The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture Panel

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Dr Anton Powell

University of Wales Institute of Athens' Pretty Face: ancient controversy about the Parthenon

Classics and Ancient History Sparta: boarding school of evil genius

15 Rosehill Terrace Aeneas dethroned? Sextus Pompey as the real hero of the Aeneid

Swansea Princesses, politicians and lovers: Women in Sparta's revolutions

SA1 6JN Greek Women in Battle (These lectures available in a version suitable for schools)

Professor John Prag

The Manchester Museum Reconstructing ancient faces ‑ exact title by arrangement (suitable for schools)

University of Manchester "True" portraiture: the evidence from forensic reconstruction (suitable for schools)

Oxford Road, Manchester Odysseus, Polyphemus and the symposium: looking at Greek vases

M13 9PL (suitable for schools) How to look at a Greek Vase (suitable for schools)

Who was who in the Bronze Age: faces, DNA and kinship at Mycenae and elsewhere

Professor P.J. Rhodes

Dept of Classics Ancient Athens: Democracy and Empire (suitable for schools)

University of Durham (Topics on Greek History by arrangement)

38 North Bailey

Durham DH1 3EU

Professor Charlotte Roueché

Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Dept Ephesus and Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity

King's College London Inscriptions and their monuments

Strand, London Entertainments in the Ancient City

WC2R 2LS Pagans and Christians at Alexandria and Aphrodisias: student life in the 5th century A.D.

Looking for Byzantium: an Introduction

Classics in a digital age

(other topics on Late Antiquity / Byzantium by arrangement – talks can be for schools)

Dr Jane Rowlandson

Dept of Classics Roman attitudes towards Egypt

King's College London Death in the Nile: Drowning and Divinity in Roman Egypt

Strand, London (Other topics on Ptolemaic or Roman Egypt by arrangement)


Dr Richard Rutherford

Christ Church The Rhetoric of Greek Tragedy

Oxford Recognition and Revelation in the Odyssey

OX1 1DP The Verbal and the Visual in Greek Tragedy The Styles of Greek Tragedy

(other subjects relating to Greek epic, tragedy or other authors on request)

Dr Clemence Schultze

Dept of Classics & Ancient History Myths made new: Classical figures from antiquity to the Renaissance and beyond

University of Durham Greek clothing: reality and reconstruction

38 North Bailey (Other topics by arrangement including Dionysius of Halicarnassus)

Durham DH1 3EU

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