The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

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  1. Davies family ancestry

This chapter describes the ancestry of Charles Reginald Davies, Jr., Vivian Swaim’s father. Charles Davies performed an extensive amount of genealogical research. It is out of the scope of this document to record all of his information here but rather summarize some of his work and overlay it with my research.

A summary of the Davies lineage is as follows:
Thomas Davies (b 1826 Newport, Wales)


Charles Davies (b 1862 Birkenhead, UK) married Emily Harris


Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. (b 1889 Norfolk, VA) married Marie Couch


Charles Reginald Davies (b 1916) md Vivian Kilbourne (b 1922)

This chapter will present the Davies paternal ancestry beginning with Vivian Davies’ father, Charles Reginald Davies, and work backwards.

Charles Reginald Davies, Jr. (b 1916)

Charles Reginald Davies, Jr. was born in 1916 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Charles was in the Air Force when he married Vivian Louise Kilbourne. Charles would later serve in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He retired from the Air Force as Lieutenant Colonel. Charles then worked in the U.S. Federal Aviation agency. He spent some time in his later years running his own business importing/exporting electrical and oilfield equipment.

Vivian Louise Kilbourne was born in El Paso. Vivian’s mother was Emma Brunner (b ~ 1894, d 12 Jan 1983) who lived to be 89. Vivian’s father was Jefferson Gayden Kilbourne. Gayden died when Vivian L. Kilbourne was 8 years old. Emma then remarried William J. Burns (b 6 Jul 1892) who was born in Ireland1018.

Vivian passed away on December 31, 2000 in Houston, Texas. Charles passed away on November 4, 2001 in Houston, Texas.

Charles Reginald Davies (b 1 Apr 19161019, d 4 Nov 2001) was married June 12, 1945 to Vivian Louise Kilbourne (b 16 Jan 19221020, d 31 Dec 2000) were married and had two children:

    • Charles Frederick Davies (b 11 Nov 1946, d 2 May 20021021). Charles was born in El Paso, Texas (Ellis County). Charles married Margaret Rose Carroll (b 19 Jan 1950). Margaret was the daughter of Charles C. Carroll and Carlis Ann Tallarita. Margaret was born in Tarrant County, Texas.1022
      Charles and Margaret Davies had one child:

      • Charles Frederick Davies, Jr. (b 24 Feb 19831023).

    • Vivian Marie Davies (b 16 Oct 1954). Married Jack Stuart Swaim. [previously described]

      So, in essence, Vivian’s father Charles named his son after himself and Vivian’s mother named her daughter after herself.

    1. Davies

Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. (b 1889)

Charles Davies’ father was Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. who was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1889. Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. married Marie Josephine Couch (b 14 Aug 18921024, d 21 Nov 19661025). The Davies’ were Anglican and the Couchs’ were Catholic. When Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. married Marie Couch the Davies family disowned him for marrying a Catholic1026.

Charles had various jobs including working as a bookkeeper and automobile sales manager. In 1930 Charles, Marie and their family was living in the household of Helen C. Mears (b ~18961027), Marie’s sister. Also living in this household was Helen’s son Edward C. Mears (b ~ 19181028) and Marie’s mother, Marie Francis Couch (b Aug 4 18721029, d Nov 27 19391030) who was known as “Nana”.

Marie Josephine Couch’s father was Perley Tapley Couch and her mother was Marie Frances Guider also known as “Nana”. (Either “Nana” or her mother was from Ireland).

Marie Josephine Couch Davies died in 1966 at the age of 74 of a cardiac arrest in Norfolk, Virginia and had suffered from Arteriosclerosis. Charles R. Davies, Sr. died in 1970 of Bronchopneumonia in Norfolk, Virginia after having suffered from leukemia for five years. Both Marie and Charles Davies, Sr. were buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia. .

Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. (b 31 Jul 18891031, d 20 Apr 19701032) was married February 14, 19151033 to Marie Josephine Couch (b 14 Aug 18921034, d 27 Nov 19661035).

