on the census data.

Nancy’s mother was Annie (unknown) who was born in 1849 in Scotland. Annie’s parents were also born in Scotland. Annie married (unknown) Robertson in Scotland and had a daughter Lizzie in 1878. In 1883 Annie and Lizzie immigrated to the U.S. It is not clear if Annie’s husband passed away before the immigration or afterwards.

Thomas Thomas and Annie Thomas were married ~ 1889 based on the 1900 Census. This was the 3rd marriage for Thomas and the second for Annie. Nancy and David were children of Thomas Thomas and his previous marriage (likely 2nd marriage but I am not sure). Nancy and David’s father was born in New York (Thomas Thomas) and their mother was born in New York. In the 1900 New Mexico Census for Thomas Thomas there is also a Lizzie Robertson listed as a step-daughter. Lizzie’s father and mother were both born in Scotland. In addition, it shows that Lizzie immigrated to the U.S. at the same time as Annie. So, this implies that Annie had been married to a (unknown) Robertson and that Lizzie Robertson kept her father’s surname after Thomas Thomas and Annie married.

Thomas Thomas passed away sometime between 1920 and 1930.

Thomas E. Thomas (b Feb 18511314) and Margaret99 (unknown) (b ~ 18631315) Thomas had at least the following children:

  1. Nancy Thomas (b Jul 1880). Born in New York.

  2. David Thomas (b Aug 18841316). Born in New York.

? Robertson and Annie (unknown) Robertson had the following children:

  • Lizzie Robertson (b Jun 18781317). Born in Scotland.

I am not clear when Thomas Thomas’ wife passed away and when Annie Robertson’s husband passed away.

Thomas E. Thomas and Annie ? Thomas (b Apr 18491318) were married ~ 1889 and had one son from this marriage:

  • Alexander L. Thomas (b Feb 18901319). Born in New Mexico. Married Rita (unknown) (b ~ 18931320). Rita’s father born in Missouri and her mother born in Texas. Alexander was a cattle rancher and car salesman. In 1930 Alexander, Rita and Thomas
    Alexander and Rita Thomas had one child:

    • Thomas L. Thomas (b ~19191321). Born in New Mexico. Thomas L. Thomas died sometime before 1930.

    • Ada Jane Thomas (b ~ 19211322). Born in New Mexico.

    • Celeste Thomas (b ~ 19251323). Born in New Mexico.

Harry Ashley Thorne (b Jun 18761324) and Nancy Thomas (b Jul 18801325) were married ~ 19001326 and had at least the following children:

  • Annie E. Thorne (b ~ 19011327). Born in New Mexico.

  • Daniel G. Thorne (b ~ 19041328). Born in New Mexico.

  • Margaret A. Thorne (b 28 Apr 1906, d 13 Dec 1956). (previously described)

Nancy Thomas died in her late 20’s. Harry then married Mary Loud (b ~ 18891329) in ~ 1917. There were no children from this marriage.
Information pertaining to ancestors of Harry Ashley Thorne is still being validated. The following describes the ancestry based on the information I currently have.
William Thorne (b 1850)

The ancestry of William Thorne is sketchy. The following represents partial information still under study.

Harry Ashley Thorne was the son of William and Julia (unknown) Thorne. Harry worked in a home furniture store.
? William Thorne (b Mar 18501330) and Julia (unknown) Thorne were married (unknown date).

  1. Robinson family ancestry (my mother’s father)

The Robinson branch describes my mother’s father’s paternal ancestry. I was fortunate to begin this research with family information passed down to me in the 1980s by my mother, Olly Robinson Swaim. I refer to this information throughout the document as the Synopsis - Robinson Family document. I have then complemented this information with my own research and that of others.

