The Story of Ancient Egypt – Study Guide Chapter 2 Part I: The Old Kingdom

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The Story of Ancient Egypt – Study Guide

Chapter 2

Part I: The Old Kingdom (2700-2200 BCE)

Terms to know


A type of writing invented by the Sumerians


Written language using symbols


Small harvests due to lack of water. People starve.

1. What were the three time periods in the history of Ancient Egypt?

Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom

2. Trade was an important part of the economy. What goods did Egypt receive from the following countries?

Nubia: ____Gold, Ebony, Ivory____________

Sinai: _____Copper and Turquoise_________

Syria: _____Lapos Lazuli, Silver____________

Byblos: ___ Cedar Wood_________________

3. What occurred that brought the Old Kingdom to an end (tell the story)?

When Pepi died, the central government fell apart.

In the 20 years that followed, Egypt could not work together and returned to the primitive times.

Nomes became independent again and were often at war.

4. Why is the Old Kingdom considered to be an intellectual high point of Egyptian civilization? Name two major achievements.

That is when they built the best pyramids. There were also major achievements in Math, Science and Writing.

5. Why is the period following the fall of the Old Kingdom known as the Dark Ages?

There was famine and war. The light of learning went out


No central government leads to disorder and mayhem


Means “foreign invaders” in Egyptian. Nomads from Palestine who invaded Egypt.


A 670 square mile natural lake that contained water from the Nile in the days of the Old Kingdom. Silt built up around its entrance and blocked water from the Nile.

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