The Silencing of Mary Dyer Vocabulary

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The Silencing of Mary Dyer

  1. Amnesty

  2. Banish

  3. Blasphemy

  4. Conviction

  5. Heresy

  6. Puritan

  7. Reprieve

  8. Conscience

  9. Intolerance

  10. Brethren


  1. In what sense was Mary Dyer one of “us” who became one of “them”?

  1. Why was Gov. Winthrop afraid of the ideas that Mary Dyer and Anne Hutchison were spreading?

  1. Why did Puritans—themselves victims of religious persecution—persecute those who did not share their religious views?

  1. What kinds of issues and attitudes cause religious intolerance?

  1. What other groups can you think of that have been victimized because of their faith? Explain. (Name at least five groups)

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