The Story of Ancient Egypt – Study Guide Chapter 2 Part I: The Old Kingdom

Part 2: The Middle Kingdom (2000-1700 BCE)

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Part 2: The Middle Kingdom (2000-1700 BCE)

Terms to know

1. What city replaced Memphis as the capital of Egypt?


2. What did the anarchy of the Dark Ages make clear to the rulers of the Middle Kingdom?

It was important to have a strong central government with a strong pharaoh whom the nobles respected.

3. Why did the Egyptians conquer Nubia?


4. What products did the Egyptians receive from the land of Punt?

Exotic animals, spices, frankincense, and myrrh

5. Explain the Fayum Project.

It was an irrigation project that guaranteed water to farmers when inundation was low.

Silt had built up around the Fayum and blocked water that used to flow from the Nile. The lake became a marshland.

The new project drained the land and created a new lake. It connected to the Nile with a canal. A dam controlled the level of water.

6. How did the Hyksos defeat the Egyptians?

They defeated Pharaoh’s troops with their fancy technology. They had two wheeled chariots that carried two soldiers. They had arrows shot with a better bow and bronze-tipped spears. Pharaoh’s army had primitive spears and arrows and vegetable carts pulled by donkeys!

7. What were three contributions the Hyksos made to Egyptian civilization?

Upright loom

Lute and other musical instruments


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