The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

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Young ancestry

This section describes the ancestry of Meredith McBain Young, who was Mary Elizabeth (Young) Peirce’s father.

Meredith McBain Young (b 1902)

Mary Elizabeth “Beth” Young (Peirce) was born in Santa Rita, New Mexico (Grant County) in 1931.1226 Mary Elizabeth Young was the daughter of Meredith McBain Young and Margaret Thorne. When Mary Beth’s older sister was born in 1930, the family was living in San Diego, California. Her father then became unemployed and they temporarily moved to Santa Rita, New Mexico prior to Mary Beth’s birth.

Meredith Young was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1902. Mary Beth Peirce said this about her father

My dad was without work in the early part of the Great Depression, married to my mother and soon the father of two daughters. He found a job with Greyhound Lines in San Diego, California-first as a baggage handler, then a ticket agent and during World War 2, a very busy position as manager of the Greyhound Depot, responsible, among other things, for moving thousands of troops where they should be. In those days, your travel choices were pretty much bus, train or automobile. … My mother died suddenly of a stroke when she was 50. … Daddy married again, and then retired at 65. … My sister and I mentioned baptism to him when he was 80. On July 4th, 1982, that now shrunken, toothless, little man was baptized in my sister’s church, the same Lutheran church where Fred and I had been baptized (at different times-I was a teen and he was 23, years later). Our daughter was baptized there as a baby and dear Grace Burton, now in her 80’s, was sponsor to all of us, including Daddy! (Later) He broke his hip and six months later, at 84, my dad went home to be with Jesus”1227

Then they had my dad, Meredith McBain (Bud) Young, Kayll Morley Young (he died in late 80's or early 90's in Charlottesville, Va., Norma Young (Gardner-she died at almost 105 last Oct. 2004 in Pebble Beach, Calif-birthday Nov.12), Enid Young (she died in early 20's of TB-died in New Mexico where she had gone for treatment. The family grew up in Fargo and Surrey, North Dakota. Their last child was William S. Young, Uncle Bill, who died in late 90's last Nov. (2004) in San Diego. Aunt Norma had a child, Mary Gardner, who died at 8 years of age in Long Beach Calif-about 1944. My sister, Meredith and I are the only descendents-no other children.

Margaret Thorne was born in New Mexico. Her parents were born in New York. Margaret’s father was Harry Ashley Thorne. Margaret’s mother was Nancy Thomas. Harry was educated in New York as an engineer. Harry became “boss man” at Kennecot Copper Mines in Santa Rita, New Mexico. Nancy Thomas’s parents were from Scotland. Nancy died in her late 20’s. Harry remarried Mary Loud. Mary’s father was Dr. Loud, Professor, Colorado School of Mines. Mary grew up in Colorado Springs.

In 1930 Meredith and Margaret Young were living at 4471 Campus Avenue, San Diego, California. Margaret Young died suddenly in San Diego at age 50 of a stroke. Meredith then remarried. Meredith later died in December, 1986 in San Diego, California at the age of 84.

Meredith “Bud” McBain Young (b 12 Sep 19021228, d 8 Dec 19861229) and Margaret J. Thorne (b 28 Apr 19061230, d 13 Dec 19561231) were married Oct 5 19261232 and had the following children:

  1. Meredith Anne Young (b 10 Jun 19301233). Born in San Diego, California.

  2. Mary Elizabeth Young (b 15 Mar 19311234). Born in Santa Rita, New Mexico. Married Frederick Lovell Peirce (b 23 May 1928)

William Sherman Young (b 1868)

Meredith McBain Young was the son of William Sherman Young and Jessie McBain. William and Jessie McBain were married ~ 1890 in Ontario, Canada. “Jessie McBain already had a daughter of her own named Tossie. She96 was a hunchback - which could mean almost anything - she was very short with a large head. We have pictures. I have no idea when she died or where. She might have been a nun - there is a pic (picture) of her in a nun's outfit. The family was not Catholic.” 1235

They moved to North Dakota between 1892 and 1897. They lived in Fargo and Surrey, North Dakota1236. In the 1910 Census they are recorded as living in Surrey Township, North Dakota. In the 1920 Census, they were still living in Surrey Township, North Dakota.1237 They moved to California some time after 1920. The 1930 Census of their daughter Norma (below) stated that her father (William) was Canadian-English and her mother (Jessie) was Canadian-French. William Young died in 1940 supposedly in Bremerton, Washington, and was buried at Glen Abby Cemetery, Bonita, California.1238