The Robinson family information that was passed down to me consists of

  • Two page Robinson Family Synopsis of the descendants of Quincy Quillan Roberson (G-G Grandfather of Dan Robinson, my mother’s father). My Mother – Olly (Robinson) Swaim – obtained this document from Maude (Robinson) Hodges, my Grandfather Dan Robinson’s sister. This write-up was reportedly developed by William Wesley Robinson. Information was added later sometime in the 1970s by Delia McKelvey, daughter of Sarah Anne (Robinson) Thomas who was a daughter of William Joseph Robinson. A handwritten letter from Delia McKelvey dated March 9, 1982 is attached.

  • The Robinsons - Eula May Robinson, Apr 1985.

  • Concerning the Robinson Family – W. W. Robinson, 1950.

  • Genealogy Chart for William Joseph Robinson (and his immediate family) that was compiled by J. E. Stiles, Jr. in Adair, OK on October 18, 1982. J. E. Stiles’ father-in-law was Richard Samuel Robinson, born 09 Mar 1895.

References cited for the genealogy chart for William Joseph Robinson included

        • 1860 Census, Dade County, MO & Grave Stone

        • Widow’s Conf. Pension Application

        • Correspondence Ruth Russell

        • 1900 Census of Grayson County, Texas

        • Confederate Pension Record

        • Synopsis, Robinson Family by William Wesley Robinson

        • Information from Delia McKelvey

The Synopsis – Robinson Family document states that William Joseph Robinson and his brothers and sisters were “children” of Quincy and Jane Roberson (later changed to Robinson). However, we know from other family information and William Joseph Robinson’s death certificate that William’s father was Richard Preston Robertson (Robinson). The census records indicate Richard Robinson was born in North Carolina not Ireland although the census records could be mistaken.

I’ve attempted to identify Richard Robertson’s father but have not been able to. One major problem is that censuses prior to 1850 only listed heads of households and did not list names of the family members. My working theory is that this Quincy Roberson is a father of Richard P. Robertson and has some significance in the ancestry of my branch of the Robinson family. I will describe the family based on the census data and include Quincy Quillan Roberson as a possible ancestor of this specific family who migrated from Ireland.

This section includes the Robinson genealogy based on all sources available to me including the original Synopsis - Robinson Family document contained on the following two pages.

Figure 22 Synopsis - Robinson Family (pg 1)

Figure 23 Synopsis - Robinson Family (pg2)
The letter from Delia McKelvey that accompanied a handwritten version of the two page Synopsis – Robinson Family dated March 9, 1982 is as follows:
“Mary – I hope this covers what the children want to know. Most of the history I remember pretty well so far. Of course I spent 5 months going to the Reasor? School while staying with our grandparents. Grandpa was a darling. He seemed to understand just how homesick a poor seven year old could be the first time away from her family. He was such a kind person. Had snow white beard. Was very fair – white hair – looked so clean. Grandma was ½ Cherokee Indian but favored her English father. Her sister Aunt Mary Flippo was a typical Indian grandma and had a lot of Indian traits I can see now that I am older. There are many interesting things in the family history but my hands are about written all possible right now. The family legions were passed on by mouth so to speak but as mother always kept up with her people it fill to me to do the writing. Also Ross took her to see as many as possible …”.1331

A summary of the Robinson paternal ancestry on my mother’s side is as follows:

Richard P. Robertson (b ~ 1814)


William Joseph Robinson (b Jan. 1837)


Lee Andrew Robinson (b Jan 21 1868)


Daniel Stuart Robinson (b Dec 27 1892)


Olly Marie (Robinson) Swaim [my mother]

Figure 24 Robinson ancestry

My mother’s father, my grandfather, was Daniel Stuart100 Robinson. His father was Lee Andrew Robinson. Lee Andrew Robinson’s father was William Joseph Robinson. William Joseph Robinson’s father was Richard P. Robertson (later changed to Robinson) and born in North Carolina based on the 1950 Federal Census.

I will describe this lineage in reverse order and start with Richard P. Robertson. Much of the information on the next few pages is based on the Synopsis, Robinson Family document with additional clarifications and detail added based on censuses and other information.

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