Charles and Marie Davies had the following children:

  1. Charles Reginald Davies, Jr. (b 1916, d 4 Nov 2001) - Vivian Swaim’s father - already described

  2. Frederick J. Davies (b 1918, d 20 Oct 1984). Fred served in WWII in the Navy. Fred was married on January 20, 1941 to Nancy M. Parsons on January 20, 1941. Fred was a Chiropractor and retired in 1981. Vivian and I visited him in the early 1980’s. Fred was a colorful person who loved to tease. Fred died in 1984 after a brief illness while living at 3 Albany St., Portland, Maine. Fred was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Portland, Maine.

    Frederick J. Davies (b 13 Aug 19181036, d 20 Oct 19841037) and Nancy M. Parsons (Davies) (b 16 Oct 19171038, d 8 Jul 19841039) had the following children:

    1. Marie Davies (b 10 Nov 19421040). Marie was married on Apr 28 1973 to Robert H. Wagner (b 14 Oct 19401041).

    2. Frederick J. Davies, Jr. (b 30 Aug 19491042). Fred, Jr. later moved to Cape Elizabeth. Fred was married on Dec 28 1975 to Betty ? Fred and Betty Davies had the following children:

      1. Stacey Brooke Davies (b 10 Nov 19751043). Stacey was born in Portland, Maine.

      2. Kassia Elizabeth Davies (b 4 Apr 19801044). Kassia was born in Portland, Maine.

    3. Michael James Davies (b 10 Oct 19511045). Michael later moved to Marietta, Georgia. Michael married Kathleen Kellher (b 10 Dec 1954).

Charles Davies (b 1862)

Charles Reginald Davies, Sr.’s father was Charles Davies. Charles Reginald Davies, Sr. was born in Birkenhead, England (Cheshire County) in 1862. This Charles Davies was the original Davies immigrant to the U.S. (for Vivian’s Davies’ paternal Davies ancestral branch). Charles’ father and mother were born in South Wales.

Charles Davies married Emily B. Harris. Emily Harris was born in Swansea, Wales in 1864. Emily’s father was James Harris who was born in Swansea, Wales. Emily’s mother was Mary Ann Brett who was also born in Swansea based on Charles R. Davies’ family research and all of the censuses except for the 1930 Census which states that Emily’s father was born in England and her mother was born in Ireland. The 1930 census must be mistaken on her mother’s country of birth.

Charles R. Davies, Vivian’s father, describes the Davies immigrants as follows:

“… I have very few records about the Davies family. They arrived in America from England around 1885 and settled in Norfolk. I have very little information about the Davies family other than that shown on the chart, and I am in the process of researching them at this time. The first arrival in America was Charles, the oldest of several brothers, and he settled in Norfolk. He came from a seafaring town of Birkenhead, across the river from Liverpool, England. He sent for Emily Harris, whom he married in Norfolk. He arrived around 1885, she came 2 years later. She was from Swansea, Wales. They remained in Norfolk where they raised a family. Grandpa Davies operated a very large bakery at one time, but lost it after a disastrous fire which was uninsured. Helen and Fred Couch worked at the bakery at one time…”1046

According to census data, Charles immigrated to the U.S. in 1887 and Emily immigrated in 18881047. The census data doesn’t match perfectly with Charles’ account but it is close and the sequence of events is consistent.

Charles and Emily married in 1888. They settled at 188 Charlotte Street, Norfolk, Virginia1048. Charles was a baker. In 1910 Charles and Emily were living at 419 Duke Street, Norfolk City, Virginia. In 1910 Charles and Emily were living at 411 Freemason Street, Norfolk, Virginia. In 1930 Charles and Emily were living at their son Walter’s house at 1431 39th Street, Norfolk, Virginia. Walter was 33 and had not married as of that time. Charles died in 1930 in Norfolk, Virginia. Emily died in 1945 and was buried in Norfolk, Virginia.