William Sherman Young (b 16 Mar 18681239, d 16 Dec 19401240) was married ~ 18901241 to Jessie McBain (b May 18681242, d 19281243) had the following children:

  1. Tossie Young (b 18921244). Daughter. Born Canada.

  2. Enid Charlotte Young (b 21 Jul 18971245, d ~1917). Born North Dakota. Enid died around age 19-20 in New Mexico of Tuberculosis where she was undergoing treatments.1246

  3. Norma Eyrle Young (b 1899, d 2004). Born North Dakota. Norma married sometime after 1930 to Francis Hartt Gardner. Francis Gardner was born in 1901 in Oregon and his mother’s maiden name was Buchanan. In 1930 26 year old Norma Young was a Doctor’s secretary living in San Diego with two of her brothers, Kayll and William (below). Francis Gardner died in 1991 at the age of 90 in Monterey, California. Norma died in Pebble Beach, California, in 2004 at the age of 105.1247

    Norma (Young) Gardner (b 12 Nov 18991248, d 27 Oct 20041249) and Francis Gardner (b 26 Jul 19011250, d 1 Sep 19911251) had at least the following children:

  1. Mary McBain Gardner (b 21 May 19361252, d ~ 19441253). Born in San Diego. She died at 8 years of age in Long beach, California.

  1. Meredith McBain Young (b 12 Sep 1902, d Dec 1986). Born in North Dakota.

  2. Kayll Morley Young (b 23 Dec 19031254, d 12 Jan 19961255). Son. Born North Dakota. Kayll never married. Kayll was a nurse. Kayll died in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1996 at the age of 93.

  3. William S97. Young (b 5 Dec 19081256, d 11 Dec 20041257). Born North Dakota. In 1930 William was living in San Diego and working as a salesman. He died in San Diego, California in 2004 at the age of 96.

Ransom Phineas Young (b 1844)

William Sherman Young was the son of Ransom Phineas Young who was born in August 1844, Leeds, Ontario.1258 Ransom Young married Charlotte Elizabeth Hales who was born in Forfar, Leeds, Ontario. Ransom Young immigrated to the North Dakota Territory in 1880-1881.1259

In the 1880 Census, Ransom and wife, Charlotte, were farmers living in Grand Forks, Dakota Territory. Ransom was born in Canada and his parents were both born in Ireland according to the 1880 Census. By 1900 Ransom Young was separated from Charlotte and the children and living as a boarder with dozens of other people living at 416 Means (spelling?) Avenue, Grand Forks Ward 4, North Dakota. Charlotte and the children were living nearby in Fargo Ward 6, North Dakota. It states that as of 1900, Charlotte had had 7 children with 5 of them still living.1260 The 1900 Census states that Ransom was born in Canada (English), his father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in Canada (English). It lists his occupation as Veterinary Surgeon.1261

In the 1930 Census, Ransom was listed as a father living with his son, Richard E. Young (described below) in San Diego, California. In this census, Ransom’s birth was listed as Canada – English with his father born Wexford, Ireland and mother born Vermont1262. Some time between 1915 and 1930 Ransom Young moved to San Diego, California. Ransom Young was “a real character who it is said would go to funerals of strangers and sit with the family1263.” Ransom Young died in 1937 in San Diego, California.

Ransom Phineas Young (b Aug 18441264, d 1 Oct 19371265) and Charlotte Elizabeth Hales (b 10 Aug 18451266, d 12 Oct 19181267) had the following children:

  1. Norman Hales Young (b Dec 18651268). Born in Ontario. According to one source Norman married Elen L. [unknown] ~ 1890 and had one child Lucian Young, born 1892 in Wisconsin1269. In 1900 Norman was living with his Mother Charlotte in Fargo, North Dakota. Norman was married ~ 1903 to Inga Blanche [unknown] (b ~ 18771270). Inga was born in Illinois and her parents were born in Norway. In 1910 Norman and Inga were living in Moorhead, Minnesota and Norman was running a saloon. In the 1920s and 1930s Norman and Inga (now going by Blanche) were running a Hotel at 405 7th Avenue, Fargo, North Dakota and always had six or/ so roomers living in their house.
    Norman Hales Young and Inga Blanche Young had one child:

  1. Vivian M. Young (b ~ 19061271). Born in North Dakota.

  1. William Sherman Young1272 (b 16 Mar 1868, d 16 Dec 1940). Born in Forfar, Leeds, Ontario. Married to Jessie McBain (b May 1868, d 1928)
    [previously described]

  2. Richard Earnest Young (b Jul 18721273, d 17 Aug 19401274). Born Forfar, Leeds, Ontario. For some reason Richard is not listed in the 1880 Census when he would have been just 8 years old. In 1900 Richard was living with his mother, Charlotte, in Fargo, North Dakota, and was listed as a son of Charlotte. Richard Young died in 1958 in San Diego, California.

