The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

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Stark ancestry

This section describes the ancestry of Edna Hazel Stark who was Frederick Lovell Peirce’s mother.

Edna Stark (b 1899) was the mother of Frederick Lovell Peirce (b 1928). Edna was born in Nebraska and was the daughter of Henry Stark (b 1859) and Johanna Margaret Schoening (b 1864). Henry and Johanna Stark were both born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in the late 1870s and early 1880 time period.

According to the 1900 Census data, Henry Stark emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1879, Johanna emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1882 and Henry’s mother, Margaretta Stark, emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1881. I do not know Henry’s father’s name or whether he immigrated to the U.S. Family information indicates they lived close to North Platte, Nebraska. 1175 Henry Stark was a farmer.

In the 1900 Census they were living in Clay Township, Nebraska (Sherman County). Clay is about 150 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska. Henry Stark’s mother was Margaretta Stark (b Oct 1826) who was living with Henry, Edna and their family in Nebraska in 1900. In the 1900 Census, it indicates Margaretta was a widow and had had one child who was still living – Henry Stark. Margaretta’s father and mother were born in Germany.

Henry Stark and Johanna Schoening were married 27 Oct 18821176. Henry and Johnanna Stark had 10 children. 8 of the 10 children were born in Nebraska. Sometime during 1900-1901, the family moved to Pomona, Colorado (Mesa County). Henry Stark passed away sometime between 1901 and 1910 as Johanna is listed as a widow in the 1910 Census (Colorado). The 1910 Census also lists all of Henry and Johanna’s ten children as living with Johanna.

Johanna was born in Litchendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Johanna was the daughter of Jochim Henry Schoening (b 30 Jun 1838, d 24 Nov 19121177) and Caroline Marguerita Kahl (b 16 Oct 1840, d 4 Nov 18621178).

Jochim and Caroline were married 4 November, 1862 in Germany. They immigrated to America in 1883 with Emma (3), Charles (6), Lena (8), David (10). They had eight children. They moved to Sherman County, Nebraska in a rural area between Loop City and Litchfield, Nebraska. They were Lutheran.

Jochim Schoening was the son of Frederick Schoening. Jochim died in Fruitvale, Colorado (Mesa County) in 1912 and was buried in the Orchid Mesa Cemetery.

Caroline Marguerita Kahl was the daughter of Frederick Wilhelm Kahl (b 10 Nov 1806) and Magdalena Lilienthal (b 29 Apr 1809)1179. Frederick and Magdalena Kahl had four daughters and a son. Two of the daughters, Caroline and Louise, are known to have migrated to America. A third daughter, Johanna, died at sea during the trip over to America. Louise Kahl (b 12 Jul 1854, d 12 May 19411180) died in Guernsey, Wyoming (Plate County) in 1941. There is no record that Dorothea Kahl, born ~ 1841, and Frederick Kahl, born ~ 1845, immigrated to America. All children were born in Litchendorf, Germany.

Magdalena Lilienthal was the daughter of Detlief Lilienthal (b ~ 17891181).

Caroline Kahl died in 1919 in Fruitvale, Colorado (Mesa County).1182.

As information, the 1910 Colorado Census lists Johanna’s place of birth as Germany but the census worker had first written “Holstein” and then crossed it out and replaced it with Germany. Schleswig-Holstein is located in the northern province of Germany. In the 1920 Census lists Johanna’s parents as having been born in Luxembourg.

Henry Stark (b Apr 18591183, d 19091184) and Johanna Margaret “Hanna” Schoening1185 (b 29 Sept 18641186, d 16 May 19441187) had the following children:

  1. Carl F. Stark (b 31 Aug 18851188, d 29 May 19371189). Born in Nebraska. Married Geneve Johnston (b 18 Dec 18931190, d Jun 19801191). Geneva was born in Colorado. Her father was born in Wisconsin and her mother was born in Iowa. In 1930 they were living in Casper City, Wyoming (Natrona County), and Carl was a Hotel Manager. Carl and Geneva Stark had at least the following child:

  1. Elizabeth93 Stark (b ~ 19201192). Born in Colorado.

  1. Frank J. Stark (b 29 May 18871193, d 6 Jan 19781194). Born in Nebraska. In 1920 32 year old Frank was living with his parents in Pamona, Colorado. Did not marry. Buried in Grand Junction, Colorado (Mesa County).

