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The following describes the paternal ancestry of the Tapley line (in reverse order – most recent first and oldest last).

Charles Davies’ genealogical research included at least one indirect connection to a so-called “witch” in Salem. This should not be hard to find some connection between families that lived in Salem during this period. Although I have his papers I have not been able to locate his charts which I saw that depicted this connection. My research indicates one connection is via Asa Tapley’s brother Amos Tapley’s wife Hannah Preston whose great-grandfather Thomas Preston (b 1643) married Rebecca Nurse1100.

Charles R. Davies, Jr. had the following description regarding the Tapley family in his notes:

“… The Tapleys also originated in England, arrived in America in the early 1600s and settled in Maine, New Brunswick and Massachusetts. The branch from which we are descended settled in Mass. and were mostly in Danvers, Peabody, Salem and vicinity. There seems to be a number of records mentioning the Tapleys because they were early land owners, many of them were of substantial means and they were active in church, political and business affairs in Mass. They were prominent in manufacturing shoes and carpets and a small town on the outskirts of Danvers was named Tapleyville.
Some of the Tapleys moved west and settled in Indiana, Ohio and California. Others went south to North Carolina. A number of them remained in Danvers where the last remaining Tapley that I am aware of, Charles S. Tapley, still lives. Anyone interested in researching the Tapley family can contact the Danvers Archival Center, 13 Page Street, Danvers, Mass. 01923 which seems to have quite a bit of information about the family. Some of the Tapleys were founders of the Center. The Tapleys and the Couch family can be found in genealogical library books which contain vital records of Newburyport, Salem and Danvers from early times through 1849 …”1101
Harriet Tapley (b 1829)

Perley T. Couch’s mother was Harriet N. Tapley who was born in Danvers, MA and was the daughter of Perley Tapley and Sally Cross.

Harriet Tapley (b 31 Mar 1829, d 17 Mar 1850) was married on 6 Sep 1846 to Francis A. Couch (b 24 Nov 1826, d 20 Dec 1889) and had the following children:

  1. Harriet Frances Couch (b 13 Dec 1846)

  2. Perley Tapley Couch (b 3 Nov 1848).

(more information is included under Francis Couch in the Couch section and won’t be repeated here)

Perley Tapley (b 1800)

Perley Tapley was born in Danvers, MA and was the son of Asa Tapley and Elizabeth Smith. “Perley Tapley was a famous mover of Buildings; many are the feats which he and his long team of oxen accomplished in this direction … He is said to be the first to move a brick building …”

Perley Tapley (b 14 Nov 1800, d 28 Feb 1848) and Sally Cross (b 12 Sep 1799, d 4 Jun 1845) were married on 16 Jan 1825 and had the following children:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Tapley (b 25 Feb 1826, d 15 Mar 1848).

  2. William Perley Tapley (b 24 Mar 1828, d 12 Mar 1829)

  3. Harriet Newell Tapley (b 31 Mar 1829)

  4. Mary Augusta Tapley (b 4 Jan 1831, d 22 Jan 1861)

  5. Moses Perley Tapley (b 12 Mar 1833, d 1 Oct 1842)

  6. Rebecca Tapley (b 4 Dec 1834, d 24 Aug 1894)

  7. Martha Tapley (b 16 Jul 1836)

  8. Louisa Tapley (6 Nov 1839).

Asa Tapley (b 1761)

Asa Tapley was born in Danvers, MA and was the son of Gilbert Tapley and Phebe Putnam. Asa Tapley married Elizabeth Smith. “Asa began his life of farmer on the large estate of his father Gilbert, which was in part what has since been known as the James Goodale place at Danvers Centre… the house which formerly stood at the corner of Hyde and Pine Streets …This property of 77 acres was bought of Caleb Nurse for 462 Lbs on 14 Apr 1770 by Gilbert Tapley, Asa’s father … Asa Tapley was a soldier of the Revolution, enlisting as Private… He is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery.”