    Richard Young was married ~ 19031275 to Ida Belle Morgan1276 (b 25 Jan 18801277, d 12 Mar 19581278). Richard and Ida Young had at least the following children:

  1. Winston J. Young (b May 8 19081279, d Dec 5 19791280). Born North Dakota.

  2. Florence H. Young (b ~ 19111281). Born North Dakota.

  3. Marjorie M. Young (b ~ 19131282). Born North Dakota.

  4. Richard E. Young, Jr. (b ~ 19151283). Born North Dakota.

  1. Lillian M. Young (b Oct 18741284). Born Ontario. In 1900 Lillie was living with her mother Charlotte in Fargo, North Dakota.

  2. Gertrude Young (b 18771285). Born Ontario. I believe she may have died prior to 1900 because in the 1900 Census of Charlotte Young, it states that 5 of her 7 children were still living and Gertrude is not one of the five children I’ve located as still living after 1900.

  3. Frederick S. Young (b Jan 18791286). Born Ontario or North Dakota. In 1900 Fred was living with his mother Charlotte in Fargo, North Dakota. In 1910 Fred was living with his brother Norman and their family in Moorhead, Minnesota. Fred Young was married ~ 1906 to Elsie W. Ehrman1287. Elsie was born in Ohio. In 1910 Fred was living with his brother Norman and their family in Moorhead, Minnesota and Elsie was living with her father in San Diego, California. This may have been a temporary separation because of a job situation or while she was pregnant with Virginia. I’m not sure.
    Frederick S. Young and Elsie W. Ehrman (b ~ 18821288) had the following children:

  1. Virginia M. Young (b ~ 19101289). Born in California

  2. Eleanor C. Young (b ~ 19121290). Born in California.

  1. Myles Young (b 6 Sep 18811291). Born Ontario? (Ransom Young supposedly immigrated to North Dakota Territory in 1880 based on the 1900 Census). I believe he may have died prior to 1900 because in the 1900 Census of Charlotte Young, it states that 5 of her 7 children were still living and Myles is not one of the five children I’ve located after 1900.

Myles Young (b 1802)

Ransom Young’s father was Myles Young, born 1802, Wexford, Ireland. Myles Young married Mehitable Hetty Coon, born 1809-1810, S. Crosby Township (Leeds County), Ontario1292. I am not sure when he immigrated from Ireland to Canada but it would likely have been prior to the marriage to Mehitable and the birth of their children in Canada.

Myles98 Young (b 18021293, d 19 Nov 18761294) was married ~ 1827 to Mehitable Hetty Coon (b 1809-18101295, d 21 Sep 18891296) had the following children:

  1. Eleanor Young1297

  2. William H. Young1298

  3. Abraham Young (b 18301299).

  4. Lois A. Young (b 18381300)

  5. Ransom Phineas Young1301 (b Aug 1844, d 1 Oct 1937). Born Leeds, Ontario. Married Charlotte Elizabeth Hales (b 10 Aug 1845, d 12 Oct 1918).
    [Previously described]

William Young (b 1759)

Myles Young was the son of William Young, born 1759, Wicklow, Ireland, and Eleanor Hopkins. Eleanor Young died in Leeds, Ontario.

William Young (b 17591302, d 18261303) and Eleanor Hopkins had the following children:

  1. Ann Young1304

  2. James Young1305

  3. Susan Young1306

  4. Nicholas Young1307

  5. William Young (b 8 Jun 17981308). Born Ireland.

  6. Thomas Young (b 18001309)

  7. Letitia Young (b 18001310)

  8. Robert Young (b 18021311)

  9. Myles Young (b 1802, d 19 Nov 1876). Born Wexford, Ireland. Married Mehitable Hetty Coon (b 1809-18101312, d 21 Sep 18891313)
    [previously described]

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