Charles Davies (b 9 May 18621049, d 30 Jul 19301050) was married 18881051 to Emily B. Harris (b 2 Sep 18641052, d 12 Apr 19451053) had the following children:

  1. Charles R. Davies (b Jul 1889, d 1970) Born Norfolk, VA. Married Marie Couch. [previously described].

  2. Edith M. Davies (b 1892, d 1893)1054 Edith born and died in Norfolk, Virginia.

  3. Emily Vivien88 Davies (b Feb 18941055). Vivien born in Norfolk, VA. Vivien was married ~ 1916 to William H. Ackiss (b Jan 18901056) who was born in Virginia and was the son of William H. Ackiss and Mary A. Ackiss. Vivien and William Ackiss had the following children:

  1. Geraldine C. Ackiss (b ~ 19201057). Born in Virginia.

  2. Gweneth Ackiss1058 (b ~ 19271059). Born in Virginia.

    Based on Charles R. Davies family information, Vivien Davies Ackiss later had a second marriage to a “Pete” – surname unknown.

  1. Walter G. Davies (b Oct 18971060, d 19341061). Born in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1930 Walter was single living at 1431 39th Street, Norfolk, Virginia. He died in 1934 in Norfok, Virginia.

  2. Elizabeth Davies (b Oct 19001062, d May 1957). Elizabeth was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Elizabeth later married Charles H. Devoto (b 1892, d 16 Feb 1940). Elizabeth and Charles both died in Richmond, Virginia.
    Elizabeth and Charles H. Devoto had the following children:

  1. Charles H. Devoto, Jr. (b 4 Nov 19291063). Born Richmond, Virginia. Married Gayle Isley.

  2. Brett Devoto (b 30 May 1931)1064 Born Richmond, Virginia. Married Shirley Durham. Later remarried to Catherine Harper.

As of 1900 Census, Charles and Emily Davies had had 4 children with one having died before 1900 which would account for Edith who passed away in 1893.

Thomas Davies (b 1826)

The father of Charles Davies (born 1862) was Thomas Davies and his mother was Sarah Thomas. Both of his parents were born in Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire County). There are two Newports in Wales. The Newport in Pembrokeshire County is near the southwestern side of Wales. Thomas would later live in other areas of Wales including Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire County) and Swanea (Glamorgan County), briefly at Birkenhead, England and perhaps other towns I am unaware of.

Thomas and Sarah had a large family. The 1900 Census (Virginia) states that Sarah had had 12 children, 8 of which were still living as of 1900. I am not sure which eight had survived as of 1900. I can make a case that John Davies (b ~ 1857) probably was one of the four children that passed away before 1900 since he shows up in the 1861 Wales Census at age 4 but was not listed in the 1871 Wales census when he would have been only 12 years old.

Many in Charles Davies’ (b 1862) family were bakers. Several of the brothers that settled in America were bakers. Thomas Davies was listed in the 1871 Welsh Census as a “licensed victualler” or innkeeper when they lived at 1 Mysydd Street (Brewery Vaults), Swansea, Wales.

Thomas Davies was born in 1826 in Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire County). The 1861 Census indicates “St. Mary, Newport, Pembrokeshire”. I have limited information on where they lived but based on the children’s birth locations listed in the censuses one can piece it together. Thomas and Sarah had their two children – Elizabeth and Thomas - while living in Newport, Wales. Sometime between 1849 and 1857 they moved to Cardiff, Wales where John was born. By 1858 they had moved to Haverfordwest, Wales (Pembrokeshire County) where William and George were born during 1858-1859. In 1861 they had the following children living with them: Elizabeth, Thomas J. (12), John (4), William (3), George (2), and Edward (3 mths). In 1862 they were living in Birkenhead, England and stayed there at least through 1868. Charles, Alfred, Mark and Joshua were born in Birkenhead. By 1870 they had moved to Swansea, Wales (Glamorgan County).

Figure 14 Map of Wales reflecting migration of Thomas Davies and family

In 1871 Thomas and Sarah lived in Swansea, Wales and had the following children living with them: William (13), George (12), Edward (10), Charles (8), Alfred (7), Mark (5), Joshua H. (3) and David (9 mths).

