The Situation of Commercial Farm Workers after Land Reform in Zimbabwe

Food security and provision of inputs

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  1. Food security and provision of inputs

The immediate needs of farm workers on and off the farms are for food supplies. This report gives evidence of increased malnutrition among farm workers’ children and hunger among displaced farm workers, including deaths from starvation. The combination of disrupted production, drought and erratic food supplies through the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has undermined the food security of farm workers. The report mentions important efforts by the Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe to meet the food needs of jobless farm workers and their children through feeding programmes. But these programmes cannot cater for all who are short of food. The programmes should be enlarged and extended into other provinces, namely the two Matabeleland provinces, Midlands and Masvingo. Political considerations and partisanship should be completely excluded from matters of food distribution. Only humanitarian considerations should apply.

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