  2. Amelia M. Stark (b 17 Feb 18891195, d 19631196). Born in Nebraska. Amelia married in 19171197 to Everett H. Knapp (b ~ 18891198). Amelia died Casper, Wyoming (Natrona County). Amelia Stark and Everett Knapp had the following children:

    1. David Knapp.

    2. Leland M. Knapp1199

  3. Adalia Caroline Stark (b Dec 18901200). Born in Nebraska. Adalia was married 1915 to Welbay Arby Gavette. Welbay was the son of Ida Trauger and (unknown) Gavette. Welbay sang in the choir at the Methodist Church and ran a stage line between Grand Junction and Gateway, Colorado. Adalia’s husband, born in Colorado, died at a young age and left Adalia with 2 young children. By 1920 Adalia was a widow living with her mother in Pamona, Colorado. She would later remarry to Charles Hoag in 1957.
    Adalia and Welbay Gavette had the following children:

  1. Ardist Lucia Gavette (b 25 Sep 19161201). Born in Colorado.

  2. Walter A. Gavette (b 12 Sep 19181202). Born in Colorado.

  1. Walter William Stark (b 5 Dec 18921203, d 29 Apr 19581204). Born in Nebraska. Served in infantry in World War I1205. Married June 25 19191206 to Lucinda Fern Botkin94 (b Jun 14 18931207, d Jun 15 19681208).

Lucinda was the daughter of Romance Erwin Botkin (b 1860) and Mary Eliza Atkinson (b 1867)1209. In 1930 they were living with Lucinda’s mother, Mary E. Botkin in Fruita, Colorado (Mesa County). Both Walter and Fern Stark died in Fruita, Colorado.
Walter Stark and Fern Stark had at least the following children:

    1. Kenneth Faye Stark (b 13 Jul 19211210, d 14 May 19261211). Born in Fruita, Colorado. Lived 4 years, 10 months, 1 day.

    2. Paul R. Stark (b 13 Aug 19271212, d 10 Feb 19971213). Born in Fruita, Colorado. Died in Delta, Colorado. Married Ann (unknown) (15 Apr 1929, d 24 Jun 19721214)

    3. John Stanley Stark (b 24 Dec 19301215, d 15 Jan 19311216). Born in Fruita, Colorado.

  1. Harry Felix Stark (b Oct 1894, d 6 Jan 1977). Born in Nebraska. Harry was married 1921 to Eleanor L. Peirce (b ~ 1902) who was born in Massachusetts. In 1930 they were living in Pamona, Colorado.
    Harry Stark and Eleanor Peirce had at least the following children:

    1. Lydia A. Stark (b ~ 1924). Born in Colorado.

    2. Everett G. Stark (b ~ 1928). Born in Colorado.

  1. William F. Stark (b 18 Aug 18971217, 1 Nov 19761218). Born in Nebraska. Died Greeley, Colorado (Weld County) and was buried at Greeley Cemetery. Married (unknown)
    Children: Robert W. Stark (d ~ 1993); John Henry Stark.1219

  2. Edna Hazel Stark (b 3 Jul 1899, Nov 1978). Born in Nebraska. Married Lovell H. Peirce (b 19 Jun 1898, d 27 Apr 1998).
    [described previously]

  3. Henry C. Stark (b 27 Aug 19021220, d 2 Sep 19761221)95. Twin. Born in Colorado. Died Maywood, Los Angeles, California.

  4. Henrietta J. Stark (b 27 Aug 19021222, d 2 Jan 19871223). Twin. Born in Colorado. Henrietta married Allen H. Martin (b ~ 19021224). Henrietta died in 1987 and was buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Grand Junction, Colorado.
    Henrietta and Allen Martin had the following children:

    1. Ronald Martin

    2. Loren Martin1225

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