The Spread of Universal Religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam

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The Spread of Universal Religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam

AP World History – H1X
Students Will Understand:

  • The distinctive characteristics of Mahayana Buddhism, Roman Catholicism and Sunni Islam

  • What makes a faith attractive to various groups of people: parallels among universal religions

  • How universal religions adapt to the needs of believers, changing circumstances and new cultural settings; mechanisms by which religions spread

  • The changes that result in a religion when those with great political or economic power influence it

Students Will Be Able To:

  • Provide specific examples of the main features of universal religions

  • Compare the spread of universal religions and the manner in which they gained adherents

  • Map the spread of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam from their points of origin

  • Utilize the Document-Based Question format: group documents thematically and use them to provide specific evidence for those themes



HW – due the following day


Dec. 13

Continue with DBQ Documents;; Footnoting w/ Parentheticals

Handout #1


Dec. 14

Principles of Universal Religions

Buddhism Reading


Dec. 15

Case Study: Mahayana Buddhism in China

Christianity Reading


Dec. 16

Case Study: From Judaism to Christianity


Dec. 17

Christianity in Constantinople, Rome and Western Europe

Islam Reading


Dec. 20

Principles of Islam


Dec. 21

Spread of Islam: the Caliphate and Sufism


Dec. 22

Test: DBQ Essay or Comparative Essay

Policy Briefing Papers due to and hard copies


Dec. 23

Review of Test

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