Sarah Davies immigrated to the U.S. in 1891 with her daughter Margaret. By 1900, Sarah Davies was living with Margaret, her husband Vasco Ayers and their young son, Marion at 829 Highland Avenue, Norfolk City, Virginia. Sometime prior to 1900 Thomas Davies passed away.

At least three of the children of Thomas and Sarah immigrated to the U.S. – Charles, Mark and Margaret. David and Thomas are referred to in family information which might indicate they immigrated as well although I am not sure.

I do not know when Thomas Davies died. It was certainly before 1900 when Sarah was listed as a widow in the Virginia census. Sarah immigrated to the U.S. in 1891 and it is not clear whether she immigrated with or without Thomas. I also do not know when Sarah passed away but it would have been after 1900 while living in Norfolk. I have not been able to locate her in the 1910 Virginia Census.

There is no information regarding who Thomas Davies’ or Sarah Thomas’ parents were. There is a baptism record of a Thomas Davies in Pembrokeshire County, Wales from April 21, 1826 that states that the parents were James and Elizabeth Davies. Thomas Davies was born in 1826 based on the Wales census records. While the time frame matches it does seem odd that Thomas would not name even one of his 10 male children after his father (if his father were named James Davies). I also have reason to believe his mother’s name was Margaret since he named two children with that name and was living next door to what appeared to be his mother, Margaret, in the 1851 Census.

Thomas Davies (b ~ 18261065) and (unknown) had at the following children:

  1. Margaret E. Davies (b 18461066). Born Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire).

  2. Elizabeth A. Davies (b ~18471067). Born Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire).

  3. Thomas J. Davies (b ~ 18491068). Born Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire). His occupation was “draper”. In 1881 he was living at High Street in Newport, Wales1069. (He may have never moved from there). I am not sure if he married.

In the 1851 Census, Wales, Thomas Davies is listed as living at 84 Lower Bridge Street in Newport, Wales, with 3 children: Margaret, Elizabeth and Thomas, and no wife. I presume she had died prior to the 1851 Census but after the birth of 3rd child, Thomas. Also living with them is a house servant. Thomas’ occupation is “Lauded Proprietor”. Living next door is Margaret Davies, age 56, and Anne Davies, age 20. This would appear to be Thomas’s mother, Margaret Davies, and his sister Anne Davies.

Thomas Davies then married Sarah Thomas.

Thomas Davies (b ~ 18261070) and Sarah Thomas (b Feb 18331071) had at least the following children:

  1. John D. Davies (b ~ 1857). Born Cardiff, Wales (Glamorganshire).

  2. William M. Davies (b ~ 18581072). Born Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire).

  3. George Davies (b ~18591073). Born Newport, Wales (Pembrokeshire).

  4. Edward Davies (b ~ 18611074). Born Haverfordwest, Wales (Pembrokeshire).

  5. Charles Davies (b 9 May 1862, d 30 Jul 1930). Born in Birkenhead, England (Cheshire). Married Emily B. Harris. (previously described)

  6. Alfred Davies (b ~ 18641075). Born in Birkenhead, England (Cheshire).

  7. Mark Davies (b Mar 18661076). Born in Birkenhead, England (Cheshire). Mark Davies immigrated to the U.S. in 1889 and was a baker. Mark Davies was married ~ 1912 to Amelia ? (b ~ 18731077)89. Amelia was born in Sweden and immigrated to the U.S. in 1902. They lived in Norfolk, Virginia. I do not believe there were any children from this marriage.

  8. Joshua H. Davies (b ~ 18681078). Born in Birkenhead, England (Cheshire).

  9. David Davies (b ~ 18701079). Born in Swansea, Wales (Glamorganshire).

  10. Margaret A. Davies (b Jul 18771080) married Vasco D. Ayers (b Jan 18771081). Margaret was born in Wales. Vasco was born in Virginia and was an interior decorator. Margaret Davies was married ~ 1898 to Vasco Ayers. In the 1900 Census Sarah Davies is listed as living with Margaret Vasco and Thomas Davies is not listed and has presumably passed away. Margaret immigrated to the U.S. in 1891 along with her mother Sarah Davies (based on 1900 Virginia census) or 189590 (based on 1920 Virginia census).
    Margaret and Vasco Ayers had at least the following children:

  1. Marion E. Ayers (b Aug 18981082). Daughter. Born in Virginia. In the 1900 and 1910 censuses she is listed as Marion E. Ayers. However, in the 1920 Census she is listed as Martha E. Ayers.

