The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture Panel

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Dr Alfonso Moreno

Magdalen College The Athenian Economy (suitable for schools)

Oxford Athenian Politics (suitable for schools)

OX1 4AU Athenian Diplomatic and Cultural Relations with the Bosporan Kingdom in Crimea (Other topics on Athenian democracy)

Profesor J. R. Morgan

Dept of Classics & Ancient History & Egyptology

Swansea University The Philogelos: the Ancient Greek book of jokes

Swansea , SA2 8PP (Ancient fiction: general topics or particular authors by request including Heliodoros)

Dr Gideon Nisbet

Institute of Archaeology & Antiquity Greek comics? A fragment of an ancient illustrated book

University of Birmingham “Rubbish-heaps confused together”: Greek epigram in English translation

Edgbaston Wars of the Successors: rival Alexanders in Hollywood and beyond

Birmingham (Other topics on reception, epigram and imperial Greek literature by arrangement)

B15 2TT

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