The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Lecture Panel

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The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

Lecture Panel

This Panel is circulated to local branches of the Classical Association and other interested Classics groups to help them devise their programmes. We are also very keen to support lectures on Hellenic themes for schools and school conferences, and those panel members who have devised lectures particularly suitable for school audiences or who have said they are willing to speak to schools are also shown here.

Professor Roderick Beaton

Dept of Byzantine and Modern Greek The Making of Modern Greece (1797-1896) (suitable for schools)

King's College, London Zorba and other Greeks: Nikos Kazantzakis and the Greek Tradition

Strand “A continent as big as China”: the Greek World in the Life and Works of George

London WC2R 2LS Seferis (Topics on Medieval Greek romance, Folk poetry of modern Greece, the Greek novel)

Dr Roger Brock

Dept of Classics Wine in ancient Greece

University of Leeds The Ship of State

Leeds, LS2 9JT How to be a citizen in ancient Greece (suitable for schools) (Topics on Greek history, historiography and political imagery by arrangement)

Mr Peter Brown

Trinity College (Topics on Greek Comedy, especially Menander, by arrangement) Oxford

OX1 3BH (suitable for schools)

Dr Felix Budelmann

Magdalen College


OX1 4AU (Topics on Greek Lyric and Greek Tragedy by arrangement) (suitable for schools)

Dr Lucilla Burn

Fitzwilliam Museum Reading Greek Vases (suitable for schools)

Cambridge Sir William Hamilton, the Meidias Painter and the Greekness of Greek Vases

CB2 1RB Collecting for Cambridge: Greece and Rome at the Fitzwilliam Museum

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