Asa Tapley (b 11 Sep 1761) and Elizabeth Smith (b 16 Aug 1764) had the following children:

  1. Daniel Tapley (b 12 Jan 1784)

  2. Asa Tapley (b 14 Mar 1786)

  3. Betsey Tapley (b 23 May 1788)

  4. John Tapley (b 14 Dec 1790)

  5. Gilbert Tapley (b 30 Apr 1798)

  6. Sally Tapley (b 23 Mar 1795)

  7. Nathan Tapley (b 15 Jul 1797)

  8. Perley Tapley (b 14 Nov 1800)

  9. Jesse Tapley (b 9 May 1803)

  10. Mary Flint Tapley (b 4 Dec 1807, d 18 Nov 1880). unmarried

Asa Tapley died in 1761. Elizabeth died four years later in 1764.

Gilbert Tapley (b 1722)

Gilbert Tapley was born in Salem, MA and was the son of Joseph Tapley and Margaret Masury. Gilbert Tapley married Phebe Putnam.

Gilbert Tapley (b 6 May 1722, d 6 May 1806) and Phebe Putnam (b 1728, d 6 May 1770) had the following children:

  1. Amos Tapley (b 15 Oct 1748)

  2. Daniel Tapley (b 6 Dec 1750)

  3. Phebe Tapley (b 20 Aug 1753)

  4. Joseph Tapley (b 10 Apr 1756).

  5. Aaron Tapley (b 25 Jan 1758).

  6. Asa Tapley (b 11 Sep 1761)

  7. Elijah Tapley (b 14 Dec 1765).

Joseph Tapley (b 1691)

Joseph Tapley was born in Salem, MA and was the son of Gilbert Tapley and Lydia Small. Joseph Tapley married Margaret Masury.

Joseph Tapley (b 30 Jul 1691) and Margaret Masury had the following children:

  1. Gilbert Tapley (b 6 May 1722)

  2. John Tapley (b ~ 1728)

  3. Lydia Tapley

Gilbert Tapley (b 1665)

Gilbert Tapley, Jr (b 1665, d) was born in Salem, MA and was the son of Gilbert Tapley and Thomasine (unknown). Gilbert Tapley was married on 10 Apr 1686 to Lydia Small. This was his first marriage. He later married Sarah Archer.

Gilbert Tapley , Jr (b 26 Aug 1665, d 1710) and Lydia Small (b 1632, d 1 Nov 1715) had the following children:

  1. Mary Tapley (b 4 Nov 1689)

  2. Joseph Tapley (b 30 Jul 1691)

  3. Lydia Tapley (b 10 Mar 1696)

  4. Gilbert Tapley (b 13 Jul 1699).

Gilbert Tapley (b 1634)

Gilbert Tapley was born in England. Gilbert Tapley married Thomasine (unknown). “Gilbert Tapley is first mentioned as a resident of Beverly, Massachusetts, in 1676, and is at that time designated as “seaman” … The first deed related to him recorded bears date of 26 Nov 1676, which Gilbert Tapley buys of Lt. Thomas Gardner of Pimiquid, a dwelling house with one-half acre of land in Beverly…(Gilbert Tapley) was one of the few freeholders of Salen in 1686… Gilbert Tapley was thus early recorded as a fisherman, and there is no doubt that his house occupied the site upon which the old Juniper House now stands on Salem Neck, near the causeway to Winter Island… Gilbert Tapley died 17 Apr 1714 and his grandson, Joseph Tapley was appointed administrator of the estate.”1102

Gilbert Tapley (b 1634, d 17 Apr 1714) and Thomasine (unknown) (b 1632, d 1 Nov 1715) had the following three children:

  1. Gilbert Tapley (b 26 Aug 1665)

  2. Joseph Tapley (b 10 Mar 1668, d ~ 1689)

  3. Mary Tapley (b 4 Apr 1671)

Figure 16 Davies, Couch and Tapley ancestry

Figure 17 Old Salem Map designating Gilbert Tapley’s house

Figure 18 Tapley houses

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