The Swaim Family of Indiana and Oklahoma

Johannes (John) Swaim (b ~ 1719)

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Johannes (John) Swaim (b ~ 1719)

This section provides information about Johannes Swaim (b ~ 1719) who was reportedly the son of William Swaim (b ~ 1677) in one theory at least and who may have also been the father of John Swaim (b ~ 1748). The more I study this the more I tend to believe it is more likely that this John Swaim, born ~ 1719, was the father of John Swaim, Jr., born 1748.

John Swaim, born 1719, was the 3rd known son of William Swaim (b ~ 1677). John was baptized October 18, 1719 in the Dutch Reformed Church, Staten Island, New York and was presumably born near that date. There is a land record that John either purchased or was granted land in Frederick County, Virginia, on April 9, 1750.768 John’s land there adjoined property owned by William Teague, father of Charity Teague who was married to John around 1744. There is a further land record that John sold this property in August, 1751. At least one researcher believes this John Swaim was born in 1713.

Therefore, it is believed that John migrated to Rowan County, North Carolina in 1752. There is a record of John Swaim and Joshua Teague surveying land in Rowan County in August 1756. There is a land record that John purchased 640 acres at Abbotts Creek, North Carolina (Rowan County) in 1759, sold it in 1765, and then in 1789 purchased 250 acres on Deep Creek in Surry County, North Carolina. 60 John and his two sons Moses and Michael are listed in the 1790 census (Surry County) with their surnames shown as Swim, not Swaim. It is not clear whether the 1790 census taker misspelled the name or whether these family members used that surname as their official surname in 1790.

John Swaim is listed in the 1790 census (Surry County) as “John Swim”. This census for John “Swim” lists 2 males 16 and older and 2 women. John is referred to as “old Swim” in the Records of the Moravian in North Carolina.769 By the 1800 census for Surry County, North Carolina, John and Charity Swaim are living by themselves with the children having grown up and moved on. John is again listed as “John Swim”. We have a record of John’s Will signed on October 23, 1801 that does not mention his wife, Charity. So this indicates that Charity passed away sometime in 1801 or late 1800. In his will, John left his land on Fox Knobb near waters of Deep Creek to his oldest son, William, who lived in Stokes County, excluding 250 acres he had already given to his son-in-law Thomas Turner (husband of daughter Charity).770

John Swaim is referenced by the name “John Swim” in several other records including:

  • 12 Feb 1752 John Swim & Charity his wife of parish and county of Frederick, Virginia to Benjamin Sebastian of county of Fairfax, Virginia; gentleman. £64 for tract of land granted to John Swim by deed dated 1 Jun 1751 containing 325 acres. Witnesses: David Shelley, James Madmorias, Elizabeth Miller, William Gwin, Ruth Keys & Gersham Keys

  • 22 Aug 1752 Charity Swim wife of John Swim released her dower right to land sold on 12 Feb 1752 Witnesses: Gersham Keys & John Hardin771

  • Yadkin County Historical Documentation map that shows the locations of the homes for John Swim (1789) and Michael Swim (1789) located near Tumbling Falls Creek. The 1789 designation in parentheses refers to the year in which they settled.

John Swaim reportedly married Charity Teague although there is some debate regarding exactly which John Swaim married Charity. Charity Teague was the daughter of William Teague (b ~ 1693) and Catherine Teague (b ~ 1691) 772.

Johannes Swaim (b Oct 1719773, ~ 1803774) and Charity Teague (b Dec 1722775) had the following children:

  1. William Swaim (b ~1745/6776, d 1812-1813777). Born in Frederick, Virginia. William was married 27 Apr 1765 to Anna Nancy Robbins (b 1745-1747, d ~ 1822). William Swaim died in Stokes County, North Carolina.778

  2. Charity Swaim (b ?) married Thomas Turner779 (b ~ 1725, d ~1806). Thomas Turner was the son of Roger Turner and Elizabeth Ellis. Charity and Thomas Turner were married in 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Charity and Thomas Turner had at least the following children:

    1. Abraham Turner

    2. Thomas Turner.780

  3. John Swaim61 (b 26 Apr 1748, d 16 Jan 1827) married Elizabeth Vickrey62 (sister of Charity Vickrey previously described who married John’s brother William Swaim). [I’m listing John b 1748 as a son of Michael although it is possible his father was not Michael b ~ 1715 but John b ~ 1719. Details on John and Elizabeth Swaim and their children are included in a previous chapter].

  4. Rachel Bess Swaim (b ~ 1752781) was married 15 Feb 1769782 to Abraham Enyart63 (b ~ 1748, d 13 Apr 1809). Abraham Enyart was born in Kentucky and was the son of David Enyart, born in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Children of Rachel and Abraham Enyart:

    1. Charity Enyart (b 25 Apr 1770). Born in Rowan County, North Carolina.

    2. Mary Enyart (b 1772)

    3. Elizabeth Enyart (b 1773). Born in Virginia.

    4. Sarah Enyart (b 1774). Born in Virginia.

    5. David Enyart (b 1776). Born in Virginia.

    6. Mary Catherine Enyart (b 5 Jan 1778). Born in North Carolina.

    7. Silas Enyart (b 1780). Born in Surry County, North Carolina.

    8. Rachel Enyart (b 1782). Born in Virginia.

    9. Isabelle “Ibby” Enyart (b 1787). Born in North Carolina.

    10. Anne Enyart (b 1788). Born in North Carolina. 783

  5. Solomon D. Swaim (b ~ 1754784, d ~ 1834). Married Esther Annabella Charity Teague (b ~ 1758), first wife, and later married Maude Welch (b ~ 1763). Solomon D. Swaim was a Baptist minister and preached at Swaim’s Baptist Church in Hamptonville, North Carolina (Surry County).785

  6. Elizabeth Swaim (b ?) married Abraham Transeau786.

  7. Moses Swaim (b ~ 1759787). Moses married Catharine Hines. Moses and Catharine Swaim had at least one child:

    1. William Aaron Swaim (b ~ 1793).788

  8. Michael Swaim (b ~ 1761789, d ~ 1839). Married Sarah Charity Teague (b ~ 1762). There is a land record for Michael Swim (Swaim) as follows:
    ”1789, May 18, (page 33) North Carolina Grant Michael Swim 100 acres South side Fox Knob adjoining David Martin’s former survey ( now Nathan Hanes) below old meadow improvement and adjoining John Swim (his father John Swaim born 1719)”.790

    Michael and Catharine Swaim had at least one child:

    1. Moses Swaim (b ~ 1791). Born in Rowan County, North Carolina. 791

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