The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

William W. Adams (b 1840)

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William W. Adams (b 1840)

William W. Adams was born near Greenfield in Ross County, Ohio in 184074858.

Williams served in the Civil War in Company C, 22nd O.V.I and was in a number of battles including the Battle of Shiloh.859 After the war, William returned to Ohio and performed farm work near Sabina, Ohio. In the fall of 1865, he moved to Randolph County, Indiana and set up his own farm. In 1880 he moved to Jay County, Indiana, for three years and then moved to Harrison Township in Blackford County, Indiana. He purchased eighty acres of land with only 25 acres cleared upon which there was a log cabin. William was a general farmer and stock raiser. He was a staunch Republican. He was a chaplain of Johnson Post, G.A.R. for six years in Montpelier.860

William W. Adams married Rachel Ann Thornburgh who was born in Indiana and her father and mother were both born in Indiana.861

William W75. Adams (b 23 Sep 1840862, d 25 Feb 1917) and Rachel Ann Thornburgh76 (b 30 Sep 1844, d 27 Sep 1884863) were married on July 21, 1866 in Indiana864.

Rachel Thornburgh was the daughter of Curtis Thornburgh865 (b ~ 1825, d Aug 24 1895866) and Mahala Clevenger (b ~ 1822) who were married March 11 1943867. Curtis was born in Indiana. Curtis was the son of John Thornburgh (b 19 Jul 1793, d 16 Jun 1845868) and Susannah Beals (b 12 Dec 1796, d 4 Apr 1882869) based on Thornburgh family information. The John Thornburgh ancestry has been traced all the way back to Rowland Thornburgh, born 1140, England, by the Thornburgh family. Mahala was born in Ohio.

Curtis and Mahala Thornburgh had the following children:

    1. John William Thornburgh (b 6 Apr 1843870, d 8 Oct 1918871). Born in Indiana. Died in Wells County, Indiana. Married Cynthia J. Dewitt.

    2. Rachel Ann Thornburgh (b 30 Sep 1844). Born in Indiana.

    3. William R. Thornburgh (b ~1847872). Born in Indiana.

    4. Nancy E. Thornburgh (b ~1848873). Born in Indiana.

    5. Susannah Thornburgh (b ~1850874). Born in Indiana.

    6. Harvey S. Thornburgh (b ~1856875). Born in Indiana.

    7. Lucinda Jane Thornburgh (b ~1857876). Born in Indiana.

    8. Mary S. Thornburgh (b ~1859877). Born in Indiana.

William W. Adams died on February 25, 1917 at the age of 77. The following is his obituary.

Sick only 30 hours - W. W. Adams, well known veteran passed away at one o’clock Sunday morning. Known citizens of Montpelier, Commander of Johnson Post 368, G. A. R., answered taps Sunday morning just as the clock was striking the hour of one. He was ill only thirty hours. Saturday afternoon, Mr. Adams, who is the head of the G. A. R. post in this city, and who is always found working for the good of veterans, was in the Herald office and left a notice for a meeting Saturday afternoon. From the office he returned home and he and Mrs. Adams attended the David Kershner funeral. He was feeling as well as usual. At seven o’clock in the evening he had a dizzy spell, and took his bed. At nine o’clock he became unconscious and never revived, hardly moving in his bed, in which condition he remained until the death angel came.

The deceased was born in Fayette county, Ohio, on September 23, 1840, and from that place went to Randolph County, Indiana. He came to Montpelier from Randolph County several years ago. At the time of his death he was 76 years, 5 months and 2 days old. On July 21, 1866 he was united in marriage to Rachel Thornburg and she died in September, 1885. He was again married on September 18, 1889 to Mary Katherine LaRue, who survives. Besides his wife he leaves -------; Ida May Stonebraker, --- Okla.; Laura Jane Champion, Humbolt, Kans.; Curtis E. Adams, Robinson, Ill.; Leota E. Emshwiller, Montpelier, and a step-daughter, Mrs. J. F. Lawson of Toledo, Ohio. Two children are deceased: Minnie M. Adams and Flora Bell Adams. His living brothers and sisters are John A. Adams, Marion, Indiana, Sam Adams, Indianapolis, Bell Marine, Ohio and Mrs. Edison Fishback, Redkey. A brother and sister, Mrs. Anna Moon and James Adams are deceased.

Mr. Adams served in the Civil War, entering the service in 1861, at the beginning. He served in Co. C, 22nd O.V.I. until August 19, 1861. On December ? he was discharged, listed in Co. C, ??? was honorably discharged on July 25, 1862. During his time in the war he saw much service and was in a number of battles. He was mustered in Johnson Post 368, G.A.R. of Indiana on June 9, 1888.

Mr. Adams avocation in life was farming, which business he was in until he retired, taking up residence in Montpelier. He is a member of the Christian church in this city and has always been true to his belief, and a regular worker in the church of his choice.

Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Methodist church, Rev. John Courtner of Winchester, assisted by Rev. J. O. Bills, officiating. Burial in the Odd Fellows cemetery.