  2. Margaret D. Ayers (b ~ 19011083). Daughter. Born in Virginia. Margaret was married ~ 1919 to David Biggs. Margaret and ? Biggs had one daughter:

      • Jane Eleanor Biggs (b ~ 19201084)

Thomas Davies and Sarah Davies are listed in 1871 Census as a “licensed victualler” and living at 1 LLysydd Street, Swansea, Wales along with children: William M. (13), George (12), Edward (10), Charles (8), Alfred (7), Mark (5), Hoshua H. (3), and David (9 mths).

Mayflower Lineage

It is Charles Davies’ Couch ancestry on his mother’s side that connects him ultimately to William Bradford, governor of Massachusetts and a passenger on the Mayflower. Charles Davies (Vivian Davies Swaim’s father) received certification as a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants on June 22, 1982. Charles was also a member of the Sons of the American Revolutionary War.

The following summarizes the ancestry line for Charles Davies’ entry into the Mayflower Society (ancestor > descendent):
1. William Bradford (b 1624) m Alice Richards

2. Sarah Bradford (b 1671) m Kenelem Baker

3. Abigail Baker (b 23 Dec 1693, d 1753) m Gideon Thomas (b 23 Dec 1692, d 1766)

4. Anna Thomas (b 7 Aug 1726, d 1 Oct 1812) m Elijah Damon (b 5 Aug 1733, d 4 Jul 1810)

5. Elizabeth Damon (b 5 Mar 1758, d 21 Jan 1831) m Joshua Eldridge (b 13 Mar 1747, d 19 Mar 1818)

6. Elizabeth Eldridge (b 19 May 1785, d 15 Sep 1858) m Devereux Dennis (b 6 Aug 1780, d 7 Feb 1851)

7. Elizabeth Dennis (b 28 Oct 1804, d 23 Jun 1878) m Daniel Couch (b 4 Aug 1780, d 7 Feb 1851)

8. Francis Anthony Couch (b 24 Nov 1826, d 20 Dec 1889) m Harriet Tapley (b 31 Mar 1829, d 17 Mar 1850)

9. Perley Tapley Couch (b 3 Nov 1848, d 4 Mar 1906) m Marie Frances Guider (b 4 Aug 1872, d 27 Nov 1939)

10. Marie Josephine Cou`ch (b 14 Aug 1892, d 21 Nov 1966) m Charles Reginald Davies (b 31 Jul 1889, d 20 Apr 1970)

11. Charles Reginald Davies (b 1 Apr 1916, d 4 Mar 1906) m Vivian Louise Kilbourne (b 16 Jan 1922, d 27 Nov 1939)

Sons of the American Revolution Lineage

The following summarizes the ancestry line for Charles Davies’ entry into the Sons of the American Revolution (descendent > ancestor). The Revolutionary War ancestor was Asa Tapley, born 1761, who enlisted on October 14, 1779, served as a Private in Captain Benjamin Peabody’s company and was discharged November 22, 17791085.

  1. Charles R. Davies (b 31 Jul 1889) Marie J. Couch (b 14 Aug 1892)

  2. Perley Tapley Couch (b 3 Nov 1848) Marie Frances Guider (b 4 Aug 1872)

  3. Harriet Newhall Tapley (b 31 Nov 1829) Francis Anthony Smith Couch (b 24 Nov 1826)

  4. Perley Tapley (b 14 Nov 1800) Sally Cross (b 12 Sep 1799)

  5. Asa Tapley (b 11 Sep 1761) Elizabeth Smith (b 16 Aug 1764)

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