The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture Panel

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Dr Matthew Leigh

St Anne’s College

Oxford (Schools topics on Homer, Sophocles, Menander)


Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

Dept of Classics and Ancient History Aphrodite's Tortoise: Women and Veiling in the Ancient Greek World

University of Edinburgh Was there a Persian Harem?

David Hume Tower The Big and Beautiful Women of Asia: Picturing Female Sexuality

George Square in Greco-Persian Seals

Edinburgh Designs on the Past: Hollywood's recreation of the Ancient World

EH8 9JX (other topics on Persia, women, gender and reception, Graeco-Roman clothing by arrangement)

Dr Nick Lowe What makes a Greek Tragedy

Dept. of Classics The shapes of epic (suitable for schools)

Royal Holloway, Univ of London The end of the Odyssey

Egham Hill, Egham Why the Greeks didn't invent the bicycle

Surrey TW20 0EX Tragedy and cinema: parallel lives Classical information technology

Greek tragedy: the missing 98%

Aristophanic spacecraft

Stagecraft in Medea

Write your own Greek tragedy

Making the new Hollywood classics: secrets, lies, and tales from development hell

Writing Troy

Mythography ancient and modern

What happens in Dyskolos (suitable for schools)

Dramatic festivals at Athens

From Aristophanes to Menander

(Other topics on Homer, comedy, tragedy, etc by arrangement)

Dr Jenny March

Ward House Offstage Drama in Greek Tragedy

Walkhampton Dangerous Women: the Manslayers of Greek Myth

Devon PL20 6JY What makes a good Tragedy?

tel: 01822 853418 Homer, Poet of War Sophocles’ Electra: Tragedy or Triumph?

Why are the Greek Myths so powerful?

Tragic Recognition and Reversal

Women and War in Ancient Greece

Analysing Greek Tragedy (specific plays by request)

Women in Homer

Solving the Problems of Oedipus Tyrannus

Gods and Humans in Greek Tragedy

(other topics on Homer, Greek tragedy and Greek mythology by arrangement) (suitable for schools)

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