The G. A. R., Relief Corps and Personal Workers League will attend in a body.”878

William and Rachel Adams had the following six children879:

  1. Ida May Adams (b 12 Apr 1867, d Mar 1955880) was married on February 3, 1892 to William E. Stonebraker (b Apr 1867881). William Stonebraker and his parents were born in Indiana77. William was a barkeeper and driller. In 1910 William and Ida Stonebraker lived next door to Marion and Ethlyn Emshwiller in Montpelier, Indiana in Harrison Township.
    Ida May Stonebraker passed away in 1955 while in Tulsa, Oklahoma. William died sometime in the 1950’s or 1960’s.882
    Ida and William Stonebraker had only one child of which I am aware:

    1. Hazel Ethel Stonebraker (b 28 Nov 1892883, d summer, 1986884) was married ~ 1910 to Aaron E. Worster885 (b ~1887886). Aaron was born in Indiana and was a farmer. They had no children.887 Hazel was a pianist at the Baptist Church.888 There is one reference to Hazel as having remarried and became Hazel Reed but I have no further information on that.889

  1. Laura Jane Adams (b 17 Dec 1868890, d 22 May 1953891) was married on May 8, 1886892 to Nathan Hawkins (b ~1864893). Laura Jane Adams was the mother of Alice Belle Hawkins.
    [described later]

  2. Curtis Elva Adams (b 14 Sep 1870, d 12 May 1957894) and Anastasia (Anna) Josepha Madden (b ~ 1878) were married on November 25, 1903895. Anastasia was born in Paterson, New Jersey and her parents were from Ireland. Anastasia’s siblings were Catherine, James, Mary Ellen, Frances and Matilda.896 William was born in Indiana and both Morris and Alfred were born in Illinois. In 1917 Curtis E. Adams was living in Robinson, Illinois, based on William W. Adams’ obituary. In 1920 through 1930 Curtis and his family were living in Honey Creek, Illinois (Crawford County). 897 In the 1920 Census Curtis’ occupation was listed as Oil Field Pumper.
    Robert Jack Swaim’s 1944 High School graduation card from Curtis (Burt) and Anna read
    “Route 4, Robinson, Ill, May 16, 1944 Dear Bob, Doesn’t seem possible you are old enough to graduate. I suppose you are going in the Navy. Kay and Jim are here for a couple of weeks. Jim is 18 months old and sure is a live wire. Just the age he is into everything. I hope your grandmother and Aunt Ida are better. We just got our garden planted. Has been so much rain but it is liable to turn dry. Well enclosed you will find a 1.00 bill. Buy yourself something and the best of luck starting out in the world. From Aunt Anna and Burt.”
    Curtis and Anna Adams had the following children:

    1. William C. Adams (b ~1905). Born in Indiana.

    2. Harry Wesley Adams (b ~ 1909898). Born in Indiana. Married Sarah Elizabeth Irwin (b 1 Jul 1908, d 24 Dec 1993899). Had twins Judy, Janet.
      Janet married and had children: Brett, Pam, Mark. I do not know who Janet married and her married surname. 900

    3. Morris V. Adams (b ~1914). Born in Illinois.

    4. Alfred Adams (b ~1918). Born in Illinois.

  1. Minnie Malee Adams (b 28 Jun 1874, d 19 Dec 1888901).

  2. Leota78 Ethlyn (Ethel) Adams (b 23 May 1876, d 2 Dec 1963902) was married on September 28, 1896903 to Dr. Marion Amos Emshwiller (b Oct 25 1869, d ~ 30 Jun 1932904). Ethlyn was born in Indiana. Marion was born in Indiana and was the son of John and Mary Emshwiller who resided near Trenton. Marion’s father was born in Virginia. His mother was born in Indiana.

    Marion Emshwiller had two children from his previous marriage to Margaret Patterson. Margaret Patterson Emshwiller passed away in 1895. Marion Emshwiller died in 1932 at the age of 63.

    Marion and Margaret Emshwiller had the following children

    1. John P. Emshwiller (b Sept 1892, d ~ 12 Aug 1951905)

    2. E. Marie Emshwiller (b June 1894)906 Emily married Raymond Davis.

Marion Emshwiller then married Ethel Adams on August 28, 1896. Marion was a physician. In 1910 Marion and Ethlyn Emshwiller lived next door to William and Ida Stonebraker in Montpelier, Indiana in Harrison Township with Marion’s two children, John and Marie.907 By 1930 Ethel and Marion Emshwiller were still living in Harrison Township, Indiana (Blackford County)908.

I believe Ethlyn (Adams) Emshwiller was Belle Swaim’s “Aunt Ethel” who lived on the farm with Belle after John E. (Jack) Swaim died. This is also supported by photographs of her where my father added the inscription “Aunt Ethel”. Belle Swaim kept many old Montpelier Herald newspapers from the 1930’s including ones mentioning Marion Emshwiller’s death as well as several on Lew Worster, Aaron Worster’s brother. Aaron Worster had married Hazel Ethel Stonebraker, daughter of Ida May Adams Stonebraker.

As mentioned earlier in this document Dr. Marion Emshwiller delivered Marion Swaim at his home. I think it is reasonable to believe that my Uncle Marion was named after Dr. Marion Emshwiller.

Ethel Emshwiller died in 1963. Her burial was handled by Whisenhunt Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Marion and Ethel Emshwiller had no children from this marriage.

  1. Flora Belle Adams (b 13 Apr 1882, d 24 Dec 1901909). In 1900 Flora was living with Leota and Marion Emshwiller910.

In 1883 William W. Adams moved to Blackford County, Indiana in Harrison Township near Montpelier911. Based on William Adams’ listing in the 1895 Montpelier, Indiana City Directory, Williams had 80 acres of land in the Harrison Township.

Rachel Adams died in 1884. William Adams was then married on September 18, 1889912 to Mary Katherine (or Catherine) LaRue (b ~1859). I am not aware of any children from this marriage of William and Mary Adams.

As of the 1910 Census William and Mary Adams had no children living with them although Mary was shown as having had one child still living. Since this was the second marriage for both of them, that child may have been from a previous marriage. In 1910 William and Mary Adams were living at 227 Main Street, Montpelier, Indiana913. William Adams stayed in the Harrison Township area until his death in 1917.

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