The Start It Yourself (siy) Separation Agreement (Ontario)

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The Start It Yourself (SIY) Separation Agreement (Ontario)

Our Start It Yourself (SIY) Separation Agreement program is Canada's most comprehensive computer-based tool for developing a Separation Agreement on your own. This user-friendly software can help you create your own Separation Agreement with a minimum of legal expense.

For only $298+HST you can utilize our premium computer-based program to create an auto generated Separation Agreement with a minimum of legal expense.
Each segment in the program is designed to be straightforward and understandable. The simple instructions guide you through the necessary stages in developing your own document
Start Here First
Sets out what you need to know to make the program work for you.
Taking the time to read this section makes everything else easier and faster, and is strongly recommended.
Preliminary Data
Consists of screens requesting information from you. The program will offer you choices which you can change later.
Start Your Agreement
Here the SIY Program will automatically include clauses that seem appropriate according to your preliminary data. It will also offer you a wide variety of clauses and provisions so you can customize your agreement.
Important: always read the entire Tip at the bottom of the screen to ensure the clause is one you need or want.
View Your Agreement
Allows you to view your agreement.
If you have registered your SIY Program you can then save and print your own Separation Agreement for careful review and editing.
For your convenience, download a free trial version (PC Only) and see how it works.
The Family Law Centre strongly recommends that any Agreement created with this tool be reviewed by an experienced family law lawyer, whose advice you should rely upon to ensure the agreement achieves all your objectives and is an agreement you can count on for legal purposes.
For more information and to get started, please call us today Toll Free 1-877-352-4529
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Download 29.5 Kb.

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