The Story of Ancient Egypt – Study Guide Chapter 2 Part I: The Old Kingdom

Part 3: The New Kingdom (1500-1000 BCE)

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Part 3: The New Kingdom (1500-1000 BCE)

1. What were five new weapons developed by the Egyptians after they were invaded by the Hyksos?

Shields of bronze

Battle axe and chain armor

Lighter, more maneuverable chariots

2. How were the pharaohs of the New Kingdom different from those of the Old and Middle Kingdoms?

They led their squadrons into battle and fought alongside their men.


Greatest pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty. Dug a channel that led to the conquest of Nubia.


First woman leader who took the place of Thutmose III while he was still a child.

Amontotep IV

Eccentric monarch who had a great influence on art, religion, and literature.

Thutmose I

First pharaoh to be buried in the rugged cliffs rising above the Nile.

Ramses II

This pharaoh’s reign lasted 66 years. He was a braggart who defeated the Hittites.


Last member of the Ptolemy Dynasty to rule, who according to legend, died of a snakebite.


His tomb was found intact in 1922.

Pharaohs to Know

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