The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture Panel

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Dr Barbara Goff

Dept of Classics Women in Antiquity

University of Reading (Topics from Greek tragedy by request including Oedipus and Antigone)

Reading RG6 6AA

Professor Simon Goldhill

King's College (Topics on Greek literature by request including tragedy and later Greek literature)



Dr Barbara Graziosi

Dept of Classics and Ancient History (Topics on Greek Literature, especially Homer, by arrangement) (suitable for schools)

University of Durham

38 North Bailey

Durham DH1 3EU

Professor Tom Harrison

School of Archaeology The character of Greek religion

Classics and Egyptology Ancient and Modern Imperialism

University of Liverpool Achaemenid Persia and the British Empire

12-14 Abercromby Square Herodotus (topics by arrangement)

Liverpool, L69 7WZ (Topics on Greek history and historiography by arrangement)

Professor Malcolm Heath Why don’t chimpanzees write tragedies? An Aristotelian perspective

Dept of Classics Aristophanes and the language of politics

University of Leeds Hesiod: The First Comic Poet

Leeds Advocates and Clients in Roman Egypt

LS2 9JT Plato, Homer and Old Macdonald's Farm (Topics by arrangement: tragedy, Aristophanes, Greek views of poetry, rhetoric)

(A-Level talks on Comedy, Tragedy, Homer) (suitable for schools)

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