The Start of World War I (The Great War) 1914-1918 (29. 1, 29. 2) Objectives

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APRIL 15-18, 2016

The Start of World War I (The Great War) 1914-1918 (29.1, 29.2)


1. We will be able to analyze the causes of World War I.

2. We will be able to identify the nations involved in World War I and the sides they fought on during the war.

3. We will be able to locate the Eastern and Western Fronts and discuss fighting conditions during the war.

The M.A.I.N. Causes of a Great War (WORLD WAR I)

  • Militarism

  • Alliances

    • Agreement in which nations agree to defend each other in time of war--Develops because of balance of power (A political situation in which no one nation is powerful enough to pose a threat) changed

      • Powerful Germany unites and so does Italy--Scares old powers (France and England)

    • Leads to Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy) and Triple Entente (France, Russia, Britain)

  • Imperialism

    • Stronger nations dominate weaker ones--Conflicts emerge between competing nations

      • Balkan area becomes in demand for Austria-Hungary and Russia

      • Ottoman loses influence and wants back Balkans

      • Serbia wants to unite Slavs

    • Serbia becomes independent but Austria takes Bosnia

  • Nationalism

    • Deep devotion to one's country--Grows throughout Europe for various reasons (KNOW THESE!!!)

      • Good: Unites people for common goals

      • Bad: Destroys multi-ethnic empires and can lead to conquest

    • Doesn't cause war by itself but can lead to other three factors (IMPERIALISM, ALLIANCES, MILITARISM)

      • FranceAvenge loss to Germany and get land back, SerbiaUnite Slavic regions, GermanyEstablish as an elite, Russianot inept after Russo-Japanese War and ports, AHAvenge losses to unification of Germany and Italy and to hold together multi-national adding Balkans region.

Boom Go the Balkans
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